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As an online gamer, you know you are only as good as your speed and precision. However, there are many situations where your home (or other location’s) internet connectivity is not what you need it to be. If you want to increase your overall success and have endless amounts of ongoing gaming time, then you may wish to consider proxy games. That is, using a proxy while you are playing a game could help significantly improve your overall experience.

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What Is a Proxy Server and Why Does It Matter?

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If you are looking for a way to stand out while gaming, you need to consider how you are connected to those games online. Online gaming today is an incredible industry. Data shows that there are 1.1 billion online gamers around the world. When you think about that, it’s mind-boggling to believe that you have to compete against so many other people to do well.

The problem is not with the games. Most of the time, gamers do not have problems related to factors like speed. Instead, they have restrictions they need to overcome. If you are one of the many gamers facing challenges such as restricted access to games because of where you are playing from or there are regional based limitations on how long you can play, proxy game solutions can help.

Proxies are a type of intermediary, a tool that comes between you and the gaming platform. Used properly (and with the right ones), you are able to game as much as you want, bypassing various gaming limitations, restrictions, and performance concerns. Unblocked games with a proxy. Get access to games that you otherwise cannot use for very long periods of time. Play without the latency issues you may already be navigating.

How does a proxy work for gaming?

Proxies operate between your gaming device and the internet. They allow you to route your interaction actions through different IP addresses. In short, because you are moving through a proxy server, your IP address will be different every time. It masks your real IP and location from the internet on all levels.

What Can Games Proxy Do for You?

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Utilizing a games proxy can provide you with a number of very specific benefits.

#1: Bypass regional restrictions

For many people, this is one of the best reasons to use a proxy for games. It allows you to mask your current location. That means if a game is locked by region, meaning some people cannot access it unless they are within an approved region, this tool can help you to get around that.

In this case, you will need to use a proxy in an area that is desired or available to gamers. That allows you to avoid those restrictions because it looks like you are playing within the designated area. You gain access to the games you want to engage with in this situation.

#2: Access all of the games

Another key benefit of using game proxies is that you can get access to versions of the game you want to play sooner. For example, you may be able to locate some of the beta versions of new releases that are coming out. Some companies release these versions early to test how well their servers can handle them and to manage any initial problems before they actually occur.

With proxy game access, you can gain access. For example, many of these beta versions will be available only in a very specific designated area. If you are not playing in that area but want access, you can get that access using a proxy. It’s pretty simple to do so.

#3: Protect your identity

Perhaps another of the most important reasons to use proxy game websites is that they give you ample privacy. You can add more privacy to your games by using a proxy since no one can see your true identity. Most of the time, games and others online can learn who you are by tracking your IP address—a unique set of figures that is pinned down to your physical location. With a proxy, that is no longer a problem.

That means that, in a way, game proxies can add a layer of protection to your gameplay, helping to protect your identity and hiding your real IP address. That also helps you to minimize cyber risks and may allow you to play the game in multiple ways without being found out.

#4: Latency and performance

It’s also important to consider how a game proxy can actually improve the gameplay experience. Proxies work well to reduce latency. That means that the web traffic route to reach the desired location is faster. Traditionally, your ISP (Internet service provider) will set this rule for you. That means that they can also change it.

For example, if there is a lot of demand for a specific need, the ISP may alter that route, and that means that it takes longer for you to connect to your game. The problem with that is that it slows down your game play, and that means you do not perform as well.

By using a proxy, that is not going to happen. If you choose a proxy servicer that is located closer to the game server (and it is possible to find this out) then you reduce the latency you may already experience. That makes it easier for you to improve your overall gaming performance, too.

#5: Bot blocking

Another of the reasons to use game proxies is if you are already struggling with the game because you are being blocked. That is, many online gamers use bots for MMORPGs, and this is not uncommon or unexpected. If, for example, the game requires a person to complete a high number of specific actions to reach a specific level in the game, bots can help to ensure it gets done in the least amount of time possible.

