7 Tools For SEO VPS (To Increase Your Website SEO)

Anyone who wants to put a solid SEO plan in place goes with VPS hosting. It’s a given. Shared hosting plans simply don’t have the resources or the IP range to boost a site’s SEO. Here’s the thing, though. Many people sign up for an SEO VPS hosting plan, set everything up, and then they are disappointed. They think that everything will immediately fall into place, and that doesn’t happen. Sure, they get an SEO boost, but it’s not nearly as epic as they expect. Proper SEO has many different working parts, and often, certain issues affecting SEO are not because of any shortcomings of the user or the VPS for SEO host. In reality, it is common for neither group to be at fault. It may be a problem with something overlooked, or it could be as simple as a misunderstanding that can be easily corrected. First, though, you have to find and understand the problem. Please use the table of contents below to navigate this article.

Table of Contents

Use Best Practices and VPS for SEO

Use Best Practices and VPS for SEO

Two common factors that can have a large influence on your website’s SEO are performance and content. When one or both of these are lacking, your website will suffer greatly in regards to where it appears on search results. There are many other aspects that go into SEO, but these two could be considered a base where you build a really effective SEO campaign. Even if you have great and SEO friendly content, a poorly run website that takes too long to load will still lag behind in search results. The same is true for a site that loads instantly. If the content is not optimized for search engines at all, then they cannot make sense of your website. Then, not only could your site suffer in the search results, but it also could be left out of search results from your target audience. The performance of a website relies on a few things. You will need to make sure you do not load each web page with countless, large files and messy code. Mostly, though, it depends on where the site is being run. Your website has to run somewhere, and if that computer or server does not have great performance, then it will work slowly to load your website. The only way to correct this is to find a better place to house your website. Even after optimizing performance and content, there are still many other aspects of SEO to focus on. These include things like an appropriate number of internal and external links, consistently posted content, and even getting a more successful site to link to yours. Whether it is content, performance, linking, or any other aspect that is hurting your site’s SEO, each SEO tool for VPS listed below can help you find the problem.



It is impossible to get all of the SEO benefits of VPS hosting unless you use tools. The tools utilize your VPS resources and turn your site into an SEO machine. If you want to have an SEO campaign that competes with the heavy hitters, it starts with VPS hosting and ends with the tools. Picking the right tools is as important as picking the right VPS hosting package. It would not do much good to simply search for “SEO tool VPS” in Google and click the top result. Check out some tools so you’ll know where to begin. You can start with a single tool or add a handful to your SEO marketing campaign. Even if you just add a single tool, you’ll notice a huge bump regarding your search engine optimization efforts.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

The GSA Search Engine Ranker is one of the most well-respected tools on the market. This tool works at the speed of light when you configure it with your SEO VPS hosting plan, and it takes care of a lot of the SEO work for you. It handles backlinks, which are critical for SEO. Google and other search engines analyze your backlinks when determining what to rank your site, so you want to have as many quality links as possible. On top of that, it verifies the website submissions, making sure that the backlinks are valid before it moves on. That is very important, as a lot of link builders submit the links and move on without realizing that the links weren’t actually submitted. That means they put in a lot of fruitless work. With this tool, you know that you’re getting the links that you pay for, which means you know your site will benefit from the tool’s work. It uses anchor text when submitting backlinks. That will help your SEO campaign a great deal, as well, since it will help you rank for keywords related to your niche. It also lets you input PageRank settings that it follows when submitting to sites. That means you don’t have to worry about ending up with junk links when you use this tool. You can determine the quality of links that you want, and then the GSA Search Engine Ranker will get to work. While the GSA Search Engine Ranker is the best of the developer’s tools, it’s worth noting that GSA has two other tools, as well. You can also get the GSA Auto Website Submitter and the GSA SEO Indexer. Both are relatively inexpensive, so you if you need some extra help with your SEO, you might want to consider adding them to your campaign. The GSA Auto Website Submitter submits your site to websites and directories, while the GSA SEO Indexer helps you get your site indexed by the major search engines within minutes instead of days or weeks.


If you’ve spent any time researching SEO techniques, you’ve probably read about XRumer. This is a very popular SEO tool used to increase traffic. You can use the tool to post your ads and links on forums, blogs, directories, social networks, and more. It can actually post on more than 400,000 resources, so you can get a ton of links when you use this tool. It automatically bypasses CAPTCHAs so you don’t have to worry about anything keeping this tool from posting on your behalf. You can buy it by itself or you can get it with Hrefer and SocPlugin. Hrefer is a search engine parser, and SocPlugin works with various social networks. Consider getting the combination of tools for the best results.

