The Difference Between Cheap Proxies And Free Proxies

Personally, I never make a purchase without the possibility of a good deal. These days, consumers hardly ever pay full price for anything, and if they do, it is because “full price” translates into “reasonably priced.” But as much as I love scouring the internet for deals and discounts on products I love, I am highly skeptical of free giveaways or offers. Why? Because giving away something for free often means that the thing itself is not highly valued by who is offering it up. Furthermore, before you get an item for “free,” you generally have to buy something else first. This is not my cynical side coming out to play, it is my realistic side. I would love to have companies toss free stuff my way, all without them asking for anything in return. But even if that did happen, I would eventually stop valuing the things I was being given.

The same can be said about free proxies. It is hard not to look for a quick fix to a problem. Free proxies are readily available and appear to be the best option. Unfortunately, they are often unreliable and leave your device unprotected. That is why I want to explore why reliable, cheap proxies are your best option when setting up a proxy on your computer or smartphone. In this blog, we will define what a cheap private proxy is, address the safety of free online proxies, and talk about where to find high-quality paid proxies online. When it comes to proxy usage, free does mean best.

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What Are Paid Proxies?

What Are Paid Proxies?

Before we can talk more about all the benefits of using a paid proxy, we must first establish a baseline, define what a proxy is, and what it does.

Each one of your devices comes with an IP address. It is the unique identifying number that distinguishes your device from all the rest using the internet at the same time as you. This is great for websites gathering traffic data and following the number of users but can be limiting for the individual web user. For one, IP addresses are restricted to the content available in the area where the server is located. So, if you live in the UK, then you will not be able to access content unavailable in that country. However, cheap proxies solve this problem for you.

Proxies shield your IP address and make websites think that you are in the location where the physical proxy server is housed. What does this mean for your online experience? Well, you will have the luxury of content that was once restricted by geographical locations, all while remaining anonymous and protecting your identity and personal information. Proxies are your gateway into the internet, a new bridge between your device and the sites you love. They minimize boundaries placed on your device and make it easier to scrape the internet for information and use social media accounts to turn a profit. They truly transform the way you interact with the internet. Before discussing all the positives of using a cheap proxy, I want to answer one question. Are free proxies safe?

What Are the Downsides of Using Free Proxies?

What Are the Downsides of Using Free Proxies?

Here is the thing, a free private proxy is not all it is cracked up to be. I want to explore four reasons why you should be cautious when thinking of setting up a free proxy on your personal device.


When it comes to proxies, consistency is paramount. Problem is, free proxies do not come with a reliability clause. Not only do these proxies often stop working because of poor connections to the server or due to an unreliable host, but there is not a paper trail like there is with cheap proxies. When you buy a cheap proxy from a provider, there is someone to rely on and question if something glitches. Not the case with a free proxy. Plus, once that free proxy disappears, you are once again on the hunt to find a good proxy. Avoid this headache by investing your time in a proxy that will work when you need it to and meet your needs.

Not exactly private

One of the primary reasons to use a proxy is to shield your identity. So why install a proxy that does the opposite of that? Free HTTP proxies are not as private as you might hope. No matter where you are getting your free proxy, that provider has the authority to log your internet usage, tracking what you are doing online and when you are doing it. You want a private proxy in order to prevent websites from tracking your movements or people stealing your personal information. By choosing an unreliable host, you are actually making your device more prone to hacking and less safe than it was before. Plus, a free proxy comes with potential connection issues. Since you can never be sure someone else is using the proxy at the same time, your bandwidth is crippled.


I do not know about you, but advertisements make my hair stand on end. Sure, I understand their merit and know they are a great source of income for lots of different businesses. However, the number of advertisements you see should not increase because of the proxy you use. Some free proxy providers alter code on websites in order to show you more advertisements. This kind of manipulation is intrusive and makes the load time on ads longer. Slower loading times can make your connection even worse, preventing you from enjoying a website at a reasonable speed.