However, most gaming servers do everything they can to find bots and shut them down. It helps them to keep their game going longer, after all. Gaming sites and other companies will block accounts they link to bots.

When you use a proxy for games, they cannot identify you or your actions. Your IP address is hidden, which means you can play the game the way you want to play it, and the gaming server will not be able to determine whether you are a bot or where you are located.

What Does a Proxy Server for Online Games Do?

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If all of these things sound like the perfect way to enhance your gameplay, then it may be time to check out games proxy options. Before you get into more details on how to use them, consider what they do to help you.

#1: They get you past the geo-restrictions

As noted, with the ability to get past geo-restrictions, you can play the game no matter where you are. If you want to access DLC and link up with friends doing so, then you need to check out a gaming proxy (at Rayobyte, we have some of the best solutions for gamers).

In this situation, you can choose a residential proxy. This will give you access to an actual IP address in a residential setting. There are more than 100 different locations out there. Once you go this route, you can download any content that those who are within one of those areas can access. It allows you to then link up to people who are within that geolocation, too.

This may be beneficial if you are playing games like Minecraft and Fortnite, or any other game that is geo restricted in any way.

#2: Take advantage of peer-to-peer sharing

Here’s another way that a games proxy can help you. It allows you to tap into peer-to-peer sharing. If you are playing a game like this (think Minecraft, for example), one player will host the server. When this happens, it often creates a problem in which other players will have some lagging during the game. The host of the game, though, is able to play without any limitations.

With an online proxy game setup, that changes. You can use our data center proxies as well as our residential proxies to avoid these limitations and restrictions nearly instantly. That means you do not have to deal with any latency issues, and the host does not have an unfair advantage in any of the peer-to-peer games you may be playing.

#3: Set up multiple accounts

An unblocked games proxy can be one of the best ways for you to have some fun with more than one account. There are so many online games today that will limit the number of accounts a person can have. It does not matter if there are 5 people in your home who all want their own account. The game could limit your IP address to just 3 accounts, for example.

When you want to have numerous accounts, then, utilize a games proxy. It allows you to have a different IP address every time. With this method, you can create as many accounts as you need.

Another nice benefit is avoiding bans. If your account has a ban or restriction on it (perhaps a penalty or two for some reason), you can set up a new account and start playing without having to worry about the game finding out.

Here is how this might work for you. The gaming proxy lets you create as many accounts as you would like to. Each one of the accounts can have its own unique IP address. This way, every one of your accounts (no matter how many you have) can be linked to a different user. When you are playing games and facing bans, then it is critical for you to test out different gaming strategies.

#4: Reduce lag in your games

Another reason to use our game proxies is because it can help to reduce lag during your game. As we discussed earlier, it is common for connection problems to drop gameplay significantly. Games can freeze up, and that can be incredibly frustrating.

However, with a proxy gaming setup, that does not have to happen. Instead, when there is a lag with one server, it can automatically switch to another. The result is that you are always able to play with the best level of performance possible. This is an excellent solution for those who want a gaming experience without the lag.

#5: Avoid DDoS attacks

There are some very difficult situations out there that target gamers, including DDoS attacks. Hackers want to take down gaming networks for various reasons, and that means you are bumped. For example, some hackers will flood a network with so many requests it overloads the network. This takes up so much space that the entire thing crashes.

While this may impact you initially, with a gaming proxy in place, you avoid that. The spam requests are not being targeted at you. Instead, they are targeted at the proxy server instead. Your network continues to move forward and you may not even notice any changes to your game play in the entire process.

#6: Protect your identity

Another reason to use a proxy for games is that you remain anonymous. You may not want the others in the game to know who you are or to recognize your gameplay. Of course, there are good reasons for this – including putting your sensitive data at risk.

By using a proxy in your gaming, you avoid those risks right away. There is no way for anyone trying to hack your information to actually get anything they can use against you.

