Rethink How You Publish Videos Online With A Vimeo Proxy

Filmmaking is art at its finest. Capturing beauty, emotions, and inspiring scenery on camera, is the mark of true talent. Creating videos once required expensive equipment, training, and experience, now, anyone with a phone can show the internet how they see the world. This kind of art is no longer inaccessible, but ready and available for those who wish to make and experiment. Vimeo is one of the tops video sharing sites on the web. While places like YouTube compress your files upon uploading, Vimeo keeps the quality high when publishing, allowing the world to see the video you created as it was intended to be seen. Having a platform to share recipe videos, beauty tutorials, or a web series about aliens, is a true gift. You do not need loads of funding or tons of production in order to showcase your passions. Thanks to Vimeo, you can customize and create at your leisure.

In addition to all of the positive aspects of Vimeo already stated, there is one more facet to the site you might not have explored. That facet is a Vimeo proxy. Unfamiliar with the concept? Never fear, because in this blog, we are going to define what proxies are, how to use them while on Vimeo, and discuss the what quality proxies look like. Ready to get the most out of your experience on Vimeo? Then let’s talk Vimeo proxies.

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Defining Vimeo Proxy

Defining Vimeo Proxy

Whether you are familiar with proxies or are entirely new to the concept, your time on Vimeo will greatly improve thanks to a few definitions and simple set up instructions. But first, we must define what a Vimeo proxy is.

Every single device you own is fitted with a unique IP address. This address is an identifying number for your phone or computer, one that is able to be tracked by the sites that you visit on a regular basis. While not a problem at first glance, this IP address can limit where you can go online and what you can do on certain sites. A proxy for Vimeo is the solution to this issue. Proxies are a bridge between your device and the internet. A proxy shields your original IP address, protecting your identity and unblocking sites that might otherwise be hidden because of geographical restrictions. Using a paid proxy from a reliable provider gives you more freedom to move about the internet anonymously and gain access to more content, no matter your location.

Best of all, setting up a proxy on your device takes only a few minutes, just a simple matter of entering in the proxy information into your browser settings. Once set up, your proxy will let you upload more, manage more accounts, and unblock an account should you get locked out. Why waste another moment when you could be using a Vimeo proxy this minute? Want to know even more info about proxies? Check out our blog here.

How to Use Vimeo in Other Countries

How to Use Vimeo in Other Countries

Feeling limited due to your current location? Well that ends today. As I mentioned above, one of the main benefits of using a Vimeo proxy is to unblock movies on Vimeo and bypass IP address blocks on Vimeo. Let’s say that you live in Asia but want to access a film published in Australia. You can not do so on your own because of restrictions placed on online content. With the help of a proxy, you can make any website, Vimeo included, think that you are in the country whose content you would like to access. When you buy a proxy, a provider will give you the option to choose where you would like your proxy server to be located. So, if Australia is the country of your choice, buy an IP address from that location and get instant access to all the movies, tutorials, and other content available in that country.

This feature is particularly useful if you use Vimeo for work but often travel. Rather than fighting against restrictions and Wifi connections, use Vimeo in other countries by employing your proxy. This way, no matter where you are in the world, you will have access to your Vimeo account and will be able to upload videos on a regular basis. One pro tip, while it may be tempting to constantly switch from one proxy server to another, make sure you stick in one location for longer periods of time. Doing so will make all of your activity look legitimate to Vimeo and help you to avoid any sort of ban.

How to Upload to Vimeo Using Proxies

How to Upload to Vimeo Using Proxies

 Fighting poor connections and slow internet speeds can put a drag on uploading content to your Vimeo account. One thing to keep in mind, you are not on your own when it comes to uploading a large number of videos at once. There is a ton of different kinds of software available to help make the process a simple one. Not only that, but the software will work with your Vimeo proxy, creating a streamlined experience. Here are a few of the most popular for you to choose from.


If you are serious about video marketing, TubeMogul can help. The site’s OneLoad feature lets you load your video onto tons of sites. It doesn’t just distribute your videos but allows you to track the analytics, including in-play. If you are looking for some robust video marketing features, this software might be just the thing for you.


