Top Sneaker Styles (What To Know If You’re Reselling)

Sneakers have been around pretty much since the invention of vulcanized rubber somewhere in the early 1900s. However, it wasn’t until the late 70s (when some of the biggest sports stars of the moment made this type of shoe seem a lot cooler) that they became the fashion staple we’ve come to love. Nowadays, it’s hard to picture a time when sneakers were exclusively associated with athletes. It’s increasingly common for people of all ages and backgrounds to lace up their favorite trainers to complement their favorite outfits.

The sneaker industry has become a global phenomenon in the last decade. And although it was worth less than $35 million just in 2012, it is projected to reach over $100 billion by the end of 2025 — with the resale market currently valued at $10 billion and potentially reaching $30 billion by 2030. Sneakerheads worldwide are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for unique models that allow them to display their fashion sense without sacrificing comfort. But while the offer of newer and rarer sneaker styles is ever-expanding, sometimes getting your hands on your dream pair can be challenging.

If you or your customers are looking for specific sneaker designs and brands online, you came to the right place. The following article is a comprehensive guide to today’s top sneaker styles and how to purchase those hard-to-get pairs (Yes, even in bulk!). Feel free to use the table of contents below to skip ahead if you’re already familiar with some info here.


How To Differentiate Sneaker Styles

How To Differentiate Sneaker Styles

Sneakers are currently one of the hottest and most reliable footwear styles to wear in different settings and for various purposes. They come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Although previously reserved for the sports courts, these shoes are everywhere nowadays — from the catwalks to the streets to casual outings to formal events. Here are some of the most common sneaker styles you can find out there:

Canvas sneakers

As the name states, this shoe is made of canvas, a sturdy and coarse fabric. They’re typically low-rise and have a flat rubber sole. Canvas sneakers are versatile and comfortable and are commonly paired with casual outfits.

Thong sneakers

This type of sneaker is meant to be worn without socks. They’re best for warm and tropical climates because they provide added ventilation. Thong trainers often have cutouts on the sides, an open heel, and no tongue.

Slip-on sneakers

This classic sneaker style has no shoelaces, which allows you to easily slide your feet in and out with little to no effort. Slip-on sneakers are generally meant for casual wear, and they often come in a wide array of materials and patterns.

Air sneakers

These snuggly, lightweight sneakers provide great support to the feet and are excellent for those with bad knees. They’re typically durable and sturdy, making them a popular option for those who enjoy running, walking, or hiking. Although mostly low-rise, air sneakers come in many different styles.

Light-up sneakers

Sneakers with LED lights in the soles have gained massive popularity among the younger generation. These trendy male and female sneaker styles come in numerous color variations and settings to make the wearer the soul of the party.

High-top sneakers

These boot-like sneakers are a basketball staple but have become trendy in the past few decades. They offer excellent heel support and look amazing with tight-fitted pants. High-tops are so popular that even canvas sneakers manufacturers have introduced them into their catalogs.

Velcro sneakers

These sneakers are convenient, especially for kids who cannot tie their shoes yet. However, they’re also widely used by adults. Velcro sneakers look great with casual outfits, but they can also help tone down a more formal ensemble.

Fashion sneaker

Designer sneakers are among the most coveted and exclusive nowadays. They’re commonly produced in small batches, meaning only a lucky few are able to purchase them. These shoes are so popular that many retailers set up purchasing limits to prevent resellers from buying every pair available.

Flipped sneakers

The use of second-hand sneakers is nothing new. However, it’s becoming increasingly common for resellers to buy vintage trainers and restore them for a profit. Alternatively, some people purchase brand-new basic sneakers and customize them with their art.

Identifying Trendy Sneaker Styles

Identifying Trendy Sneaker Styles

Fashion moves pretty quickly, and sometimes it feels like a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it situation. Although all styles, however outdated, tend to make a comeback at some point, it’s important to follow the newest sneaker styles and stay current if you want to make the best sales and keep your customers satisfied.

One factor influencing what sneaker styles will make the most sales during a certain period is the season. Buyers tend to look for functional models that still look good with what they’re wearing. For example, the most popular women’s sneaker styles tend to come in lighter materials and pastel colors for spring. Men’s fall sneaker styles often feature water-resistant materials and non-slip soles.

In 2022, some brands are opting to keep some of their models gender-neutral. Futuristic designs are also in the spotlight right now, with some designers opting for shapes and patterns that look out of this world. Still, it’s always good to keep some classic sneaker styles available for your customers, as not everybody enjoys wearing a flashy pair.

Buying and Reselling Different Sneaker Styles

Buying and Reselling Different Sneaker Styles

The internet has allowed the sneaker reselling market to grow exponentially. Long gone are the days when people needed to spend hours waiting in line to buy their dream trainers. Now, anybody can do it from the comfort of their own homes. This has opened the door for resellers to make more profits than ever before.

Whether you want to dip your feet in the sneaker reselling world or you’re already an established reseller, you can benefit from different sites that let you monitor the latest trends and prices. If you’re willing to do the leg work, you can make thousands of dollars. Some sneaker resellers even manage a six-figure income every year just from buying and reselling sneakers. Sweet, huh?

The trick is finding those sneaker styles everybody’s looking for, but nobody can find. If you have a good eye for spotting the most sought-after models, you can slowly start growing your client base. If you’re a beginner, start by purchasing shoes at retail prices on the launching day and wait until they’re sold out to make a move.

Where to buy and sell different sneaker styles

Looking for sneakers to buy and resell is not as complicated as it may sound. You can always turn to your favorite retailers’ websites and go from there. Or, if your thing is buying collectibles, vintage, or second-hand, dozens of marketplaces may have just what you’re looking for.

Once you have the shoes you want to sell, you can turn to those same stores and marketplaces to connect with potential buyers. Building your client base might take a little time, but you’ll become more likely to succeed if you abide by reselling best practices. Some of the ways you can build trust among prospective and existing customers are:

  • Creating detailed listings
  • Setting fair prices based on the market
  • Being honest and transparent about your products
  • Answering any inquiries as fast as you can
  • Getting authentic reviews

Common Challenges of Purchasing and Reselling Sneakers

Common Challenges of Purchasing and Reselling Sneakers

Buying and reselling sneakers is a highly profitable business when done well. However, as mentioned earlier, it comes with some very unique challenges. Because some of the most desirable models are limited edition and sell out quickly, retailers have implemented some measures to keep the purchasing race fair. These include:

  • Virtual waiting lines
  • Purchasing limits
  • Geolocation restrictions

If you have your eye on a particular pair of sneakers, whether for your personal collection or to resell, you can take advantage of state-of-the-art tools to make your purchasing endeavors a lot easier. Use elite sneaker proxies to bypass the most common challenges of online sneaker purchasing. They’ll allow you to snatch those hard-to-get sneakers with little to no effort.

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Using ISP proxies to buy your favorite sneaker styles

If you want to purchase several pairs of sneakers simultaneously, you need to be quick. But becoming a sneaker ninja requires more than just skill. You’ll need the right tools to snatch the best sneaker styles within minutes without raising any red flags to a website.

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Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Sneaker reselling can be a lucrative pastime with a bit of research into the best-selling sneaker styles. If you want to remain undetectable to your favorite sneaker merchants online and still be able to grab all the pairs you need, our sneaker proxies will make your life much easier. To learn more, visit our site and explore all the options we have for you.

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