Why Are Proxies Useful In Business Situations Today?

Proxies have a reputation for niche, personal use. We all have either used proxies or know friends who get around region blocks with their proxies. Some even think of them as just being too technical to deal with. All of this is a shame because a business proxy or enterprise proxy can actually bring a lot of benefits. Why are proxies useful in business? For the answer to that question and more, use the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

What is a Business Proxy?

What is a Business Proxy?

A proxy acts as the facilitator to your connection online. You connect to your proxy, and your proxy connects to where you are browsing. Because of that, the server that holds the site you are looking at travels to the proxy instead of directly to you. If the proxy is closer to that server than you are, this leads to a better connection. Also, this increases privacy. Now, the site you visited only thinks the proxy has accessed it, not you. It sees the IP of the proxy as well as its geographical location.

Proxies in the business world work the same way. Your company’s connection goes through a proxy before hitting its destination. There are a few things to keep in mind when using proxies for business, though. There is no scenario where a free proxy can help you (but even privately, free proxies are not a good idea). Also, brand new companies offering proxies should be vetted very carefully before use. There is a reason existing proxy providers have been in the game for a long time.

Why are Proxies Used for Business?

Why are Proxies Used for Business?

A business proxy has many uses. One is that it can help that business establish a more clear connection with international clients. Having access to a proxy in your client’s country helps make sure you will have fewer problems connecting and staying together. In the marketing realm, business proxies can make it appear that your out-of-area business is local. When you engage in forums, social media, etc. it will think your location is the same as the proxy.

The benefit of this is reputation. It is less likely that potential customers in another area will consider your business when they see it is long distance. Business proxies are really helpful when looking at other locations for expansion. Without them, fewer people will be interested in engaging with a product or service they cannot even have yet.

Another important use is privacy and security. Unfortunately, sometimes a competitor or hacker could be trying to track your online behavior. By connecting directly to websites and services, you could be showing your hand. If they are able to get a glance at what sites you are accessing, they might see what you have planned. This includes clients you are talking to or places of potential expansion. With a proxy, they will only see that you are accessing a proxy. From there, it would be much more difficult to follow the trail.

Proxies also give you another level of control. This can help in regards to employee use. You can easily set blocks and easily monitor what your proxies are being used for. Depending on your provider, this functionality can be really in-depth.

Enterprise Proxy Solutions

Enterprise Proxy Solutions

When considering an enterprise, there are potentially dozens of offices scattered around the world. Even with current technology, connecting online does not always work well. There are dodgy connections that can make it more difficult for some offices to attend meetings, access content, etc. An enterprise proxy helps by letting your offices connect nearby. Instead of trusting local service to establish and keep a connection, you can trust it to enterprise-level proxies. Now, that office can use an international proxy and not lose a beat.

There can also be traffic problems for enterprises online. It can be difficult to funnel an entire, multi-office company to the internet. Instead of living with a choke point, proxies can help spread that load. Especially when your proxy has unlimited bandwidth, the difference is night and day.

Of course, the uses involving security, local presence, and control are solutions for enterprises as well. It is likely that these aspects can cause even bigger issues as your company grows.

The Best Business or Enterprise Proxy

The Best Business or Enterprise Proxy

The proxy you need for your business is one that takes care of everything you need. It will keep you secure. It will help set a local presence in a different region. It will make sure your offices all stay connected. There are a few things to keep an eye out for.

Availability and monitoring

Proxies are only effective when they work. Since there are plenty of free or cheap proxies on the market, many do not put any care toward keeping them up. A solid infrastructure and monitoring system can help a provider keep their proxies available for your use whenever you need them.

Rayobyte has a strong focus on maximizing uptime and minimizing bans. We work extremely hard to keep our proxies working with less downtime than other enterprise providers. We have an incredible monitoring system that helps us identify any problems right away. And we have built enough redundancy in our system to make sure you can keep going even if we are in the middle of fixing a major problem.

Multiple locations

Business happens all over the world. When you absolutely need a secure and reliable connection overseas, you need a proxy. Because of that, your proxy provider needs to have proxies available in many different countries. You already have an idea of what international locations you need access to, so keep those in mind when looking at proxies.

In regards to Rayobyte, we have proxies in nine different countries. While we are primarily based in the US, we have proxies in Germany, Brazil, the UK, India, Canada, Australia, Vietnam, and Japan. These countries were not chosen from random. We understand that business overseas often centers in these countries. Also, we offer the possibility of other countries by specific request.

Multiple ASNs

Having access to multiple ASNs can give you peace of mind that you should not be banned from anything for good. When a provider can offer IPs from many different ASNs, they can move you to proxies from a different one if there is a problem with that one.

At Rayobyte, we offer IPs across 6 ASNs. In case any site or service has a reason to ban an entire ASN, we can switch you to IPs from another. Plus, one of those ASNs is our own. This means you have options that do not rely on countless others playing nice to keep the entire thing from being banned.

Subnet diversity

Having access to a diverse subnet works similar to having multiple ASNs. Without it, you could be affected by a mass ban. Considering that subnets have many other users, you can never guarantee a single one will not be banned from anywhere. That is why having diversity is essential.

Rayobyte has IPs that originate from tens of thousands of C class subnets. These are spread across many different B and A classes. In simple terms, it is much less likely that you would be affected by a massive ban than with other proxies for enterprise-level purposes.

Who has the best proxy?

Your proxy host needs to be able to meet your needs all of the time. Business happens around the clock. It is not only conducted from 9 to 5. You need your host to offer incredibly fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and customer support 24/7. All of these features plus the ones listed below are offered by Rayobyte. On top of that, we even have a fantastic API that means you do not even need to visit our dashboard to manage your proxies.

For your business and enterprise proxy solutions, the only name that makes sense is Rayobyte. As you have seen, we take uptime and monitoring seriously. Other providers do not have better proxies and customer service than we do. We have the proxies you need to take your business to a new level of internet use, safety, and connectivity. Take a look at our pricing page today.

Final Thoughts

Why are proxies useful in business? Well, proxies offer many benefits to businesses. As we have seen, they can help businesses market and conduct research on locations of potential expansion. We know that enterprise level proxies can help connect international offices. So make sure to consider the use of proxies for your business needs.

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