The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Successful Proxy Reseller

Data analysis is currently one of the fastest-growing fields, but the insights provided by data aren’t just available to big corporations anymore. Small businesses and even individuals are taking advantage of the information available in the vast amounts of data created daily through automated programs called web scrapers. While data may be driving business strategy, product development, and marketing decisions, proxies are driving data collection.

Because of their supporting role in data collection, the proxy industry is growing as quickly as data analytics. The good news is that the proxy reseller market isn’t as oversaturated as many other lucrative reselling markets. This article will explain how you can make money reselling proxies.


Become a Residential Proxy Reseller

Become a Residential Proxy Reseller

Setting up a proxy reselling business can sometimes be difficult, but working with Rayobyte’s simple, powerful, developer-friendly API makes it all a little easier. Their API integrates right into your existing software and allows you to automate your user management.

There are many different types of proxies that you can resell. It’s important to know the differences so you can resell the right ones for your customers’ specific needs. Residential proxies are the best option for most data collection use cases. Residential proxies are issued to end-users by internet service providers (ISPs). They’re the IP addresses of real users, so they have the most authority. Residential IPs are less likely to get banned or trigger CAPTCHAs. Your customers will have less downtime and a better experience.

Rayobyte has a large pool of residential proxies that allow your customers to tap into a network of devices worldwide. Our ethically-sourced residential proxies are the most reliable you can buy.

Become a Data Center & ISP Proxy Reseller

Become a Data Center & ISP Proxy Reseller

Residential proxies are not your only option in reselling! Data Center and ISP proxies are both great options in reselling to your customers. Data Center IPs come from a data center and are very fast, but also do not mimic human behavior which can be a quick way to get blocked on certain websites. Here it’s important to note what your potential customers are using proxies for! Data center can be a great option for large scraping projects, but you need to make sure you understand where your customers are trying to scrape.

ISP proxies also come from a data center but are associated with internet service providers, giving them residential-like authority. They are the best of both worlds with speed and authority.

How To Set Up a Proxy Reseller Program

How To Set Up a Proxy Reseller Program

The first step in setting up your proxy reselling program is finding a source for your residential IPs. Sourcing residential IP addresses is time-consuming and expensive. You’ll need to get consent from each end-user and make sure they’re fairly compensated. Additionally, you should only use a residential IP when it doesn’t negatively affect the end-user. At Rayobyte, we only use residential IP addresses when the end-user isn’t using them and when their devices are either charged or plugged in.

Work with an established proxy company

It’s simpler and easier to obtain IP addresses from an existing residential proxy company. Rayobyte leads the industry in ethical residential proxy sourcing. If you work with us, you can rest easy knowing you’re working with the most reliable and ethical proxy provider on the planet. When you contact us, we’ll discuss your use case, intended audience, countries you want to target, and expected traffic usage.

We don’t offer options for directly purchasing residential proxies because we won’t allow nefarious actors to access our proxies for black or gray hat uses. We vet our clients before we sell to them, and we monitor usage for suspicious activity. Once we discuss your use case, we discuss which billing option is best for you. We have six levels of pricing to suit your needs.

Rayobyte has data center IPs coming from 27 different countries. Purchase what you need according to your customer-base. ISP IPs come from the US, UK, & Germany!

Set up the API

Once you’ve decided on a plan, you’ll set up the API. API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs connect computer programs with an interactive interface, and they simplify communication between devices such as computers and servers. Our API contains a library that allows you to create and delete users and allocate and subtract data from users.

Using our API lets you set up a user-friendly and easy-to-manage website. Managing your clients takes minimal effort after you get your website up and running.

Market to your target audience

Now that you’re prepared to provide proxies, the final step is marketing to your target audience. Your website will be your home base for your marketing efforts, but you’ll want to branch out to other avenues. Start by providing valuable content on your website. Articles that explain when and how to use proxies are a natural place to start.

Aim to make your website more than just a marketing tool. Creating a library of materials that educate your customers about the role and value of proxies will generate trust and establish your company as an authority.

When your website is filled with valuable content, seek out your ideal customers in the places they frequent online. If you’re trying to sell sneaker proxies, you can join cook groups and offer advice. Proxies can be complex, and even people familiar with them often need guidance and advice on how to use them effectively.

Some other markets you can sell proxies to include:

In all cases, effective marketing involves solving a pain point. It may take some research, but you can find where your target market spends time. Offering your expertise without expecting anything in return is one of the most effective marketing techniques. Use your social media platforms to market your proxies, too. Always add value before asking people to buy from you.

The majority of your posts should answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” from your clients’ perspective. Understanding their problems and providing solutions will gain you loyal customers.


Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Setting up a proxy reselling business is a great way to get in on the growing demand for proxies. The era of big data is driving an insatiable demand for the information gleaned from mining publicly available data with web scraping. Partnering with an established proxy seller allows you to reap the benefits of selling proxies without developing your own proxy delivery mechanism or coming up with the upfront capital to buy expensive IP blocks.

Rayobyte is the largest U.S.-based proxy provider. Our top-notch support team will be available to help you provide your customers with the highest quality proxies. Reach out to our team to find out how we can help you set up a profitable proxy reseller business. There’s never been a better time to get established as a reseller in the proxy industry.

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