How to Use SERP Analysis to Bolster Rankings and Improve Your Business

People rarely go past the first page of search results. Unless you’re doing some serious research, you’re using a search engine to find something quickly and get it done. For business owners and companies taking a closer look at their marketing strategy, the first page of search results is extremely important. It is necessary to analyze the first page of search results from a search engine so they can understand what their target customers are searching for and what websites they’re being served. This is what we call SERP analysis. SERP stands for search engines results pages.

Aside from general search engines, most websites have search functions. Whatever niche your business serves, you can figure out how search results function and how to tailor your website to them by using SERP analysis. We’re going over best practices for using SERP analysis tools and how to make sure they’re working best for you.

What Is SERP Analysis?

What Is SERP Analysis?

Like we stated above, SERP stands for search engine results page—that’s where you start when you’re looking for SERP analysis meaning. This is what pops up when a user asks any question into search engines like Google, Bing, or other websites with search functions. Organic Google rankings are especially important to businesses of all sizes.

Even though you can pay to advertise at the top of a search results page, some users tend to go right past the promoted pages because they want to see the real results. They want to find the page that the algorithm has placed at the top of the page because a lot of people use it and it looks better than other websites.

When you’re getting started on SERP analysis, you have to consider a few different factors when you’re learning how to improve your SERP. You should start with checking up on SEO rankings to see what people are searching for related to your product or service, and how often people are looking for it. This will help you tailor your website even more. You also probably have a good sense of the competition in your niche, but competition in search rankings can look a little different.

Social media, search aggregate sites, and more

SERP analysis is not only for Google or Bing or other search websites. Job websites and social media can also be used for SERP analysis. If you’re posting jobs and want them to pop up on the first page for certain search terms to capture the interest of the best candidates, SERP analysis can help you. Analyzing search results from various websites where your customers congregate is a great way to raise conversion rates and get your products and services in front of potential customers.

If you’re wondering what is SERP ranking, and what is Google SERP, and how they work in general, it can get a little complicated. There are a lot of ways to improve your rankings through AdWords, but it is also important to analyze the results on the page because a lot of them are organic results. In order to get all of this information quickly and efficiently, you’ll want to look into web scrapers.

How To Improve Your SERP

How To Improve Your SERPWeb scrapers are robots that you can program to get all of your information together in an automated fashion. Scraping Robot is a great option if you’re a beginner with a web scraper because they offer free scrapes and custom scraping plans.

Basically, a web scraper will do the job of pulling all of the information you want and depositing it into a .CSV or Excel file. You don’t have to do all the manual work of copying and pasting all of the information you find and putting it into a document yourself. You can also program a web scraper to only pull information with certain keywords. Pulling all of the headlines, metatext, and descriptive text from search engine page results is a massive undertaking without a web scraper.

Information changes really quickly, so you can set a web scraper to work every day if you want to, and do SERP analysis very often. Especially if your business is in a competitive, crowded market—you want to find more ways to stand out.

How To Do A Content and SERP Analysis

How To Do A Content and SERP Analysis

Web scrapers can do a lot of good work for you, and there are some best practices for making sure they’re working for you.

Making a web scraper more human

Web scrapers tend to get your IP address banned from websites because their behavior looks less “human.” Web scrapers send requests a lot more quickly than a human could, so it works really quickly as a SERP analysis tool, but websites are sensitive to this behavior. Viruses and bad actors on the Internet tend to do this kind of robotic stuff, so website creators have to be hyper-vigilant.

Web scraping isn’t illegal, and even individuals use it for online shopping price comparisons. You can do you SERP analysis with a web scraper and keep your IP address safe by setting your proxy to space out requests. You can also break up a bulk SERP analysis project into a few chunks so it doesn’t get overwhelmed.

Using proxies for SERP analysis

If you want to do a lot of SERP analysis quickly and figure out how to improve your SERP, you should absolutely find a proxy to pair with your web scraper. A proxy IP address acts as a barrier between you and your IP address. Proxies have a variety of use cases, from businesses beefing up their internal security to gamers finding the best proxies to unlock more interesting play-throughs.

There are three main types of proxies for users: dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating. A dedicated proxy is one proxy IP address for one user. These work best for people who want more anonymity on the Internet, or the reduce lag in their web browsing and lag in video games.

Semi-dedicated proxies are shared among three to five users, and they’re best if you want to save money on a proxy IP address from a reliable provider. Free or public proxies are all over the Internet, but they’re unstable options because there is no regulation of how many users can be on them at once. You’re more likely to experience lag and run into bans.

Rotating proxies are the best for web scraping and SERP analysis because they rotate out new proxy IP addresses whenever you need them. When you’re doing a lot of web scraping for SERP analytics, you want to use a rotating proxy with your web scraper so as soon as one proxy IP address gets banned, another one will come in to pick up the slack.

Best Tools for Bulk SERP Analysis

Best Tools for Bulk SERP Analysis

When looking for a web scraping proxy, it’s important to find reliable providers. Rayobyte is committed to providing the best proxies for individuals and businesses at affordable prices with expert customer service. Depending on your needs, we have different kinds of proxies available.

Datacenter proxies

If you need a lot of IP addresses quickly, Rayobyte’s datacenter proxies are the perfect option for SERP analysis. With locations all over the world, and rotating proxy IP addresses for as low as $1.98 per IP address, you can get a ton of scraping done for yourself really quickly. You can also choose your proxy IP address to be tied to any geographic location you might want, which is really helpful for global companies that are trying to come up with hyper-local marketing strategy. SERP analysis can be a powerful tool, and it’s important to have the best tools to make it happen.

Residential proxies

Residential proxies are a great option because they’re less likely to get banned by certain websites. Some websites have banned datacenter proxies because they associate them with malicious actions. If you just want to do some regular web scraping for SERP analysis, Rayobyte’s ethically-sourced residential proxies have you covered. Residential proxies tend to be more acceptable to websites because they look like they come from ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

If you’re ever worried about the cost, you can use the web scraping strategies we outlined above, as well as get in touch with our 24/7 customer service team to get help. We’re accustomed to people using web scrapers with proxies and have a ton of tips for best practices.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

SERP analysis is an incredible tool for making your business stand out online. This is where everyone finds new products and services these days—it’s like taking a walk down the street and walking into a random store. Like making an eye-catching storefront, SERP analysis helps you attract new customers and help them understand how excellent your business is. The great thing about web scrapers and proxy is that getting them from reliable providers means you can be a beginner and do amazing, high-level work with them. It’s never been easier to become an expert to make data work for you.

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