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The thrill of adventure. The sound of a thousand soldiers rushing into battle. Your heart rate elevated while your character lies in wait for the next enemy attack. This is what online games feel like to you. You play it all. And because you play it all, you know what it is like to suffer from poor bandwidth or location restrictions. You have never been one to sit back and let someone else figure it out. In your group of gaming friends, you are the leader. Which is why you are determined to get the most out of your online gaming experience. From Steam to GeForce Now, online platforms make it simple to play the games you love. But what happens when your IP address puts limitations on the games you have access to? I will tell you what happens. Total frustration over online gaming. This frustration goes against everything you love about playing games.

But what is the solution? And are there different ways to approach online gaming? The solution is a gaming proxy, and, in this blog, I will discuss what a proxy server for gaming is, how botting fits into the equation, and weigh the benefits of a gaming VPN vs. a proxy. You spend hours fighting battles in the hope of advancing to the highest level of your favorite game. You have never put limitations on the characters you play, so remove limitations in your real life with a gaming proxy.

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What Is a Gaming Proxy?

What Is a Gaming Proxy?

No matter what kind of computer or console you are using to game, that device comes with a unique IP address. An IP address is like your device’s name, a way to identify online activity and signal to websites when you visit. Most websites use this information to gather traffic data and see which pages are attracting a lot of traffic. While not an issue at first glance, your IP, upon closer inspection, is actually the thing that is holding you back from gaining total access to the games you love. Not to mention staying safe while gaming online. That is where an online games proxy comes in handy.

A proxy offers you a different way to enter the internet. Rather than relying on the games available in your location, a proxy hides that original IP and grants you greater access to content you want, all while keeping you safer than ever before. This means that games unavailable in your country will become available. All you need to do is choose a proxy server located in the country of your choice and get to streaming. Utilizing a proxy for games makes it easier to play when you want, how you want.

If you are a League of Legends fan or just want to know more about using a proxy while gaming, check out our blog here. Now that we have a greater understanding of what a proxy is, I want to discuss how you set up your proxy on a device.

How to Set up a Gaming Proxy

How to Set up a Gaming Proxy

Lucky for us, setting up proxies is a simple process and one that requires little effort or upkeep on your part. But there are a few tips that I want you to keep in mind while choosing a gaming proxy.

First, make sure that you buy your proxy from a reliable provider. If you are anything like me, then you love a deal. However, just because you see a free proxy floating around the internet, does not mean it is the best deal available to you. Free proxies are often unreliable and leave your device less secure than before.

Second, find the right type of proxy for your needs. The two main types of proxies that I want to talk about are semi-dedicated proxies and dedicated proxies. Semi-dedicated proxies, while fairly cheap, must be shared with multiple people. This is totally doable if you split the cost with fellow gamers. That way you know who else is using the proxy apart from yourself. Unfortunately, if you do not know the people sharing your proxy, then you might be fighting for bandwidth or worried over the safety of your personal data. I recommend using a dedicated proxy. Private, dedicated proxies are for you and you alone to use and enjoy. Once you set one up on your device, then you are free to stream and play the games you love, all while hiding your identity and gaming anonymously.

Finally, once you find the right proxy for your gaming needs, then you need only figure out how to set up a gaming proxy on your computer. Like I mentioned above, this step is easy. Your proxy provider will give you all the information you need to get your gaming proxy up and running. In general, setting up your proxy for gaming is as simple as opening up your preferred browser, navigating to the settings, and entering in your proxy game information into the designated sections. Since we have fully discussed how to use a proxy for gaming, I think it is time we talked about why you should use a gaming proxy on your device.

Reasons to Use a Proxy for Games

Reasons to Use a Proxy for Games

Figuring out how to use a proxy for a videogame is only half the battle. Now we need to gain a greater understanding of why you should use a proxy to help you get the best out of your online gaming experience. Here are three of the most popular reasons to use a gaming proxy.