Malware is a scary thing. It can be classified as any software that is specially designed to cause harm to your device or network. Once it is on your computer, it is incredibly difficult to remove and leaves your device open to hackers and other nefarious activity. There are free proxy providers out there who create free proxy sites for the sole purpose of installing malware on your computer. Not so fun, right? Think of the sheer cost of replacing your computer and you might think twice about trusting a free proxy over a paid, cheap one.

With all of the above in mind, it is easy to see why free proxies are free, and why buying cheap proxies can save you a whole lot of trouble.

Benefits of Using High-Quality Cheap Proxies

Benefits of Using High-Quality Cheap Proxies

Since we have a better grasp on why using a free proxy is so bad for your device, I want to explore what makes cheap proxies such an awesome alternative.


If free proxies are unreliable, then paid proxies are the exact opposite. They say you get what you pay for, and what you get when you buy a proxy is the comfort of safety and security while online. Not only that, but your proxy has a much better chance of working properly and allowing you access to all the sites that you wish. Plus, if you want to buy multiple paid proxies at once or want proxies in a different location, then you can purchase them in a snap, all while knowing you can trust the new proxies you are buying.


Along with reliability, a trusted proxy provider will offer a variety of different types of proxies. There are three main types of proxies used by most consumers: semi-dedicated, dedicated, and rotating. All have their merits and keep you safe, but semi-dedicated is the absolute best option if you are hoping to find cheap proxies that will last. Semi-dedicated proxies are shared by a few other people and are incredibly cost-effective. In fact, a lot of people that buy semi-dedicated proxies split the cost with roommates, family members, or other people they trust. This way, multiple people are getting the benefit of a proxy and saving money in the process. In addition, reliable providers will offer a large range of proxy server locations. The more places available, the more choice you have when choosing the right, cheap proxy for your needs.


This is an important point to hammer down. There are very few jobs these days that do not require a computer on a daily basis. Our devices have become our whole lives. They are how we write and communicate with the outside world. That is why it is imperative you keep your identity and personal information protected. Think about all of the websites where you have ever entered your address or your credit card info. Then think about how devastating it would be to have all that data hacked or lost. By investing in the best, paid proxy out there, you will be more protected than ever.

While the list above does not represent all of the benefits that come with buying a cheap proxy, it does reflect the main differences between buying quality products and trusting unreliable websites, websites whose motivations are potentially harmful to you and your device.

Where to Find the Best Paid Proxy Online

Where to Find the Best Paid Proxy Online

With all of this talk about how incredible cheap proxies are, I am sure you are asking, “Hey, where do you get cheap proxies, anyway?” Now I think it is time to dive into the best proxy provider available. At Rayobyte, we value our customers and work tirelessly to provide high-quality proxies at low prices. We offer proxies in 9 different countries and 19 different US cities. Not only that but we currently sell semi-dedicated, dedicated, and rotating proxies at competitive prices. Our pricing model makes it so you are given a discount the longer you keep and use your proxy. With duration times between 1 month and 1 year, you have a ton of flexibility when it comes to using your proxy for extended periods of time. Our proxy dashboard is user friendly and easy to navigate, making set up a snap.

Best of all, our Rayobyte customer service team is ready and available 24/7, here to answer any and all of your questions or concerns regarding proxies. Why wait another moment to install your cheap proxy. Trust Rayobyte to deliver the most reliable proxies at the best prices on the market.

Wrapping up on Buying Cheap Proxies

Wrapping up on Buying Cheap Proxies

Being the bargain hunter that I am, I rarely buy products on a whim. I like to weigh the cost versus benefit, noting why something is worth the money and why I can live without it. Beyond that, I know that if something seems too expensive, it usually is, and if something looks too good to be so cheap, I will know immediately after buying it. While free proxies are enticing, they are too easy a solution to be worthwhile in the long run. Invest your money in a cheap proxy and you will not be disappointed. Rayobyte is here to help you with all of your proxy needs and dedicated to providing the latest, highest-quality proxy technology on the market today. When it comes to proxies, do not think free, think cheap, and reliable.

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