Danah Danlag

Customer Success Specialist Danah Regine Danlag shares how she brings her passion for travel to life even during the workday!
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Living Life To The Fullest With Danah Danlag

I spent time visiting with Danah this week to gain some insight into how she finds a good work-life balance.  Danah has worked at Sprious for almost two and a half years.  She works in the Customer Success department and talks directly to customers through our support channels.

I asked Danah what her favorite part of working at Sprious is and she said that talking with customers and resolving their issues is what she enjoys most.  She even said they often make her feel like a “genius”!  Danah has worked with customers in past roles in a similar support capacity, but her role here is more “technical” than what she has done in the past.

When we talked about what is important to her outside of work, her focus turned to her family.  It is clear to me that Danah’s family plays such a foundational role in her life.  Her parents and siblings all live nearby and she can visit them easily every day.  Her shift at Sprious ends at 7 AM, and this allows her to go to her folks’ house every morning for breakfast.  She enjoys this time with her family and also reaps the rewards of her mother’s healthy cooking!

One thing in our discussion that resonated with me is that she makes a conscious choice to visit friends and family often.  She has surrounded herself with a great support system.  Her family is key to making her feel good.

When I asked Danah what other things bring her fulfillment, she talked about the challenges of working from home and how she is able to overcome the boredom of being in the same environment each day.  To get out of the house, she finds traveling helps her to feel motivated and inspired.  She recently took a two week trip to the northern part of Phillippines with friends who also work remote.  She said this felt good and necessary.

Danah’s passion for travel has fed into her desire to travel to one new country per year. The change of scenery re-energizes her.   She asked me for travel advice and I told her to always drink lots of water!  It’s advice I give to everyone for those long flights if you are traveling for many hours on an airplane.  Hydration is key to feeling good when you land!

Last year, Danah’s travels took her to Thailand, where she enjoyed the beautiful castles and architecture.  She loved the country and culture, but commented that it was very hot there!  When I asked her what country would be next, she told me that she will be going to Malaysia.  Malaysia is of interest to her because her father had gone to school there to get his master’s degree.

I asked Danah what other things she does to recharge.  She is a huge fan of documentaries and Anime.  She spends time watching new documentaries each month.  One of her favorites was “Watch Your Health”.

Danah’s advice to any new colleague joining our team here at Sprious is to be open-minded and willing to take feedback.
Danah’s life advice:  You only have one life.  Live your life to the fullest.  Live one step at a time.
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