How To Use A Proxy To Avoid Throttling On Your Device

Equality on the internet is a fine prospect. The ability to work at the same internet speed regardless of what website you are browsing feels like a major win. Net neutrality has been a hot topic of discussion for some years now, and while there are some countries and states that honor it, there are a fair amount of places in the world that still have no net neutrality whatsoever. Net neutrality is a law that ensures internet service providers (ISP) can not speed up or slow down internet speeds based on the platform, application, website, or user. However, since the law has been repealed in some places, or never existed in the first place, internet users find themselves in a sticky situation, left to face internet speeds that hinder the rules put in place by their ISP. I do not know about you, but when it comes to using the internet, I do not like limitations. And while objections to net neutrality can feel frustrating, there are ways to get around some of the ramifications of a repeal or a block. That is where proxies come into play.

In this blog, I am going to take you through what ISP bandwidth throttling is, how to know if you’re being throttled, and best of all, how to use a proxy to avoid throttling in the first place. Just because the future of net neutrality remains uncertain, does not mean that you can not get around some of the negative effects a lack of net neutrality causes. Time to dive in and make your time on the internet more streamlined and less limited.

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What Is Net Neutrality Throttling?

will a proxy get around isp throttling

When the FCC found itself in the middle of the net neutrality fight, it eventually voted to repeal it. The FCC stated that this was an action to restore internet freedom. While some members of the Senate are working to reverse this decision, major corporations, including Comcast, Cox, and Verizon, are welcoming the reversal. In fact, Comcast and Verizon are even trying to block states from setting up their own net neutrality laws. They want to keep net neutrality off the table for good, and they are doing what they can in order to ensure they get their way.

Many believe this is so they can throttle internet speed, even though providers like Comcast claim that is off the table. Given the situation, it is easy to understand why web users are worried about the possibility of bandwidth throttling. What is ISP throttling? Well, net neutrality throttling is the process of slowing down the speed of an internet connection, changing the way people use the internet. If your ISP throttles your bandwidth, you will not be able to access certain sites or services with the same speed you used in the past. In short, some sites will feel like they are running on broadband, while others will seem like they are running on dialup.

Now I know you might be wondering how you can prevent ISP throttling. While some countries, like Canada, have their own net neutrality laws in place, there are many countries that do not and must abide by the repeal. If you find yourself in a place where this is the case and are wondering how to unthrottle internet, then there are alternative solutions. But before we can take a look at solutions to a throttled internet, we must first figure out how to see if your internet is being throttled by your ISP. 

How to See If Your Internet Is Being Throttled

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Given how much consumers will lose from the repeal of the net neutrality law, it is easy to imagine that getting around this issue would be an entirely complicated one. Thankfully, finding out whether you are getting a high-speed connection takes little effort on your part. This step in the process is actually simpler than you might think. Finding out how to tell if your internet is being throttled does not require a long phone call or written documentation from the FCC. Since most internet providers will not be so forthcoming and say if they are throttling the internet, it is up to the individual user to double-check that this is truly happening and then decide how to stop being throttled by that service provider.

Rather than angrily calling your ISP and demanding to know whether or not it is illegal to throttle internet or if they are going to continue to do so, you need only conduct an internet speed test on This site will show you if you are truly receiving the internet speeds that you are paying for. If those speeds appear to be slower, that means that your internet is being throttled by your provider and it might be time to bypass ISP throttling without a VPN, but instead with a high-quality proxy.

Will a Proxy Get Around ISP Throttling?

bypass isp throttling without a vpn

Now on to the big question, will a proxy get around ISP throttling? The answer is yes. But what exactly is a proxy and why does it get you around bandwidth throttling? Well, a proxy is a gateway between you and the internet. It has the ability to hide your IP address and make websites think that you are truly located in the same place as your proxy server. Proxies keep your identity safe and unblock content that would otherwise be restricted on your device. While not all states have their own net neutrality laws, some do. For the sake of argument, let us say that California created its own laws, you could then use a California IP address in order to lift those bandwidth issues and combat slower speeds placed on websites and beyond.

