“Rayo” refers to the largest conceivable finite number. “Byte” refers to a single unit of data storage. Combine the two and you get Rayobyte, the company that can take your business into the future no matter how much data you’re looking for, how much bandwidth you require, or how many IPs you need.

Who We Are Now

We are Rayobyte, an award-winning proxy provider committed to reliability and ethics. We are the largest US-based proxy provider and we offer a wide range of services from data center proxies to boutique data scraping.

Our Journey

It’s been nine years since Neil founded this company, and in that time we’ve seen a lot of changes. We’ve grown from a one-man operation to a large international team. We’ve grown from fielding a few clients to being recognized as the largest US-based proxy provider. We’ve added ISP proxies, residential proxies, our own proprietary controller software, and much, much more to come. Finally, in 2022 we changed our name from “Blazing SEO” to “Rayobyte” to reflect our forward-thinking approach to data infrastructure.


Neil Emeigh

Chief Executive Officer

Isaac Coleman

Marketing Director

Ben Emeigh

Inventory Operations Director

Michele Johannes

Customer Success Director

Taylor Fleeman

Technical Project Manager

Max Gutchenko

VP of Technology

Jon Benjamin

Senior Inventory Specialist

Nickolay Chapni


Muleta Argaw

CRO Specialist

Danah Regine Danlag

CS Representative I

Mikael Fermin

CS Representative I

Alexander Khalo

Lead Engineer

Talha Khawar

Finance Assistant

Oleksiy Kovtun

UX/UI Designer

Aleksey Kuzmenko

Project Manager

Ihor Michajlov

Lead Engineer

Jitendra Negi

CS Operations Manager

Irene Ngati

CS Representative II

Tri Nguyen


Andrey Pilipenko

Engineer II

Vladimir Poluyan

Engineer II

Edmund James Sismundo

CS Manager

Dmitriy Spivak

Senior Engineer

Andriy Troshchuk

Development Architect

Vitaly Troshuk

QA Analyst III

Ihor Vasylets

Senior Developer

Michael Woo

Senior Marketing Specialist

Yeuhen Yurchenko

Engineer III

Shafayat Hossain

Marketing Manager

Andriy Kalchuk

System Administrator

Ivana Gigovic

HR Support Specialist

Sergey Yakimchuck

Systems Engineer

Harsh Ramani


Satyendra Kumar Srivastava

Marketing Specialist

Mustansir Mohsinally

Finance Manager

Ivan Bochko

Node.js Developer

Murtaza Abbas