Proxy Whitelabel: Your Guide to Turning A Profit with Proxies

Did you know that you can make a significant amount of income from selling whitelabel products? While people have been whitelabeling general consumer goods for ages, whitelabeling digital products are newer in this arena. This guide covers all you need to know about proxy whitelabeling.

Of course, to sell whitelabel proxies, you first need to understand whitelabeling and what it means. It’s essentially reselling but with certain specifics that make it unique and convenient. With the resale sector in the U.S. amounting to over $17.5 billion, this makes it a worthwhile venture.

In short, it’s an effective way to establish a label or brand without putting in all the effort that you’d need to create something from scratch and then sell it. If you’re searching for an easy way to make money, proxy whitelabels might be a step in the right direction for you.


What Is White Labeling?

What Is White Labeling?

The term “whitelabel” refers to branding and advertising products or services under another label name. It can help businesses buy products from a vendor and sell them under their own label.

With whitelabels, businesses do not have to produce the product or provide the service themselves. Instead, they have one company do it for them but use their own brand name for all marketing intents and purposes.

Whitelabel in action

Here’s an example of how whitelabel branding works:

  • Suppose company X in California produces wine.
  • Another company, Y, in North Carolina, pays company X to label the bottles with their brand and then sells them to customers in their state.
  • Even though company X produces, bottles, and ships the wine, customers buy it as a company Y brand wine.
  • Company Y keeps a margin on each bottle and makes a profit on sales without owning any vineyards or a production facility.

In simple words, whitelabel products are made by one company and sold by another under their brand name.

It’s a profitable business model that benefits both companies. The manufacturing company producing at scale can ensure all their stock is sold without spending a lot of resources on marketing. On the other hand, the rebranding company makes money by marketing the products under their name without actually making them.

Keep in mind that in the whitelabel business model, there’s seldom any exclusivity. Therefore, several brands may be selling the same product but under their label. So it all comes down to marketing.

Proxy White Labeling: How Does It Work?

Proxy White Labeling: How Does It Work?

Web proxies help users on the internet mask their IP or change IP location. These are commonplace these days as there are many use cases for them. However, while many casual users use proxies for privacy and security, there’s a wide range of other applications.

But can you whitelabel proxies? Yes, it’s possible to sell proxies under a whitelabel. With many proxy providers online offering proxies for resale, anyone can buy different kinds of proxies in bulk and then resell them on their own website under their label:

  • The proxy provider essentially hosts the proxy servers and handles all the logistics and management of the operation.
  • The label reselling the proxies can set up their website and sell them.
  • With the help of an API, the label’s clients can use and manage the proxies, which are hosted by the original proxy provider.

For the most part, customers only need the proxy details and credentials to use them. Any reseller can easily forward these to the customer. This is not much different from reselling a physical product with a different label on the packaging.

Why sell whitelabel proxies?

Selling whitelabel proxies can be a good idea for several reasons:

  • Convenience: You don’t have to buy servers or create data centers to host the proxies to sell them. All of that work is already handled by the proxy companies operating on a large scale.
  • Low initial capital: Starting your own proxy business would require significant capital. On the other hand, whitelabeling proxies would require capital to buy the proxies and market them, which is not a lot.
  • Great profit potential: The proxy reselling market is growing by leaps and bounds, and with the growing significance of cyber threats, individuals and businesses are using proxies more readily. Plus, there are many applications like web scraping, SEO research, etc.
  • Fewer liabilities: Provided you resell quality proxies, there are few liabilities for you as a seller.

Best Proxy Provider for Resellers

Best Proxy Provider for Resellers

If whitelabeling proxies sounds ideal for your next business venture, you can ensure success with a reliable proxy provider. This is crucial because the proxy provider you choose can make or break your business.

Rayobyte has a robust yet convenient proxy reselling program for entrepreneurs to take advantage of. You can resell residential, ISP, or data center proxies for profit by buying them cheaper at Rayobyte. The best part about going with Rayobyte for proxy whitelabel is that there’s very little management on your part.

While Rayobyte owns the proxies, they are provided under the reseller label. You can even create a custom dashboard with your brand label with our elite API.

The best whitelabel residential proxy, data center proxy & ISP proxy

To make the most out of your proxy reselling business, choose Rayobyte’s residential proxies. These proxies are top quality and in demand. Rayobyte keeps ethics at the forefront of its practices when it comes to the acquisition of residential proxies.

They make sure to first vet the people who want to use them and once they’re purchased continue to monitor proxy usage. That can be the unique selling point for your whitelabel, and draw in users who also care about ethics.

Data center proxies and ISP proxies are also available for you to resell. You can offer ISP proxies from the US, UK, & Germany! Data Center proxies are in over 26 countries, with 9 ASNs, and 20,000 unique c-class subnets.


Start Your Proxy Whitelabel Today

Start Your Proxy Whitelabel Today

Creating a proxy whitelabel to resell proxies is a great way to branch out and create a sustainable source of passive income with minimal effort and low capital. All you need is a trustworthy proxy provider, a good-looking website, and a strong marketing strategy.

Reselling digital assets like proxies is picking up, and the demand for web proxies is rising. Once you establish your whitelabel proxy brand as an authentic, reliable, and valuable brand, growth will follow. Reach out to our team today!

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