How to Bot RuneScape (and How Proxies Make It Possible)

The beloved MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) RuneScape has had its reputation for difficulty for decades.

Many players find it incredibly rewarding once they get into it. However, there’s just one problem: RuneScape takes a lot of grinding.

That’s why many players turn to RuneScape bots to handle the boring or repetitive  — but necessary — tasks to progress in the game. A good RuneScape bot program can save you hundreds of hours and help you level up multiple accounts without doing everything yourself manually.

Unfortunately, RuneScape is not bot-friendly. You need to be careful if you want your bot and account to survive. In this guide, you’ll learn why people choose to use bots in RuneScape, how to get a bot for RuneScape, and why it’s essential to use proxies to be successful.

Why Bot RuneScape?

Why Bot RuneScape?

RuneScape has many fantastic items that can make the game more rewarding and your character more powerful. However, most of these items have incredibly low drop rates, with certain items only dropping once out of every 750 attempts. That grind can be frustrating for the average player and make the game less fun.

That’s where learning how to RuneScape bot comes in. You can use a bot to perform simple grinding tasks for you or maintain multiple accounts at high levels. Instead of having to attempt a single drop hundreds or thousands of times across different accounts, your bot will do the work. Then you can spend your time doing something more worthwhile.

As long as you’re not using your bots to cheat, harm other players, or break the game’s rules, you can ethically learn how to bot in RuneScape to help you accomplish your goals and keep the game fun.

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How to Bot RuneScape

How to Bot RuneScape

So how do you write a bot that works in RuneScape? It’s easier than you’d think. There are four steps involved in how to make a bot for RuneScape:

1. Determine what your bot needs to do

When learning how to make RuneScape bots, your first step is to decide what you want it to accomplish and what that requires. You need to be specific. Every task you need to grind will require a unique program.

For example, a harvesting bot will consist of three basic pieces of code:

  1. One that moves your mouse to the right spot
  2. One that makes it click
  3. One that causes the program to sleep until the target is eligible for harvesting again

You also need to figure out:

  • Where your target is on the screen based on pixel coordinates
  • How long you need to wait between harvesting attempts

Once you’ve got that information, you can start coding.

2. Set up an IDE, Node.js, and RobotJS

When you’re learning how to program a bot for RuneScape, JavaScript is the best language. The easiest way to write working JavaScript code is by writing in an Integrated Development Environment, or IDE. There are dozens of IDEs available for the language, but two of the best are NetBeans and Visual Studio. You can download them for free through their websites.

Next, to write a JavaScript program that can interact with RuneScape, you need to download and set up Node.js. This runtime can control your mouse and keyboard to interact with the game. You can set it up to run and follow instructions on the site.

Finally, RobotJS is an invaluable library for managing your mouse and keyboard through Node.js. You can install RobotJS by typing “npm install robotjs” into your IDE.

3. Tell the program what to do

A basic JavaScript RuneScape bot might only have ten lines of code. Remember, the most basic program only needs to accomplish three tasks:

  1. Move your mouse to a single spot on the screen
  2. Click that spot
  3. Wait

Learn Code by Gaming offers a sample of what a program like this might look like:

function main() {



// basic infinite loop

while (true) {

robot.moveMouse(764, 557);





In this code, the program waits a short time and then runs an infinite harvesting loop. Canceling the program is as simple as pressing “ctrl+c” on your keyboard.

You can also go more in-depth by moving your character around or targeting other objects. You can do this by using the commands “robot.keyToggle” and “robot.keyTap” for the arrow keys.

4. Run the program

Once your program is complete, you can run it through your command prompt or terminal. Just copy and paste your code into the command prompt, and it should run with no problems. Watch your mouse move across your screen and accomplish those RuneScape tasks for you!

How to Successfully Bot in RuneScape With Rayobyte Proxies

How to Successfully Bot in RuneScape With Rayobyte Proxies

There’s one issue with RuneScape bots: The game has strict anti-bot protections to avoid people ruining the economy or harassing other players. If the game detects you’re using a bot, your account could get banned — regardless if your intentions are harmless. That’s why proxies are so important.

How proxies work in RuneScape

A proxy protects your account by hiding your IP address. If you’re using your bots to run multiple accounts at the same time, proxies will make it look like each account belongs to a unique player. That can help you avoid getting banned.

The best RuneScape proxies

Rayobyte offers three kinds of proxies that can help you protect your RuneScape bots and accounts.

Data center proxies

Data center proxies are proxies created in server farms. These proxies are inexpensive but more likely to get detected and banned since they don’t have a connected physical address.

Residential proxies

Residential proxies are IP addresses connected to a physical home address. They look like they belong to a real person. That makes them more expensive but much less likely to be blocked — so they’re a worthwhile investment.

ISP proxies

ISP proxies are high-authority proxies that look like residential proxies but actually run out of data centers. An ISP proxy is an excellent compromise between residential and data center proxies.

It’s less expensive than residential but more secure than a data center proxy. With a Rayobyte ISP proxy, you get unlimited bandwidth at affordable rates while still protecting your RuneScape bot and accounts from getting banned.

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Start Using Bots in RuneScape Today

Start Using Bots in RuneScape Today

You can improve your RuneScape performance today by using bots to handle tedious tasks for you. If you’re curious about how to bot RuneScape, the best way is by connecting your RuneScape bot to Rayobyte proxies. With the right proxies, you can get all the benefits of automating the grind without the risk of getting your account banned.

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