Given how many tasks that come with MMORPGs, it is kind of understandable that not every gamer has the time to complete every task required to advance to new game levels. That is where a bot comes into play. Bots have the ability to automate your gaming experience. They work on a much faster level than humans do, which means they can help you complete more tasks much faster than if you did them yourself. However, because bots make a lot of requests in a short period of time, the activity can look a bit suspicious to gaming sites. That is why a gaming proxy is a perfect tool to use when botting. Change out your proxy once you have run your bot a lot on the same IP or simply open multiple accounts using different proxies. For instance, if you have 10 accounts that you use for farming gold, you could get 10 proxies to reduce the load. Then, you can run the bot on all 10 accounts.

Unblock restricted content

Since certain aspects of games, or entire games, are not available in all parts of the world, this can limit your gaming choices and make you dependent on your physical location. But with the assistance of a proxy, this is no longer the case. Your proxy will unblock restricted content, making the streaming website think you are physically located in the same place as your proxy server. Not only that, but if you are an active gamer, but also a frequent traveler, you will be able to continue playing your favorite online games while bouncing from one city to another.

Unblock IP addresses

Although not fun to consider, IP addresses do occasionally get blocked by websites. For example, has been known to block entire ranges of IP addresses for World of Warcraft. If your IP address is part of that range, you will not be able to log into the game’s server. If that happens, you can use a WoW proxy to change your IP address. Your World of Warcraft proxy will provide you with a new IP address that is outside of the blocked range. Then, you can log back into the game and play it without any issues.

In other cases, your specific IP address might be banned. For instance, you might stand out on the RuneScape servers for the wrong reasons and end up with a banned IP. Thankfully, if something like this happens, all you would need is a RuneScape proxy to get around the ban.

Want to know more about playing games like RuneScape with a proxy? Read our comprehensive blog here. While the list above does not represent all of the benefits of using a gaming proxy, it does highlight the key bits of information to remember while considering buying a reliable proxy.

Using a VPN for Online Gaming vs. a Proxy

Using a VPN for Online Gaming vs. a Proxy

In your search to find the best IP address for gaming, it is very likely that you have come across a VPN for online games. In order to fully explore which tool is best for gaming, we must first define what a VPN is. VPN stands for virtual private network. VPNs work similarly to proxies in that they hide your original IP address. However, the tool goes about it a little differently than a gaming proxy. Instead of acting like a bridge between your device and the internet, a VPN captures the entire network and encrypts all traffic in the process. Now I know encryption sounds like the safest, most secure option for gaming, but there are actually some downsides when it comes to using a VPN for online gaming.

First, a VPN can actually increase the number of lags you have while gaming. Being the expert gamer that you are, I am sure you hate lags as much as the next person. They disrupt the game and make achieving a streamlined gaming experience quite difficult. Because the data being used through a VPN is encrypted, it can cause the connection to slow in the process.

Second, botting while using a VPN is incredibly complicated. Since your VPN only provides you with one IP address, botting safely, and without getting banned, becomes increasingly difficult. With a proxy, switching out your IP address is a simple process, but not so with a VPN. So, if botting is a major part of your gaming experience, then a gaming proxy is far superior to a VPN.

Finally, there are a lot of VPNs out there that log all of your online activity. It sounds a lot like the same problem we ran into while using your original IP address. So, although your data is encrypted, you are still not operating totally incognito with a VPN. The bottom line, using an online games proxy will streamline your gaming experience and turn every battle into a win.

Finding the Best IP Address for Gaming

Finding the Best IP Address for Gaming

With your newfound obsession with gaming proxies fully established, I want to talk about some of the features to look for when buying a high-quality proxy.

You will want to make sure that your proxy provider offers a few different things. Most importantly, dedicated proxies. Your provider should give you a choice of proxies and sell private proxies at competitive prices. The provider should also offer a whole host of different proxy server locations. Since not all countries have the same laws when it comes to streaming games, it is important that you can buy proxies in various locations, ones that will cover all of your gaming needs.

Last, keep in mind the kind of customer service team that is offered by the provider. Proxy users are vast and varied. Make sure that your provider has a customer service team that is ready and available to answer all of your proxy questions 24/7.

Wrapping up

Wrapping up

You fearlessly charge into every battle. There is not a monster that terrifies you, nor an opponent who can slay you. Gaming is your passion and you do not settle for anything less than a perfect online connection. Rather than put your personal information at risk or limit your gaming to your physical location, set up a gaming proxy on your device, and unlock a whole new world right inside your console or computer.


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