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The online game, World of Tanks, is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. Through those years, the game has seemingly only gotten more popular. If a gamer has not gotten around to playing it yet, they at least know a friend or two who plays. It has an engaged community of consistent players who interact inside and outside of the game. This level of dedication is impressive. Unfortunately, there are a few different things that can interrupt this flow and shut off someone’s access to the game. This is where a World of Tanks proxy comes in. To learn more about how gamers have been using a World of Tanks proxy, use the table of contents and find the section you need.

Table of Contents

What are World of Tanks Proxies?

What are World of Tanks Proxies?

First, on a basic level, all proxies work as a kind of bridge connecting you with your destination website or online service. Their primary use is to hide your personal IP address. Since your IP address is used as a way to help identify you and your connection, a proxy gives you privacy. While using one, the website or service you are using only sees the IP address and information about the proxy. Using a proxy offers more creative uses too. Many of these different uses can be used to benefit online gamers.

Do you Need a World of Tanks Proxy?

Do you Need a World of Tanks Proxy?

Online gamers have been using proxies like World of Tanks proxies for many years now. There are a few different reasons why you may find a WOT proxy particularly useful.


Lag can ruin even the best online games. The same is true for World of Tanks. Luckily, you can use proxies for WOT lag issues. The reason you can use proxies to help with World of Tanks lag is all because of physical locations. Data travels at incredible speeds, but it still has to travel. The longer distance it has to move, the more time it takes. So even with a fantastic connection, sometimes being across the globe from the game servers means you will dealing with lag. At the very least, you will encounter lag spikes during peak times. This is when you can use proxies for WOT lag spikes. By choosing the physical location of your proxies to be geographically close to the game servers, you are working to optimize performance to help eliminate latency.

Region Locks

Not every video game is available everywhere. There is a common issue where games are banned in certain countries for various reasons. It could be due to adult content, micro-transactions that are similar to gambling, and more reasons. The way to get World of Tanks unblocked for a certain region is to use a WOT proxy. Since you can set the location of your proxy, you can choose a country that does allow the game. When logging on, the game will see the IP address of the proxy. It will think you are from that region, and it will let you play appropriately.

Banned IPs

Sometimes gamers cheat. Often, cheaters get caught. Other times, they can break rules in online chat or regarding third-party programs. Plus, it is not unheard of for a game’s developers to drop a ban hammer when they simply suspect something fishy is going on. When hit with one of these bans, especially an undeserved one, it leaves you frustrated as you are locked out for good. The good news is that these bans typically exist on the IP level. They track the IP address you are using and ban that. So if that IP address tries to connect again, it will be denied. With what we already know about WOT proxies, anyone can easily get WOT unblocked for them by simply using proxy to get a new IP address.

How do you Play World of Tanks Through a Proxy?

How do you Play World of Tanks Through a Proxy?

To start gaming with a World of Tanks proxy, you first have to purchase one through a proxy service. You will want to do your homework and pick one that is reliable and has the capabilities to handle online gaming. Free proxies may seem appealing at first, but they are always a bad idea for one reason or another. Either those proxies are already banned from everything, there are too many people using them so they are slow, or they are fronts for hackers to steal your data. You need to go with a professional, private proxy. Another benefit of this is that your proxy service will provide you with instructions on how to set it up. It is usually a really simple list that takes you step-by-step through the process. And if you do get hung up on a detail, you should pick a proxy service with a responsive support team.

What Is The Best Server for World of Tanks Proxies?

What Is The Best Server for World of Tanks Proxies?

If you want to play World of Tanks right, you need a WOT proxy you know you can rely on. Mostly, you want to find a proxy service that is known to offer fast speeds with no bandwidth caps. And with the demands of online gaming, you should really go for a dedicated server.


When online gaming, you cannot afford to lack in speed. The speed of your connection is what keeps things running at the same pace of the game server. Falling behind even a little bit can turn the tide against you. You need fast speeds that stay consistent. You cannot play around with speeds that slow down at peak times. One way to get the most speed out of your proxy is to choose a dedicated one. This makes sure nobody else can pull massive loads of data with it when you need it. Also keep an eye out for services that tell you exactly what speeds you get with their proxies. Rayobyte provides a speed of 1 Gbps for our proxy users. Needless to say, that is exactly the kind of speed you need.


The last thing you need is for your performance to suddenly come to a grinding halt. Even when you have one of the fastest proxies, an enforced bandwidth limit can slow you to a crawl. It is important to use a dedicated proxy so that you are the only one using it. That way, nobody can hog the resources when you need them most. But more than that, you need to make sure your proxy service offers unlimited bandwidth and threading. Online gaming can be pretty demanding, and it is a pain to have to worry about avoiding bandwidth caps. By now, throttling should not be an issue for anyone.

Server locations

Proxies are extremely versatile in their uses. This capability goes further when your proxy service has multiple server locations to choose from. For all gaming needs, you should make sure that there are many server locations in a collection of different countries. Different games are banned in different countries, and it would be a shame to have to go with two separate services because each one does not offer all of the locations you need. When it comes to playing World of Tanks, this guarantees that you will always be able to play it no matter where you are. You can use a proxy in a different country to get around any regional blocks. You would want to make sure there are plenty of options too. You cannot know for sure when a different country might find a strange reason to block the game. You will want to be able to change proxy server locations in that case. That is why Rayobyte offers locations in 27 Countries. Not only does this help with World of Tanks, but it makes your proxy usable for other applications as well.

Reputable proxies

There is peace of mind in knowing that you are in command of how the server is used. The best way to get that is by going with a dedicated proxy at a reputable service. Rayobyte takes pride in offering the fastest speeds with the most reliable connections. We work hard to keep everything running smoothly with the most uptime possible. We do not want to limit your use, so our proxies come with unlimited bandwidth plus locations all over the globe. We also offer something that is  commonly overlooked: proxies with 24/7 support. It is a thing you hope to not need, but you definitely want it when you have questions or need to troubleshoot a problem. So when you are looking for a proxy for World of Tanks or any other use, look at our proxy packages and find the one that best suits you.

Final Thoughts

There is not much worse than losing consistent access to a game you are passionate about. Considering the following the game has, there is no question that there is a lot of use for a World of Tanks proxy. Just like with everything related to proxies, make sure to read and understand the terms of use regarding proxies. It is always in your best interest to follow proper protocols and rules of the online services you use.

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