A Summoners War Proxy Can Keep Your Head In The Game

Not long ago, I was playing Gems of War daily. When I say daily, I mean for multiple hours per day. Over the year I was really into it, I had probably spent about $20 on microtransactions. For the rest of what I needed in the game, I went to the grind. I was proud of my hand of mythic cards with their full traits that I (mostly) earned.

Through my whole career in Gems of War, I did not really run into connection problems that often. There may have been a few times, but I cannot really remember it being a problem. However, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I live in a large hub city in the US. There is no lack of reliable wireless, strong cellular signal, or local game servers. So my experiences might not be typical. I learned this first hand when I visited my parents in a rural part of a different state. My daily activity in the game ground to a crawl. It seemed to take more time to process my actions and resolve them. For the duration of the trip, I turned away from grinding to just knocking out dailies and putting the game down. If I had access to a great proxy, however, I could have avoided that situation altogether.

If you would like to learn more about how a Summoners War proxy can help you, use the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

Do You Need a Summoners War Proxy in 2020?

Do You Need a Summoners War Proxy in 2020?

Honestly, whether or not you need a proxy for Summoners War depends on you. If you are in your first experiences with the game or trying it out for the first time, you probably do not need a proxy yet. Summoners War is one of those games that is easy to get dedicated to. Once you start taking the game seriously, you can get a lot of use out of a proxy. Before we dive into that, though, let’s look at what Summers War and proxies are.

What is Summoners War?

There is a crazy over-saturation of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games for mobile phones. These range from dime-a-dozen money grabs to honest attempts at making a great game. Regardless, they follow the same formula of being free-to-play and getting the bulk of their income through microtransactions. The real challenge for these games is to balance what players can achieve in gameplay with what they need to purchase with real money. Summoners War is known as one of the most popular MMO mobile games that does a decent job managing the paid content with the gameplay. Players can either decide to dedicate time and effort to grind for what they need or to pay money to get it right away. So it is feasible to play the game without paying anything, but spending a little here and there could save a few hours of grinding from time to time. Gameplay for Summoners War centers around summoning monsters in a turn-based RPG setting. You use runes to increase the monster’s abilities, with more powerful ones being rarer. There is a lot of single-player gameplay mixed with both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. It is designed to have something for everyone from casual to hardcore.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a service that acts like the monsters you summon in the game. Your character in the game does not interact directly with others. Instead, the actions go through the summoned monster. So whatever you are fighting sees attacks coming from the monster instead of you. Similarly, websites and web services (like online games) see your interactions as coming from your proxy instead of directly from you. The IP address (which defines your connection’s location and identifies you) they see is the one your proxy uses instead of your personal address. This gives you privacy and security. However, this also gives you access to a few more clever uses.

How can a proxy help?

Especially if you are taking Summoners War seriously, a proxy can really come in handy. There are a few ways that a proxy can really change the game for you. Much of this comes from the way you can connect with proxies located in other countries. If Summoners War is banned in a country you live in or are visiting, a proxy can help you play the game anyway. Your ISP will see that you are accessing a proxy, and the game servers will see that the proxy is accessing the game. So even if it is banned where you are, you can play the game without issues.

This change in server location helps with performance as well. Overloaded servers are not a rare occurrence for any online game. There is no telling when a rush of players will come in all at once. If your local region’s server gets overworked, you might want to use a different region’s server. Sometimes, your location is automatically considered and you are assigned to a server automatically. In this case, you need a proxy so that the game considers your location as the proxy’s location. That way, you can gain access to other, less populated game servers.

If you do have the ability to manually pick your game server, the further the service is from you, the worse your performance will be. It can even get so bad that you cannot hold a stable enough connection to play the game at all. This is because data has to physically travel from the server to you before your computer can process it and display it. If you use a proxy that is closer to the game’s server, however, it can process the information much sooner.

How to Use a Summoners War Proxy on iOS and Android

How to Use a Summoners War Proxy on iOS and Android

Okay, so now you have Summoners War downloaded on your phone. You are ready to get started using proxies. Where do you start? What kind of proxy do you need? How do you use it?

Getting an SW proxy

First, you need to acquire some Summoners War proxies. When you first start looking, you will likely notice two things right off the bat. First, there is not really an official proxy designed to work specifically with Summoners War. Many proxy providers have gaming packages, and some might even have mobile packages. But there is no need to try and find a proxy that is intended only for Summoners War.

Great proxies have many uses. It would not be the best idea to limit a proxy to be used with just one game. In general, a proxy that you use for Summoners War can be used with other games. They can even help with non-gaming activities. The best thing to keep in mind is to make sure your proxy has the speed, bandwidth, and reliability you need to play the game consistently and effectively. Compare speeds and bandwidths between different providers. And when it comes down to it, look for reviews that give you an idea of how reliable the connections are and how easy the company is to work with.

The second thing you will notice is that there are a few free proxies out there. Full disclosure, free proxies fit in the “too good to be true” category. At best, these are low-performance proxies that are being used by many at once and are banned on a huge collection of websites. It is also likely to find fake proxies that want you to download software that puts viruses and malware on your computer. Either that or they lack the security and maintenance to prevent a data breach.

Using an SW proxy to play

Now you have both the game and your package of proxies. How do you make use of these new Summoners War proxies? The good news is that finding a reputable proxy provider will mean you will get instructions for how to use your new proxies. This will include how to set your home network to access your proxy instead of a specific computer.

Considering mobile use, you can usually find success in activating your proxy on your network. The process is actually more simple than it sounds. In general, you access your network settings and specify that you want it to use your proxy. Again, any specific configurations will be outlined by your proxy provider.

Finding a Summoners War Proxy to Download

Finding a Summoners War Proxy to Download

What are the best proxies for Summoners War? As stated above, you need a proxy that will provide speeds, bandwidth, and connectivity to ensure there are no interruptions. The best proxies offer speeds of around 1 Gbps and have unlimited bandwidth. The provider will also have a reputation for stellar performance and maximum uptime. All of this, along with automatic proxy replacement, can be found with Rayobyte.

When you are ready to take Summoners War to the next level, you can trust Rayobyte to provide the proxies you need. We offer the speeds and regional proxies that help you get the most out of the game. Look at Rayobyte’s proxy pricing page today to get started.

Final Thoughts

When things get a little past casual, you can really benefit from a Summoners War proxy. Game server location and heavy load can affect your performance and connection. These things can be a problem of the past with a great proxy. When you are hoping to play Summoners War more consistently, make sure to take a look at grabbing a proxy.

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