The Ultimate Guide To Copping Limited Edition Sneakers With Proxies

Copping limited-edition sneakers is almost impossible without using a sneaker bot and proxies. Even if you’re sitting on the website the instant the drop happens and your fingers are flying, they’ll probably be sold out before you can even put them in your cart, much less check out.

Limited edition sneakers are even harder to cop than most hyped drops because manufacturers don’t make many. Whether you’re looking to buy a few pairs to resell or just land your grail, sneaker bots can help you score a W.

Where To Buy Limited Edition Sneakers

Where To Buy Limited Edition Sneakers

Once you get plugged into the sneakerhead community, you’ll find out about hyped limited-edition sneaker drops long before they happen. Most of these drops are hyped well in advance, giving you plenty of time to get ready. Here are some of the best places to stay in the know about everything sneakerhead:

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Why Do You Need Proxies To Cop Limited Edition Sneakers Online?

Why Do You Need Proxies To Cop Limited Edition Sneakers Online?

Limited edition sneakers and celebrity brand collaborations bring big money to the resell market. These drops are hyped for months and make up much of the reseller market’s value. Once they sell out, usually in minutes, they sell for many times their original price on StockX. The Nike Air Yeezy Zen Grey was initially priced at $250 but now sells for $2,139.

The shoe resale market is still the wild West of online commerce, so competition for limited edition shoes is fierce. Resellers use every tool they can get their hands on to increase their chances of copping them. The most powerful tool they have is a sneaker bot, which does all of their shopping. However, to use sneaker bots, you’ll also need several other tools, including proxies.

How To Get Limited Edition Sneakers

How To Get Limited Edition Sneakers

If you want to cop limited edition shoes from a drop, you’ll need to use a sneaker bot. A sneaker bot is an automated program that shops and checks out for you. You enter your information ahead of time, so it’s ready to go as soon as the drop hits. Bots work much faster than humans, and they’re widely used for copping sneakers. In fact, cooking is so common that it’s rare for a human user to land limited-edition sneakers online. Bots snatch them all up before you have a chance.

What are proxies?

Proxies work with your sneaker bot to help you cop limited edition sneakers for sale. Manufacturers know that sneakerheads and resellers use bots, and they try to discourage it. They have anti-bot technology designed to find and block your bot. One of the most common and first-line defenses websites use to thwart bots is blocking the IP address if they detect bot-like activity. Proxies help you get around these anti-bot measures.

A proxy IP address tells a website a lot about you. It shows a website your general geographical area, though not your exact address. It can also tell where your IP address originated.

A proxy acts as an intermediary between your device and the websites you visit to hide your IP address. When your bot sends a request to a website, it goes to the proxy server first. The proxy server assigns you a different IP address and then sends your request. When the website responds, the response goes back to the proxy server and back to you.

Because bots perform tasks faster than humans can, they can be easily detected and blocked. Sneaker proxies have the ability to assign a different proxy to every request, making the bot appear human. If your bot sends 100 requests in a minute, sneaker proxies make it look like 100 separate users are sending one request each. (Please note that in order to send 100 requests and have each request look like a separate user, you will need to purchase the appropriate number of proxies. We recommend 1 proxy per task).

Types of proxies

When dealing with sneaker proxies, the three most common types you’ll hear about are residential, data center, and ISP.

Residential proxies. An internet service provider (ISP) issues a residential IP address. This is the type of IP address used by most average users. You sign up for internet service, and your ISP gives you an IP address. Residential IP addresses can be used as proxies by getting permission from people to use their IP addresses. These are the best proxies to use with a sneaker bot because they have more authority. Most websites won’t block a residential IP address unless they detect blatant bot behavior.

Data center proxies.  Data center IP addresses are created in data centers and are easily flagged as not belonging to regular users. Websites will block data center IP addresses much faster than residential ones. Some websites will block an entire subnet of data center IP addresses if they suspect one of being a bot. Data center proxies are cheaper than residential proxies, but they’re more likely to get blocked and result in downtime.

ISP proxies.  ISP proxies combine the best features of residential and data center proxies. An ISP issues these IP addresses, but they originate in a data center. They’re not as expensive as residential proxies, and they’re not blocked as often as data center proxies.

Choosing a reliable proxy provider

Proxies are vital to your copping success, so you want to make sure you buy them from a trustworthy source. Rayobyte sets the standard for providing ethical, reliable proxies. We have the most reliable proxies on the planet. We’re completely transparent about how we do business, and we’re happy to talk about our ethical sourcing practices.

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Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The global sneaker resale market is worth an estimated $6 billion. With such high stakes, the market is extremely competitive. Sneaker bots and proxies can help you claim a piece. They automate the buying process, and sneaker proxies help in preventing you from getting banned. Using the two together will give you the best chance of copping limited edition sneakers online.

Although bots and proxies are necessary for almost any hyped sneaker drop, they’re even more important for limited-edition drops. Manufacturers make only a limited number of sneakers for these drops, and they usually limit the number of pairs you can buy. Sneaker proxies can help you get around the limitations and scarcity so you won’t be left holding the (empty) bag.

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