How To Scrape Sports Data To Level Up Your Statistics Game

Everyone has a friend who’s a fount of sports knowledge. Sometimes it’s about a specific team, or a sport, or even just a very niche set of stats that this friend has chosen to overload on their brain. The thing about sports stats and data is that it’s really fun to memorize and dig into. However, if you’re putting together your own website with sports data to give information to fans, you need to find a technological way to scrape sports data that works just as hard as your sports-knowledge buddy.

Instead of going to a website and copying and pasting every piece of possibly relevant data, you can use web scraping to pull all of the data and then analyze it. The more data, the better. Analyzing a greater amount of data more regularly will allow you to get an edge over competitors. Scraping bots can run through all of this information very easily and deposit it in a way that is easily accessible for the owner.

Learning how to how to scrape sports data is as simple as running a bot. In this article, we’re going to go over the various ways that web scraping can enhance your sports data and statistics collection. You can start with whichever piece of advice listed in the table of contents catches your eye.

Table of Contents

Why Are Stats Important in Sports?

Why Are Stats Important in Sports?

This might seem like an obvious question for the sports obsessed, but this seemingly self-evident issue is still important to answer. If you’re just a passing fan of a lot of different sports but want to learn more, diving into the stats and data around sports is a great way to learn more. Especially if you want to start your own sports fan site. If you can pull together all of the data quickly, it’s easier to start working on the other parts of your fan site and make sure it’s a destination for all sports fans.

If you’re starting a baseball fan site, you have to learn how to scrape MLB sports data. To be at the forefront of fan sites, you want to be the place to find all of the stats, instead of just a few highlighted games and players. It’s important to pull together scores, player stats, headlines, and general news as quickly and accurately as possible.

SEO research is another key element of making a sports website a destination for all fans. Finding information from search engines can show you what kinds of headlines and discussions are happening around your favorite sport or team. It lets you stay ahead of the game with research and hit on the topics that fans are interested in discussing. More than just a data collection service, web scraping can give you the opportunity to turn your sports website into a major player.

There are tons of sports stats and data that you can monitor, from prices of team merchandise to theorizing about the NFL draft. Scraping sports data from teams in other countries and translating them for an English audience could also be a successful venture for a sports website owner. If you want to bring an English-speaking audience into the Portuguese soccer world, keyword research and a bit of translation work could grab an audience that normally doesn’t get this news. Scraping sports data is a great way to keep on top of trends, pull together information for a devoted audience, and stay at the forefront of sports data and statistics collection.

How to Use Web Scraping for Sports Stats


How to Use Web Scraping for Sports Stats

While web scraping sounds like it could be complicated, it’s as simple as a few lines of code and letting the scraper do its work for you. It’s the automated process of data collection—the web scraper searches through HTML on web pages and collects the information you want. If you want to collect all of the websites that pop up through a specific search term, a web scraper will do that automatically instead of you putting in terms and searching manually.

If you want to scrape sports data using python specifically, they have an open-source framework available called Selenium. It can be easily installed on your computer, but they do require coding knowledge in order to make them run effectively and scrape the sports data you need.

Scraping Robot is another web scraping tool that could help you scrape sports headlines and scrape live sports scores. When you sign up, you get 5000 free scrapes and many customizable options for scraping. It’s very useful for people who need a simple tool that gets the job done quickly.

Web scraping is such a valuable tool for any sports website because games have so many moving parts, from the players to the weather conditions to the possible game cancellations. Fans want a place where they can stop on one website and have a curated but informative experience about their favorite sports and teams. At Rayobyte, we’re always looking for the best tips on web scraping for any of you or your company’s internet needs. If you’re eager to learn how to get sports stats for your website, we’re constantly updating the best scraping technologies to keep the stats coming.

The bigger question: where to scrape sports stats? Finding all of this information and pulling it together for your website is pretty simple as well. You can go to official team websites, league websites, and even news outlets to find information that you need. Other sports fans’ websites are also a good source for scraping sports stats and also finding out what people are interested in and searching on these websites.

Safely Scraping Sports Data

Safely Scraping Sports Data

To stop your IP address from getting banned, gathering sports data with a proxy is an absolute necessity. Websites with a lot of data (like search engines) are hyper-attuned to the possibility of web scraping and will often ban an IP address that is acting suspiciously. Proxies give you a mask of different IP addresses and if they do get banned, they just move on to a different IP address for you. Proxies for scraping sports data allow you to do all the research and sports data scraping that you want without losing your access to important websites.

Collecting such large amounts of data might sound like something we’re not allowed to do, but it is used across a wide variety of businesses on the internet. Search engines use web scraping to pull together all of the information that can be found on the internet and rank them through their system. If you ever use price comparison tools and add-ons, those use web scrapers to watch price drops and tell you when there are coupon codes available. Finally, larger market research firms use web scraping to conduct research on customers, trends, purchasing habits, and competitors.

In order to avoid maxing out the website’s bandwidth, you should spread out your data requests to scrape sports stats by about 10-15 seconds. From the official team’s website to fan sites, you want to be mindful of how the scraper interacts with the website to make sure the scraper can do its job to collect sports stats without interruption.

Tips for Using Proxies to Scrape Sports Statistics

Tips for Using Proxies to Scrape Sports Statistics

Proxy servers for scraping sports data give you a variety of options for making sure you get the most out of the scraper and the proxy. We have a few good reasons for why you should buy a proxy server and learn how to use it to scrape sports data and statistics.

Rotating IP Addresses

If you have a proxy with one IP address, using a web scraper will still get you banned from websites you need. Proxy servers with rotating IP addresses are the best way to keep scraping sports data without worrying about bans. The proxies will rotate out, and the site won’t be able to identify that all of the searches and data requests are coming from one source.

Proxy Server Location

The other benefit of proxy servers is that they are located in different countries. If you’re based in the U.S. and want access to a website in Portugal to scrape sports data, you want a proxy server that allows you to pick a location to avoid geoblocking.

Buying a Great Proxy

In order to get your money’s worth on a proxy to help you scrape sports data, you want to make sure the speed is good, the bandwidth is unlimited, and the cost per IP address is low. Rayobyte offers proxies with all of these and constantly available customer service.

Final Thoughts

The ability to scrape sports data is invaluable for fans, both professional and casual. Scraping sports statistics is crucial to make your website a go-to destination for fans of teams and different sports. The website will become your friend who is an endless fount of sports knowledge, with every stat or data point connected to your favorite team, player, or game.

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