Planet Earth's Most Reliable Rotating Proxies

When you partner with Rayobyte for your rotating proxy needs, you're not just getting IP addresses. You're getting a commitment to the success of your web scraping project.

Planet Earth's Most Reliable Rotating Proxies

When you partner with Rayobyte for your rotating proxy needs, you're not just getting IP addresses. You're getting a commitment to the success of your web scraping project.

Buy Rotating IP Addresses

Residential Rotating


Located in over 100 countries

The fewest bans of any proxy type

Optimized for web scraping

Ethically sourced

Powered by Proxy Pilot for maximum efficiency

World-class API access

Total control right from your browser

24/7 customer support


Data Center Rotating


Located in US, Brazil, France, or Germany

More countries available on request

99% uptime guaranteed

Spread over multiple ASNs and subnets to minimize bans

World-class API access


24/7 customer support

Unlimited bandwidth


Partnering For Success

At Rayobyte, we understand that you’re not really looking for proxies. You’re looking for success – with web scraping, with SEO, with whatever task rotating proxy IPs can help you with. And that’s exactly what we’re here to provide.

Sure, there’s lots of places where you can buy a rotating proxy. But will other providers offer you 24/7 customer service staffed by real proxy experts? Will they offer to set you up with a custom proxy solution that suits your needs, even if it means buying brand new stock? Will their CEO get on a one-on-one call (like this one) to explain exactly how their residential proxies are sourced?

You already know the answer is “no”. So forget the rest and buy from the best – because the people you see next to this paragraph are just as committed to your business as you are.

Built For Web Scraping

There’s simply no better solution for scraping data than Rayobyte’s rotating proxy services. Other providers can sell you IPs, but will they provide the expert support and control you need to acquire valuable enterprise data?

Get in touch with us today and we think you’ll see the Rayobyte difference for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rotating proxy?

A rotating proxy is a proxy that changes its IP address every time you make a connection. So if, for example, you scrape 100 webpages, each page will be scraped with a different IP.

What are residential rotating proxies?

Simply put, residential rotating proxies are the BEST solution for anyone involved with web scraping. “Residential” means that a proxy is associated with a real ISP, which means that websites are less likely to ban these addresses than data center rotating proxies.

What is a SOCKS5 rotating proxy?

SOCKS is an IP address protocol that is sometimes seen as more universal and secure than the standard HTTP or HTTPS protocols for web traffic. SOCKS5 is the most recent version of this protocol. Rayobyte provides all protocols, so if you believe your use case requires a SOCKS5 rotating proxy, we can get that for you!

How to use rotating proxies?

Whether you choose the more powerful residential IP solution or the cheaper data center substitute, Rayobyte’s rotating proxies are easy to set up and use. The residential solution just requires copying and pasting a few lines of code into your browser or scraper of choice so that you can get access to powerful analytics, proxy management, and ban reduction.

Our data center rotating IPs require you to choose locations and go through a quick, two-step authentication process , after which you can start scraping!

Does Rayobyte offer free rotating proxies?

Not exactly, but we do offer risk-free trials of all our proxy products. Contact our sales team if you’re interested in getting started for free.

What is the difference between static and rotating residential proxies?

This is a question we answer in-depth in this blog article.

What Is a Rotating Proxy?

Every single connection between a device and the internet is represented with a unique code referred to as an IP address. This code is used to identify the device and also trace its general location. Proxies keep the IP address of a device safe and hidden by acting as intermediaries. There are three main types of proxies – dedicated, semi-dedicated and rotating proxies.

A dedicated proxy is one that is just that – dedicated. It is a proxy with an IP address for you and you alone to use. While there are some benefits to using a dedicated proxy, they are more easily tracked by websites because you are using the same IP address to visit particular sites over and over again. This is especially true if you’re doing web scraping.

Rotating proxies, on the other hand, give you access to a large pool of IP addresses. When you use this kind of proxy, your IP address constantly changes because you are automatically assigned a new IP address from the pool at regular intervals.

Why Rotating Proxies Are The Best For Web Scraping

Apart from the three categories of proxies we discussed above, proxies can also be categorized based on their place of origin into residential and data center proxies. Data center proxies are very easily detected and banned by websites. They can be used for web scraping on certain sites but you will require hundreds to thousands of them for a project to be completed successfully. Residential proxies, on the other hand, resemble real users and are less likely to be detected and banned during web scraping.

You might be asking yourself: “Is rotation necessary when I can simply use a residential proxy?” The answer is yes. Although this kind of proxy will initially resemble a normal human user, during a web scraping project, the massive amount of requests sent via that single IP address will eventually look suspicious to a website. As such, a ban is inevitable. This is where the need for rotation comes in. Constantly changing IP addresses allows the process of web scraping to continue despite inevitable bans.

The Best Rotating Proxies for SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a process geared towards organically increasing the visibility of a website. If you work in marketing or advertising, you probably know all about how SEO can help direct new customers to your website. Increased visibility translates to more clicks and, hopefully, higher sales.

There are several ways proxies can be used to boost SEO. Firstly, since they let you switch up your location, you can use a proxy to view your site in different regions and see what it looks like in the eyes of different Google algorithms.

In combination with a scraping tool, a proxy can be used to do SEO research. As mentioned above, they allow you to overcome bans and easily scrape data. As such, they can be used to gather SEO-related data from search engines, competitors’ websites, or even your own website to gain insights that can help you build a winning SEO strategy.

The more you drive traffic, the higher the chances of Google recognizing the importance of your company and bumping you up the ranks.

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