How Political Data Provides Insights On Campaigns And Voters

Why is it that certain candidates are more successful than others in politics? Is it their grit, determination, and ability to take a stand by communicating effectively on important social and economic issues? Absolutely. But it’s not just that. While a public profile is important, executing ideas and policies correctly is more important. Political data analytics answers this beck and call. Not only will political data heighten awareness in relation to society’s most important issues, but it can also help break down barriers when voicing the remedies that will resonate with voters. It can be advantageous to those at the top of the food chain, those who are in the early innings of their career, and even businesses, so let’s explore why that is.


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What Is Political Data?

What Is Political Data?

Political data refers to facts, statistics and information compiled that provides an understanding of voters’ beliefs and behaviors. This relates to individual views, relationships with prominent issues, how they have voted in the past, and even the geographical territories in which they reside.

Using up-to-date information and leveraging political data analytics will grasp a person’s ideologies. From there, more effective solutions and marketing techniques can be drafted to better serve audiences for canvassers and garner more business customers. Companies will often use political data to attain a better measure of customer values and utilize newfound information in ways that foster brand loyalty in the same way political candidates do.

Why Is Political Data Useful?

Why Is Political Data Useful?

Political data sets can be subdivided to highlight core concerns expressed by those whom you are targeting. This doesn’t just provide users of political data with a sense of particular population segments — it also predicts risks associated with each avenue pursued.

These subsets can be categorized into different branches that service very different needs. Some of the most common groupings include:

  • Campaign and election data
  • Fundraising data
  • Government and congressional data
  • Political risk data
  • Voter data

These are often deemed to be the most important characteristics to implore for political campaign data mining. Let’s take a closer look at each and how they can be managed for crafting well-organized solutions from political data.

Campaign and election data

Campaign and election data examine public opinion in advance of the campaign cycle as well as while it is ongoing. As such, it takes into account historical results as well as real-time changes as a result of various political party actions. For example, previous election data will indicate where ideal candidates lie and where the majority of support for them is. Similarly, it will outline public reactions to certain major milestones, such as the passing of a topical bill in congress.

Fundraising data

Strong campaigns are fueled by raising funds. Fundraising data indicates the names of donors and businesses that already do or could provide capital assistance, as well as info tied to volunteers. Geographic location, primary appeals, philanthropic goals, and the amount of money donated to date are important indicators.

These data points give useful insight into what locations and entities should be prioritized and where new market opportunities lie for raising more funding in the future. By compiling this political data, relationships can be maintained and grown to meet the expectations of supporters.

Government and congressional data

Government data is information open to the public focusing on economic standing, taxation, demographics, population statistics, employment numbers, wage growth, industry prosperity, and so on. Congressional data, on the other hand, generally provide guidance on bills and top-level decision-making that has been put into motion. Both are extremely important to businesses, investors, and the general voting population. As some of the most hotly debated topics come from these sources, it’s essential to keep track of them on a regional and national level.

Political risk data

Political risk data refers to controls that governments influence — stances on fiscal policy, legislation, regulations, and social issues. Big Tech conglomerates mismanaging consumer data and regulating cryptocurrency are hot topics in the U.S., for example. Furthermore, dealings between countries are evaluated in order to help anticipate any possible tensions and any economic backdrop. The Russia-Ukraine war comes to mind.

Typically, it is a measure closely followed by businesses, especially international corporations, with risk mitigation being the ultimate purpose. Nonetheless, political parties can also highlight ongoing issues that need addressing. Elements relating to political risk can be factored into campaigns to boost approval ratings and enact change.

Voter data

Voter data is one of the most crucial aspects of political data for understanding voter beliefs. It showcases distinct region voting data: where the backing is strong, weak, and somewhere in the middle. By analyzing key trends, preferences, pain points, and how meaningful a particular subject matter is, core personas can be built around target audiences and demographics. Information can be interpreted on a regional level as opposed to a national one which can create a more personalized approach from specific data-driven insights. These specific data-driven insights will isolate populations of the highest and lowest importance. Put together, you can more effectively dedicate time and resources to where they matter, thus reaping greater rewards from your efforts.

For instance, certain states in the U.S. either have a majority of democrats or republicans. But, there are a handful of fringe states that have more or less a 50/50 split. When it comes to Presidential Elections, a tug of war materializes in these half-and-half segments. As they can become particularly influential in deciding which way the voting will swing, catering attention to each area needs to be driven by concrete voting data.

Political Campaigns and Big Data

Political Campaigns and Big Data

Whether you’re a politician or business owner, political data can help extend community reach and public perception. For a company, this may be done through support shown for certain causes or hosting social-benefit events. Of course, the same can be said for politicians getting ready for their crusades, but campaign trails are a little different. Political parties can get a head start by building email lists and contact numbers to reach out on national and local levels. Another way politicians can efficiently share thoughts and ideas with their entire audience is through social media platforms.

Targeting specific demographics

During different stages of a campaign cycle, it’s important to reach all audiences. Because of this, it’s critical to have a multi-channel marketing strategy. For example, if you’re trying to target older generations or retirees, traditional marketing strategies such as door-to-door visits, billboards, and television ads may be more effective. Millennials and Gen Z, on the other hand, maybe best reached online — such as on social media platforms.