There are a few tips that you will want to remember when you use a proxy to avoid throttling. First, make sure that you buy your proxy. While there are free proxies available online, they are often unreliable and are far less likely to help you figure out how to stop your ISP from throttling you. When it comes to increasing internet speeds, you will want to trust a reliable proxy provider and purchase your proxy. Once you find the right provider, I recommend choosing a private, dedicated proxy to solve all your needs. Dedicated proxies are for you and you alone. You do not need to share bandwidth with other users, nor do you need to worry as much about your private information being accessed.

After you have your dedicated proxy, you need only follow the instructions given to you by your provider in order to get things set up. In general, setting up your proxy is as simple as opening up your preferred browser, navigating to the settings, and entering in the proxy information given to you. Once you have gone through all of these steps you will be well on your way to getting around internet throttling.

Why Use a Proxy to Avoid Throttling

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While there are other ways to prevent ISP throttling, a proxy is your best, easiest option. Why is this the case? Here are three reasons why you should use a proxy to avoid throttling and restore your internet speed to its original glory.


As I mentioned earlier, proxies are a fantastic method of creating greater privacy while online. Each time you browse the internet using a proxy, you are helping secure your data, and staying anonymous, creating more distance between you and the websites that you visit. This means that when you are hoping to bypass bandwidth throttling, you are able to do so with ease, all while staying safe and limiting any nefarious activity from coming your way. Best of all, when you browse anonymously, it makes it more difficult for websites to track you or keep tabs on the sites you visit and from where you visit them. Having that kind of autonomy over your online experience is both empowering and secure.

Bypass location restrictions

One of the greatest benefits of using a proxy while online comes from the proxy’s ability to bypass location restrictions and unblock content. The whole reason you use a proxy to avoid throttling is because the proxy can give the appearance of being in the location of your choice. Not only can you use the internet as you please, but if you travel frequently, you will also be able to avoid adhering to the laws associated with that place, and instead, use your proxy that is located in a region with net neutrality guidelines that work in your favor. While Internet service providers might benefit from this repeal, individuals must work extra hard to access the content that they actually want to see. Getting around that physical location is a great way to do so, without worrying about complicated software.


Your private proxy is an awesome tool to help retain unlimited bandwidth. While some other tools, like VPNs, have providers that limit bandwidth use, trusted proxy providers will offer unmetered bandwidth, meaning you can use as much as you need, no matter when you need it. This feature is a great way to fight bandwidth throttling, as slow website speeds are one of the biggest concerns of those worried about how the loss of net neutrality will directly affect their lives.  

While the list above does not represent every single reason why you should use a proxy to avoid throttling, it does give a nice overview of the main benefits that a proxy provides.

Bypass ISP Throttling Without a VPN

how to stop your isp from throttling you

With all this talk about how to use a proxy to avoid throttling, you might be wondering what makes for a high-quality proxy and what to look for when using a proxy provider.

First, make sure that your provider offers proxy servers in a variety of different locations. Since net neutrality laws are subject to change, it is important to have options when it comes to where your proxy is going to be located. The more options you have, the easier it will be to find a proxy located in a place with laws that adhere to your needs. You will also want to pick a provider that sells dedicated proxies at competitive prices. Your private proxy will help keep you protected and allow for greater anonymity when browsing the web. In addition, double-check that you are able to choose how long you keep your proxies, as you might only want proxies located in one place for a certain period of time, or you might need to change the location once different laws are changed or passed.

Finally, choose a proxy provider that has a customer service team who is ready and available to talk 24/7. The last thing you want is to wait a long time for a response should you have any concerns or questions about proxies. If you keep all of the above in mind, you will be sure to choose the right proxy and avoid any sort of pesky ISP throttling in the future.

Wrapping up on Throttled Internet

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Your device is your escape. It takes you to far off places, transports you to websites that fuel your imagination and streaming sites that provide you with unlimited entertainment. You love all the internet has to offer, and because of this, you do not want to feel limited by laws or rules that inconvenience you. Use a proxy to avoid throttling and see how easy it is to bypass location restrictions, all while protecting your identity and staying anonymous.

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