SEnuke is another popular option. The software’s video module takes care of uploading videos to multiple sites for you.

You just select the video you want to upload and then let the software get to work. Then, you can have the software collect the URLs for you, which allows you to share the URLs across your social media sites. The more visible you are on social media, the more likely you are to gain views and boost viewership.

By using tools like the software above, you will spend less time uploading videos and more time crating them. Figuring out how to upload to Vimeo using proxies is much faster with specialized software. Plus, this software works with your proxy, ensuring you can still use all of the features that made you purchase a proxy in the first place.

Using Vimeo Proxies to Manage Multiple Accounts

Using Vimeo Proxies to Manage Multiple Accounts

Opening up one account on Vimeo might appear to be enough on first glance, but it is actually quite limiting. Say you have multiple interests and want to share those interests on separate accounts. Without a Vimeo proxy, you would have to use a different email address for every account, and presuming you are opening those accounts using the same device, you might run into problems with your IP address. Since Vimeo is able to track your IP, it is easy to get blocked for attempting to run multiple accounts at once. I understand Vimeo’s hesitation. Some people use multiple accounts for nefarious reasons, but you just want to share your talents with the public.

Use your Vimeo proxy to open up multiple accounts from different countries and run those accounts with ease. Not only does this help boost your views but it also makes it less likely that you will be banned from the site. Rather that worry about which of your interests to showcase online, publish all your content across different channels. You will particularly love the ability to open multiple accounts if you use Vimeo for business or as a means of income.

Locked Out? Unblock Vimeo With a Proxy

Locked Out? Unblock Vimeo With a Proxy

While not a fun topic to discuss, getting blocked from Vimeo does happen. Instead of fighting the band, easily unblock Vimeo using a proxy. Another purpose for using a proxy is for web scraping. Scraping is a fantastic method of data collection online. It can help you get a gauge of the types of videos that are successful and how best to market yourself online. But for all its benefits, web scraping can quickly get you banned, as Vimeo flags activity performed by an automated bot. If such a thing happens, the fastest way to unblock your account is to switch out your proxy with a new IP address. Since that new IP address will not be recognized by Vimeo, you can easily get back on your account and begin uploading your content once again. Furthermore, since many proxy providers encourage you to buy proxies in bulk, you will have built-in backups should any of your IP addresses get banned. Far less of a headache than having to buy a new proxy each and every time a ban happens while on Vimeo. Keep in mind what I said about switching back and forth between proxies unnecessarily and you will be less likely to get locked out of your account in the first place.

What a High-Quality Proxy for Vimeo Looks Like 

What a High-Quality Proxy for Vimeo Looks Like 

Now that we have discussed what a Vimeo proxy can do to boost viewership and unblock your accounts, it is time to talk about what makes for a reliable Vimeo proxy website. While there are free proxies floating around the internet, I would encourage you to avoid them at all costs, as they are generally unreliable and can leave your computer unprotected and exposed. Luckily, good proxy providers are not hard to find and usually consist of a few main features.

First, you will want to make sure your provider sells high-quality proxies are reasonable prices. This is a given as you want your proxies to hold up. Next, make sure the provider offers a wide variety of proxy server locations. The more options you have, the more diverse you will be able to make your proxies, thus unlocking more content that is outside of your physical location. Third, check that the provider offers replacements on proxies and has automatic deliveries. The last thing you want is to wait for your proxy to get to you. Last, be sure that you are buying a Vimeo proxy for a business with a customer service team that is ready and available 24/7. Having experienced team members there to answer questions is an invaluable part of the proxy experience.

Do your research before buying, remember all of the above, and you will be in a great place to purchase the right proxy for your needs.

Final Thoughts

These days, art goes far beyond what is hanging in a gallery. Art can be distributed by regular people and viewed by millions. Since the inception of websites like Vimeo, videos have a new home, one that is accessible and user-friendly. But even the best websites need a little help sometimes. Buy a Vimeo proxy from a reliable proxy provider, unblock restricted content, open multiple accounts, and truly see all that Vimeo has to offer. Why wait another second when you can have every Vimeo video right at your fingertips?

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