We've Rebranded!

From Blazing SEO to Rayobyte

What Blazing SEO Achieved

It’s been nine years since Neil Emeigh founded Blazing SEO, and in that time, we’ve seen a lot of changes. We’ve grown from a one-man operation to a large international team. We’ve grown from fielding a few clients to being recognized as the largest US-based proxy provider. We’ve added ISP proxies, residential proxies, our own proprietary controller software, and much, much more to come.

Why Now?

As Blazing nears the end of its first decade, we’re changing something else as well: the name. While our proxies are just as “blazing fast” as they were on day one, providing IPs for search engine scraping is only one of the thousands of use cases we now service. We decided it was time for a name that will carry us into the future – a name to take us through the next ten years of new products, new innovation, and new industries…and beyond!


“Blazing SEO” is a one-man project running out of basements and dorm rooms. Neil’s commitment to quality quickly gains notice.


Blazing adds a dedicated marketing team and COO and helps launch our first partner product, Scraping Robot.


After being named “Contender Of The Year” by Proxyway, Blazing SEO embraces the future to rebrand as Rayobyte.

New Name, Same Standards

Though we’re excited for the future of Rayobyte, rest assured that all that’s changing is our name, logo, and vision for the company. We haven’t sold out to another company or changed our product offerings in any way. We’re still providing the same award-winning data center, residential, and ISP proxies you love, and we have the same commitment to ethical usage and sourcing that sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

Rayo: the largest conceivable finite number
Byte: referring to a single unit of data storage.

Together, the name “Rayobyte” reflects our sacred promise to all customers: no matter how much data you’re looking for, how much bandwidth you require, or how many IPs your business needs to take it into the future, we can provide all that and more.