Make Money with Proxies: Ways to Monetize Reselling Proxies

Having a proxy business means you can start a new revenue stream without much effort and make money simpler than ever before. If you bought a bunch of proxies, what’s an excellent way to make money out of your efforts?

While buying proxies for anonymity helps you protect your identity online, there are many ways to make money with proxies. It’s no longer just about hiding behind a proxy IP address — you can help others with all their scraping and anonymity needs by reselling proxies yourself.

Making Money With Proxies Is Simpler Than You Thought

Making Money With Proxies Is Simpler Than You Thought

Ethical proxy use cases include:

  • Extra anonymity and protection in private browsing
  • Web scraping for business research
  • Sneaker copping
  • And more

If you have a decent understanding of how proxies work, it should be easy to understand how to make money with them. There are some obvious financial benefits, and it all requires a bit of hard work and persistence. However, once set up, you will be ready to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.


How to Make Money with Proxies

How to Make Money with Proxies

There are many ways to make money with proxies. We go over a few ways to make money here:

Public proxy server with ads

The most common way to earn from proxies is to set up a proxy server. Here, you will use the proxies as an internet browser.

Generally, internet users looking for a proxy prefer hiding their original identity and IP address. You can make money from their needs by providing them with a proxy browser that runs ads.

This makes more sense when you have many proxies. It will allow you to set up a new public proxy, and you can make money by running advertisements on your proxy sites. Not only that, but clicks and other activities on the website can also yield revenue. The amount of money you make will also depend on the click-through rate on your proxy sites. You’re essentially working like any other website that monetizes through ads, but you’re just hiding the user IP address.

But how do you set up a proxy of a batch of proxies? In the case of monetization through ads, you can use Glype. It’s a web-based software, essentially a web script written in PHP. There are paid and free plans available, so it’s an ideal place to set up your proxies.

SERP trackers for search engine rankings and keywords

One of the mainstream SEO trends is keyword scraping. This allows websites to figure out the correct keyword positions to optimize their content and appear among the top search results on search engines.

But when anyone scrapes keywords from a website, they prefer keeping their identity hidden because it can potentially lead to banning their website. This is where you jump in as a proxy service provider.

  • As an owner of several proxies, it should be easier for you to scrape keywords and understand their position in the most highly ranked web content.
  • When you have this information, you can then sell the keywords to people who want the hottest search terms for their businesses and blogs.

Selling keyword information to businesses is a fruitful source of income, and it yields enormous revenues in the long term. You will also be surprised to see the number of potential buyers willing to purchase your data for more refined SEO strategies when you start web scraping.

Social media campaigns to earn from proxies

There is a staggering number of businesses that run entirely on social platforms. Many of these businesses don’t even have their own website. They have a more extensive consumer base on these social networks, and they are already doing a good business out of it.

Social media is all about creating user-engaging content. You will need a substantial social media presence with frequent posts every day. Moreover, it gets better if you have more accounts and channels to work with.

As a proxy service provider, this is where you step in. When social media sites figure there is a large amount of activity from a single IP address, they will likely ban the account. If you were thinking of running multiple accounts from different browsers through the same IP address, it won’t work.

Instead, use your multiple proxies to run multiple social media campaigns under a safe umbrella. Your identity remains hidden, and you can create multiple accounts to run different campaigns and post virtually without any limits.

The best software for social media and proxies

Software like Follow Liker is a great tool to work with your proxies. It lets you personalize your social media accounts behind a proxy IP address and run multiple campaigns without problems.

But what if you don’t have any campaigns of your own? In that case, you can offer your social media services to other brands and make money out of those services.

Consider a reliable proxy service provider

When you opt for providing proxy services for your clients, Rayobyte proxies can be the right option. However, a quality proxy provider must have different location options, and that’s just what you get with this service.

Even though proxies can be a bit of an investment, they are ideal for scraping because they are discreet, so servers have more trouble flagging them for suspicious activities. Providing versatile options to your clients will also enhance your reputation as a proxy provider, meaning that you may have more recurring clients for your services.

Participate in affiliate programs

Many proxy server companies are already making money with proxies. You can become part of the affiliate programs to understand whether you are eligible to make money with these programs.

The best thing about joining affiliate programs is that you can afford to be a beginner at proxy monetization. These programs give you a monthly profit as you become a brand partner and share the proxy program with others in your acquaintance. This method is perhaps the simplest in terms of technicalities because you don’t do much and still earn a valuable return. Moreover, you can get discounts on other proxy products too.

Setup Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption with reverse proxy

When you surf the internet, you may encounter websites that are termed “unsafe.” These websites do not have an SSL certificate to prove their safety and security. It’s a common problem with cheaper and smaller websites that cannot afford certification costs.

As a proxy owner, you can make money by making the certification process cheaper. Ask businesses and companies with several websites to pay a lower certificate price and bring reverse proxies into play. With reverse proxies, you can protect the websites from attacks and requests. The idea is to save your clients from buying different certifications. Instead, you will use your certified proxy to let all other websites flow through it.

It becomes an even more effective method if you have rotating IP addresses because it prevents you from sharing the same IP address or domain.

Proxies for email marketing

Just like you used scrapers to scrape keywords, you can do the same to retain email addresses.

By scraping these email addresses, you can help businesses with their email marketing campaigns. Additionally, with the help of a scraper, you can collect and compile relevant information that can be further used for more personalized email marketing.

Proxy reselling

Want to know how to make money with 1,000 proxies? If you feel like you don’t have the technical expertise or the resilience to do any of the above, you can opt to resell proxies.

It’s a much bigger business than you think and is one of the top ways you can earn a handsome revenue — if you use the right reselling services. If the proxies are good quality, your clients will be satisfied, allowing you to grow your business further.

Benefits of reselling proxies

One of the main advantages of reselling is minimum effort and time consumption. You can sell your proxies and get cash in your hand in no time.

Resell the Best Proxies with Rayobyte

Resell the Best Proxies with Rayobyte

Consider reselling your proxies through Rayobyte. With large residential, data center, & ISP proxies available, there is an understandable — and unbeatable — level of trust and reliability when you resell with Rayobyte.




If you’re wondering how to make money with proxies, selling proxies can be a profitable business. With the right approach and technical knowledge, you can easily make money from your proxies by following any of the techniques mentioned above. These simple ways can help you generate passive revenue.

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