How Do You Choose Game Proxies

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There are several good things to know here:

  • You do not need to have a lot of technical knowledge at all to set up and use a games proxy. In other words, there is no hard work for you to do. Instead, you will just need to know how to configure your network settings.
  • You can choose a gaming proxy server that fits your specific goals. For some, that means selecting a server in a specific area to get unblocked proxy games access. For others, it may  mean choosing a server close to the game server to speed up your experience.
  • Free is not the way to go. You may find some low-cost and free proxies for gaming out there, but these are going to include many limitations that make it far more difficult to actually benefit from them.

With that considered, you have several options for choosing a proxy for games through Rayobyte.

Residential proxies

We noted numerous times the benefits of residential proxies for an unblocked games proxy. This type of proxy is one that has an IP address that has a specific, real physical location. That is, it is a server located somewhere and static.

The benefit of a residential proxy is that you get a high level of anonymity in the game, and you are not likely to be detected as a proxy. For example, when it comes to using a proxy for game websites, many sites will limit your access if they determine you are using a proxy. However, because a residential proxy is very much a real IP address that remains the same, it gives you less of a risk of being detected.

When choosing this option, note that it will give you some of the features you want, like a proxy with games unblocked in target areas. However, some may have limitations in terms of availability and speed. That could limit their benefit in situations where your ultimate goal is super fast performance.

Data Center Proxies

Another option is a data center proxy. These work much differently. They are not associated with a specific real residential IP address. Because they are not in a fixed location like this, they tend to be much faster. When you need a fast proxy for game online play at its best, data center proxies can be a good option.

The default problem with this type is that they are easier for gaming platforms to detect. That does not mean they will, but for some it can mean a higher risk of detection. Nevertheless, they can be a valuable proxy server for online games for nearly all users.

It’s a good idea to compare residential versus data center proxies to determine which is best for your needs.

How to Compare Options for Proxy Games

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As you take into consideration the wide range of services available to you, there are a few specific things to compare before you choose a proxy for game online experiences.

  • How fast is it? Let’s face it, you want speed when you are gaming. Make sure you know both the speed and performance of the proxy before you make a decision on which serve to choose. You only want a proxy that has a high-speed connection, and at the same time, it needs low latency to avoid lagging and slow gaming.
  • Is it reliable? Uptime matters when it comes to choose a proxy for gaming online. Most of the best companies will offer reliable connections and they should have a very high uptime rate. This helps minimize the risk that the game will not be available to you.
  • Where is it located? As noted, location matters for some games and proxy location can be easily determined based on what your needs are. Check out the proxies that have been strategically positioned near game servers. With these, you get a better gaming experience with low latency, and you get all of the performance you want.
  • What are the rules: Take some time to read the rules for using the proxy, game, and online servers. You need to be sure you are not doing anything that puts you at risk of losing your access.
  • Does it work with your games? Most gaming proxies are flexible enough for all games, but there are some that have limitations. It is a good idea to ensure the one you choose is compatible with the gaming platform you plan to use with it. If they don’t say that outright, ask.

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Why Rayobyte for Proxy Games?

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There are plenty of options out there, but Rayobyte offers some cool features to make sure that your gaming experience is spot on.

If you want uninterrupted gameplay (for hours without limitations) and you do not want a slowed experience, you certainly want to check out the Rayobyte options in residential and database proxies. Here are some of the benefits we offer.

As many accounts as you need

With our proxy games setup, there is no limit to the number of accounts you can set up. Choose to set up numerous to create exactly the type of in-game experience you want.

You can also link each account to a distinct IP address. This helps you make each account seem like it is for a different user.

Get around bans

Another one of the reasons to use our proxies is to get around bans. With multiple account options, you do not have to wait out a ban or simply stop playing. You can just use another account on a proxy.

Huge pool

We have a large pool of high-quality residential proxies available to you. This can handle just about any type of demand that you have with any type of location desired.

We also offer global targeting. This way, you can target any country without any restrictions. Note, too, that there is no additional charge for this feature.

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