#febrUAry – Ukraine Support Campaign 2024

March Update

As we post our final #febrUAry update, we want to thank all of you who have participated thus far. With your help, we have had 13 donors, thousands of impressions on social media, and over $10,000 (Including Sprious’ 1%) given to help in the humanitarian aid of the Ukrainian people. We write today to share that #febrUAry may be coming to a close, but the war rages on. Sprious wants to continue to bring awareness to the world that this war is not over. We proudly stand with the people of Ukraine and continue to ask you to do the same. Please visit Rayobyte’s parent company, Sprious to learn more about how you can still Support Ukraine.

2/24 Update

Today marks the two year anniversary of Russia invading Ukraine… and to this day, the country has held strong.
The world assumed that Ukraine could never defend such an assault by a major world player like Russia, but in short time, the heroic efforts of an entire nation stood up for their rights, freedoms, and independence – and prevailed. The people of Ukraine are fighting for something, and it serves as an inspiration for the rest of the world – hang in there guys.
But, the war is not over. It will end someday, that I believe, but the people of Ukraine will need every bit of help the world can offer. Thank you so far to everyone who has donated your own personal funds, as well as shared the posts on social media – your help has continued to realize the vision of the #febrUAry campaign:  to show the people of Ukraine that the world stands here, by their side.

2/20 Update

It’s been one week since we launched the #febrUAry campaign and we are so happy to report that many of you have answered the call! Thank you to each of you who have given a financial gift and sent in words of encouragement.
So far, we have been able to raise $1,630! Every dollar goes toward supporting Ukraine in humanitarian efforts. A few specific examples of how your financial contributions will be used:
  • Medicine
  • Medical tourniquets
  • Body Armor
  • Supporting local childrens shelters
Read more below on how you can support the febrUAry campaign:

As some of you may know, Rayobyte proudly operates as a product brand under the umbrella of Sprious, our parent company. At Sprious, we’re privileged to have a diverse and remarkable team dedicated to making our company the best it can be. Among our esteemed colleagues, are 16 courageous Ukrainians and their families, integral to the Sprious community.

In solidarity with the brave people of Ukraine enduring the day-to-day turmoil this war brings, we are launching our #febrUAry fundraising campaign, consisting of the following:

  1. Sprious’ GoFundMe, which will be available for anyone to contribute a financial gift. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Ukrainian people, as described here.
  2. Words of Support: If you’re unable to give financial support at this time, we encourage you to send notes of support directly to the email [email protected]. Your words will make a difference!
  3. Our Own Donations: Sprious will be donating 1% of its top-line revenue (not profit!) from the month of February for this cause. Simply by supporting Rayobyte, you are making a difference in the lives of our team.

We encourage you to read the blog (linked below) in its entirety, as this is only a piece of the full campaign.

Learn more about Sprious’ #febrUAry campaign directly from the CEO by clicking the button below.

Together, we can create hope :flag_ua:

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