Proxy Use Cases

The possibilities for proxies are endless. Check out some of the most popular use cases below to find out how Rayobyte proxies can make your dream project a reality.

Know of a use case for proxies that isn’t listed here? Email [email protected] to let us know!

eCommerce Web Scraping

Keep tabs on eCommerce trends, understand your customers, and out-perform your competition. Learn more.

SEO Monitoring

Extract data from global and local search engine results pages to boost your SEO strategy and show the SERPs who’s boss. Learn more.

Ad Verification

Boost conversions with proxies to help you protect your brand and make sure your ads are reaching your desired target audience. Learn more.

Social Media

Use social media proxies to better manage your accounts, boost follower engagement, and gain insights on your audiences and competitors. Learn more.

Market Research

Use proxies to grow your understanding of the market, identify business opportunities, and refine your current practices and strategies. Learn more.

Travel Data Aggregation

Use proxies to collect real-time travel data at scale and find the best rates on hotels, flights, stays, and more. Learn more.

Price Monitoring And Tracking

Monitor your competitors’ prices with proxies so you can beat the competition and offer the best, most affordable prices for your customers. Learn More.

Review Monitoring

Collect data on customer reviews to understand how people feel about your brand so you can better meet their needs and attract new customers. Learn More.

Non-Profit Data Collection

Rapidly collect community and government data at scale so you can use data-driven strategies to do more good for more people.

Price Aggregation

Collect real-time pricing data at scale with proxies so you can better price your products and boost conversions. Learn More.

Brand Protection

Protect your brand with proxies that help you fight counterfeiters who want to illegally produce and sell products like your own. Learn More.


Keep your business safe with proxies that increase your anonymity and security online, 24/7.


Let us be your proxy partner! Get the best proxies for your clients. Learn more.

App Development

Test the performance of your mobile app before you launch. Learn more.


Our proxies are equipped for whatever kind of research you’re web scraping for. Learn more.

Inventory Tracking

Respond to trends, anticipate changing demand patterns, and give proper warnings of inventory shortages. Learn More.