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It is debatable as to whether Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) ignited the battle royale revolution in video games. The topic had already gained more popularity over the past several years thanks to the success of the Hunger Games movies. But even long before that, there has at least been niche interest in the genre. Some people loved seeing Stone Cold Steve Austin come out on top in The Condemned. Others were engrossed in the original book about a school-aged free-for-all, Battle Royale.

In case you are unaware, “battle royale” refers to a style of competition where dozens of people participate, and all but one die. There are slight variations, but the core is having a large number of people competing to the death for the top spot. Kid friendlier versions will leave out the death part, but regardless, there is no second place. In some scenarios, the winner simply gets to keep living. In others, the winner is fitted with a sparkly crown. But it is always one winner. Some versions allow teams to compete instead of single people.

If you are curious to learn more about PUBG proxies, feel free to use the table of contents below.

Table of Contents

What is a PUBG Proxy?

What is a PUBG Proxy?

First, a proxy is a middle man that fulfills your online requests. Instead of getting the data you need directly from a website or online service, your proxy grabs it instead. This adds a buffer that helps keep you anonymous and secure. The web servers do not see that you are making the request. They see that the proxy is.

A PUBG proxy works the same way. Instead of you interacting with the game server directly, your proxy does. Now, the game server thinks the proxy is playing. At first glance, there may seem to be little point in this. However, there are many times when a proxy is useful or even needed to play PUBG.

Why Use PUBG Proxies?

Why Use PUBG Proxies?

There are a few benefits to PUBG proxies. First is the security element. There is peace of mind knowing that the game servers do not directly see that you are accessing them. Hackers sometimes work to break into large servers in attempts to spread a virus to those connected. A proxy gives an extra layer of security against that.

Another use for these proxies deals with region locks. Based on its popularity, PUBG has been called addictive. This has led to a few regional bans, and there is no telling if there will be more. If your proxy is in a different country, then you can still play PUBG. In this case, game servers only see the proxy is interacting. On the other end, your ISP only sees that you are accessing your proxy.

Regional game servers have other uses as well. Even if the game is not blocked for you, you might want access to another area’s servers. In some circumstances, certain regions might not be available to you depending on where you live. Other times, you can connect to them, but there will be a  performance issue. We will outline that problem in the last paragraphs in this section. But if you are wanting to play against diehard players, you might get annoyed when you play against middle-schoolers during peak times. In these scenarios, you can connect to your foreign proxies and play in a game server located somewhere experiencing a much later hour of the day. There, the children are asleep and the serious players have stuck around.

Finally, there is game speed. Though it often does not seem like it, data needs time to travel. It may take fractions of a second, but time is still time. Longer distances take a longer time. So if you are connecting to a game server several thousand miles away, it will affect your performance. The delay you experience while the data is going to and from your computer can change everything. In PUBG, a split second means the difference between a headshot and a full miss.

When you access a proxy that is much closer to the game server, the information is being processed and delivered much faster. The information only needs to travel to the proxy instead of directly to you. Your connection with the proxy allows you to see what it sees. 

How to Use a Proxy to Play PUBG

How to Use a Proxy to Play PUBG

So we see that proxies have many great uses for PUBG, but how do we use them? First, ignore free proxies. They are more trouble than they are worth. You risk your security, and you will most likely not see any performance enhancement. Also, when you pay for your proxies, you get the support of the provider. For the most part, your proxy provider will give you details on how to set up their proxies. This will typically include access to a dashboard and a support line. This way, there’s no guesswork involved.

PUBG PC proxy

On your PC, you can decide exactly what uses your proxies. You can configure your internet browser to use your proxy, or you can even configure it for anything that connects to the internet. In this way, you can specify that PUBG uses your proxy. Whether you want to use your proxy on the OS level or specify exactly what uses a proxy is up to you. Regardless, you should have access to a user-friendly dashboard and a tutorial or two to help you get started.

PUBG Xbox proxy

Things are a little more involved in regards to PUBG on the Xbox. There are not the same options to configure proxies like the PC. In this case, you can use your computer to configure your proxy on a global level. Doing so ensures any device connected to your network will be using a proxy. This kind of configuration can be a little more complicated. That is another reason to trust paid services. If you feel uncomfortable changing these settings at all, you likely have the option to call a support team to give you a hand.

VPN for PUBG Lite

VPN for PUBG Lite

When looking for proxies, you have likely seen advertisements for a PUBG VPN. These are a little different from proxies. There are slight differences here and there, but there is one constant that splits the two. A VPN uses encryption, and a proxy does not. This may seem like extra points for VPN, but it is not quite that simple.

Encryption is a great way to protect data. However, there are already existing layers of data security in place with you and the destination server. While you might think adding one more might help some, think of it this way. Encryption takes time. Actually masking data and then having the destination unencrypt it builds unnecessary lag. And when one of the ideas behind using a proxy is speed, that is counter-intuitive.

The Best Proxy for PUBG Lite

The Best Proxy for PUBG Lite

What should you look for in a PUBG Lite proxy? Speed and reliability are a given. For region locking situations, you will want to make sure your service has proxies all over the world. You never know when a new ban will drop in a new country. You want to be prepared.

Keep an eye out for proxies that allow unlimited bandwidth and consistently high speeds. A dedicated proxy can make sure nobody else is using your resources. Speeds of 1 Gbps are plenty to get the job done. You do not want to limit when you can play, so make sure your proxy has the maximum uptime and a 24/7 service team. Then, you’ll know you have the best proxies for gaming.

Final Thoughts

PUBG has generated a lot of popularity over the last year or so. And while its peak audience has passed, it is still a wildly popular game. With consistent support and a dedicated community, it will likely be a part of gaming culture for many more years. As you get deeper into the game and more skilled with the mechanics, you will see more of a need for PUBG proxies.

At a certain point, your computer and even your region can be limitations in honing your skills. The right proxies can reduce latency and open up many more opportunities to play. Remember to stay away from free proxies and to find a qualified and reputable service you can count on. Then, you will be able to refine your performance at higher levels all across the world. And make sure to always follow appropriate laws and the terms of service for everything you use a proxy with.

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