SEnuke TNG

SEnuke TNG Is the latest version of SEnuke. It automates many of the things that you have to do for SEO, making it easier for your site to rank. It has a crowd searcher, which simulates people looking for your keyword via the search engines. The bot conducts the search and then clicks on your site. This simulated traffic can give your site quite a boost in the search engine rankings. The tool is careful to mimic human activity, tricking Google into thinking that people are searching for you. It also has a built-in Optical Character Recognition Technology that solves CAPTCHAs. The technology solves about 50 percent of the CAPTCHAs that it comes across online. It doesn’t leave you hanging on the rest, though. The software integrates with human solving services for the rest so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck on the CAPTCHAs. That allows it to move from one task to the next without any problems. The Google Places module makes it easy to set up a local SEO campaign for your business. You can build local citations that will improve your local SEO results. You can also build a diagram for your local, national, or international strategy, or just pick from one of the pre-mapped strategies. That gives you the power to create your own path or select a path that has already been traveled. This is just some of what you can do with this tool. As you can see, this is one of the most powerful tools on the market. With so many features, you probably think that it’s hard to use, but it has a step-by-step wizard that lets you set it up in about 15 minutes. You can even use the 30-second turbo wizard if you don’t want to fine-tune anything. Then, you can just dive in and start using it. You don’t even need any SEO knowledge to get started. In fact, you don’t have to know any terminology to open up the software, determine your settings, and start running it. That’s great news for people who are new to SEO but want to use these features.

SEO PowerSuite

The SEO PowerSuite is full of tools that will help you have a powerful SEO campaign. While you can get the tools separately, it’s best to get the full suite of tools. It has a Rank Tracker that provides accurate ranking data so you can determine how your campaign is working. The tracker includes 17 keyword reach tools and tracks your competitors’ rankings. You always need to know how you stack up against your competitors, so this is an important tool. It also contains SEO SpyGlass. This tool provides backlink research and anti-penalty audits so you can stay out of trouble. It uses over 50 quality metrics and looks at your competitors’ link strategies. SEO SpyGlass can help you get an edge on the competition. The Website Auditor provides a full website audit and content optimization. It also serves up detailed crawl stats, along with a report of all of the broken links and 404 pages. It uses over 40 key SEO factors, along with social signals and traffic. Finally, the LinkAssistant provides link outreach and management. It offers link verification, finds new link opportunities, and tracks your progress. It also compiles link-building reports. When you use these tools together, you can put a full SEO strategy in place. You can hit your competitors from all angles and develop a plan that will help you achieve the best results.

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking has a large number of tools that you can use for SEO purposes. These tools will help you move up in the rankings and compete against others in your market. The rank-tracking feature provides instant access to rankings, along with competitor monitoring. You always need to know what your competitors are doing, so this is very important. The localization tool lets you overcome local search biases. This is key if you’re going to conduct unbiased market research. The SEO audit helps you eliminate any issues that prevent your site from getting crawled by the search engines. If you want to achieve a good ranking, this audit will help.

Inspyder Backlink Monitor 5

Backlink management is an important part of SEO, which is why Inspyder Backlink Monitor 5 is such a popular tool. It’s important to note that this isn’t a standalone tool. You need to use it in conjunction with a link-building tool. Then, you can use it to check your backlinks and remove the dead ones so they won’t hurt your ranking. It can also perform multi-tier backlink checks and look at your PageRank. In addition, it takes note of your indexed status and offers scheduled reports.


Like many SEO tools, Ahrefs is packed full of features for you to use. The Site Explorer tracks backlinks so you can see the backlinks for any website of your choosing. This is a great way to see your own backlinks, as well as backlinks for your competitors. Along with the backlinks, you can see how strong the links are and what anchor text they use. If you want to be more competitive, this tool can help. The Positions Explorer lets you analyze your competitors’ search traffic. You can see which keywords your competitors rank for, and you can see how much paid and organic traffic they receive for each keyword. You can even see the copy they use for their paid ads. This will allow you to create ads that will go head-to-head with their ads. This is much easier than going to Google and typing keywords into the search box in order to explore the ads. It’s much faster and much more accurate. The Position Tracker provides you with daily ranking data. You can find out how you rank for each keyword in every country and language. You can even look at your position history and see how you perform on mobile devices. The Content Explorer is another great feature. It helps you discover which content is getting the most backlinks and shares. That is the key to building a content strategy that works. You can even see the sites that link to that content. Then, you can reach out to those sites as part of your own link-building strategy. Then, there’s the Crawl Report. It lets you know if your site has any issues and even tells you how to fix them. That way, you can clear up your problems so the search engines can crawl your site without any issues. This software also provides alerts when your competitors receive or lose a backlink. That type of information can be very valuable when building a campaign.

Increase Performance with Rayobyte VPS

Increase Performance with Rayobyte VPS

SEO is the practice of writing and running a web page in a way where popular search engines can identify, categorize, and prioritize it within search results. This includes the page’s content, links, etc., but search engines also put a high percentage of their evaluation on how quickly the page and images load, how smooth any video content runs, and how consistent that performance is. This matters, because the vast majority of content and business websites that the general public finds is though searching online with these search engines. Regardless of your content or what tools you use, if you are not using the best SEO VPS for your website, then the lack in performance can hurt your chances of being seen in search results. You should use our servers, because they can improve all of that for your website. Our servers’ speed, security, reliability, and consistency help search engines like Google and Bing to see that your website has the great performance they look for in higher search results.

Final Thoughts on SEO VPS Tools

SEO tools for VPS hosting are critical for building a solid SEO strategy. Start out with one or more of these tools and begin building your SEO campaign. Over time, you will move up in the search rankings and become a serious force online.

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