Doing Market Research? You Need Proxies.

The business world is more competitive than ever and the internet makes it easy for customers to find all sorts of companies just like yours. If you want to succeed, you need to stand out. How? With market research and proxies, one of the market research tools you need in your toolbox!

How Can Proxies Help Me?

Not sure how to do market research? You don’t have to be a market research analyst! Web scraping is a great market research tool, so you can spot opportunities, avoid mistakes and refine your approach. You can do this by collecting reviews, investigating pricing and studying product features! And that is just some of the information that you can get from web scraping. However, bots like web scrapers rack up website page visits in a short amount of time. That’s why websites pay attention to the IP address of the visitor. If a website notices that a certain IP address is acting robotic, your web scraper could get blocked before it finishes its job, leaving you with only part of the data you need! But rotating residential proxies can help. A proxy is like a shield for your IP address. When you use a proxy, the websites you visit see the proxy’s IP address, not yours. That’s where Rayobyte comes in! We have the rotating residential proxies for your market research needs.

Why Rayobyte?

We’re a team of professionals with almost a decade of experience in the proxy industry. We know how to get what data you need, when you need it, so you can get a leg up on the competition. We are not just another proxy provider, but a proxy partner. We want to see you succeed in whatever business venture that you’re working on! That means we’re willing to go the extra mile and create custom packages and solutions for scraping jobs of all shapes and sizes. See what partnering with Rayobyte can do for you today!

Proxies For Market Research

Rayobyte Rotating Residential

#1 For Market Research Scraping

Fewest Bans


Our rotating residential proxies are the most valuable and dependable web scraping solution for your business. These proxies have the highest level of ban reduction, so you can focus on getting the market research data you need, asap!

Proxy Pilot


Our optional (and free!) proxy management application lets you manage retries, cooldowns, supports geo-targeting, detects bans, and gives you statistics on the performance of your IPs, all on a straightforward interface!

Ethically Sourced


Being a company who actually cares is something that is important to us. We care about our end users, and the proxy sources that trust us with their IP address. Learn more about how how we amass our proxies ethically.

World-Class API


Our API lets you manage your rotating residential proxies without ever having to visit our proxy dashboard!

24/7 Service & Support


Your wins are our wins, which is why we're committed to going the extra mile to make sure you have a fantastic experience with our rotating residential proxies.

Rayobyte Data Center

The Budget-Conscious Solution



Data center proxies can't compete with residential when it comes to ban prevention. But Rayobyte has over 300,000 IPs across 9 ASNs, 27 Countries, and 20,000 C-class subnets. So your entire proxy pool won't be taken down all at once when those bans happen.

Located In 27 Countries


Our locations: US, the UK, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam - with more available on request!

Endless Bandwidth


Rayobyte is made for people who are serious about web scraping. We don't want to trick you into hidden bandwidth fees, so we give you the throughput you need for bigger scraping jobs at no extra cost.

World-Class API


Our API lets you manage your data center proxies without ever having to visit our proxy dashboard!

24/7 Service & Support


Your wins are our wins, which is why we're committed to going the extra mile to make sure you have a fantastic experience with our data center proxies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Market Research?

Market research is the process of gathering, analyzing and interpreting data for your business! So that you know everything you can about your target market and customers in order to get ahead of all your competition.

Why Is Market Research Important?

Conducting market research allows you to identify new customers, get to know your existing customers and their pain points, set realistic targets for your business, develop new and effective strategies, solve your biggest business challenges, investigate expansion opportunities and identify how to expand your offering.

What Steps Are Involved In Market Research?

Identify and define the problem.

Develop the approach.

Research design.

Collect the data.

Analyze the Data.

Report, Present, Take Action!

What Is Market Research Used For?

Market research has all sorts of important uses! Thinking of starting a business, but don’t really know where to start? Is your business at a low spot and you need to figure out why your customers are going to your competitors? Are you looking to switch up your advertising and try to figure out what your next major selling point is? All of these things can be answered with market research!

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