Creating well-defined social media strategies

The rise of the web has made it so that people can access all the information at the touch of a button. That goes for people searching for information themselves, but it also relates to how you can leverage data to create a more meaningful impact from your own campaign. Billions of users access political news via their mobile devices every day, which makes it one of the most important methods of communication for anyone in the political sphere. Hashtags are a commonly used component to expand reach to brand new users that may align with your viewpoints. An active online presence will create a positive feedback loop as they generally garner more attention attributed to increased media coverage and interview opportunities.

Effective allocation of resources

When it comes to the time when voters are filling in their ballots, resources can be distributed more effectively too. Campaign managers will be able to identify the best places to advertise, the top news channels to share stories with, the social platforms with the greatest reach, and where events will achieve the most attendance, for example. Geofences are an example of a popular strategy. It is a process that targets specific geographic locations for advertising and marketing. Using big data, geofencing can show the optimal time to present messaging to different audiences to boost engagement. As a result, strategies like this can be utilized to ensure that every campaign dollar counts in a nation where each candidate is competing for voters’ attention.

How To Gather Political Data with Web Scraping and Data Mining

How To Gather Political Data with Web Scraping and Data Mining

Political campaigns and big data go hand in hand. Web scraping is the process of unpacking the big data to retrieve concrete reports about who your audience truly is. How they act, where they interact online and offline, how they think — understanding everything that matters to them. It does it all. Through web scraping, you can extract information on:

  • Demographics
  • Addresses
  • Contact details
  • Employment statuses
  • Job titles
  • Education background
  • Voting preferences
  • Values
  • Opinions

Web scraping does all the work behind the scenes so that you can focus on what’s really important: making positive societal change.

Benefits of web scraping political data

Web scraping acts as a hivemind by extracting all the necessary political data to trailblaze campaigns and launch branding initiatives. When handled carefully, here are some of the practical benefits you can expect to be delivered right to your inbox:

  • New leads for donors to raise funds
  • Identifying key geographic zones for reputation building
  • Marketing insights that can help develop authentic connections with your audience
  • Discover young people and students participating in the electoral system for the first time
  • Finding out the best channels of communication for different audiences
  • Launch far-reaching social media campaigns that see engagement skyrocket

These are just a handful of use cases, but the possibilities are limitless. In fact, if you’re interested in learning more about web scraping, you can make a custom-built plan to meet your exact needs. Even better, you can try out web scraping today for free. Rayobyte’s hands-on customer support team is available 24/7 to get you up and running or discuss any questions you may have. But, best of all, Rayobyte’s scraping robot takes care of all the proxy management, saving you time to focus on other tasks.

Web scraping tools

Rayobyte offers several types of proxies that you can use in conjunction with your web scraper.

Data center proxies

Data center proxies are housed in data servers. They are plentiful, fast, readily available, and the least costly of the proxies.The disadvantage of using data center proxies is that they are more easily identifiable due to their data center IP addresses, which some websites see as a red flag. Some websites ban all proxy activity linked to data centers; other websites have been known to ban entire subnets at the appearance of bot-like activity from a data center IP address. Rayobyte offers not only C-class subnets but also A- and B-class subnets to help counter this problem.

ISP proxies

ISP proxies, also known as static residential proxies, give you the perfect blend of the inherent trustworthiness of residential proxies and the speed of data center proxies. Although Rayobyte’s premium ISP proxies are hosted on data center servers, they use IP addresses that appear to belong to individuals and are just as hard for websites to detect as residential IP addresses. ISP proxies offer fast, stable connections. Rayobyte places no limit on bandwidth or threads, meaning cost savings for you! Rayobyte currently has ISP proxies from the U.S., the U.K., and Germany.

Residential proxies

Residential proxies are associated with ISPs and are the actual IP addresses of individuals. You gain access to a huge network of IP addresses from millions of devices around the world. Using these IP addresses makes your web scraping activity appear more human-like to the websites it scrapes, so these websites do not generally block them without good reason.

The geo-targeting functionality of Rayobyte’s residential proxies allows you to scrape geolocation-specific data from anywhere. Your web scraper can appear to be located anywhere in the world.

Ethical residential proxy sourcing is of the utmost importance to Rayobyte. In fact, we set the industry standard for the ethical practice of sourcing residential proxies. We take extra steps to ensure the end-users are not negatively affected by the use of their IP addresses, including ensuring these users are informed and compensated for affording us the use of their IPs. They can revoke approval at any time.

We also ensure potential buyers of our residential proxies intend to use them legitimately and ethically before selling to them. We also monitor the use of the residential proxies we sell to ensure their continued ethical use.

Is web scraping political data ethical?

The rise of the internet has brought with it access to information at a volume and velocity that is ever-increasing. Although this comes with a multitude of societal benefits, it has changed the tone of the political landscape drastically.

Social media has led to widespread misinformation, an onslaught of “fake news” in recent years, and politically-charged points of view from people that are stronger than ever. As such, it is essential to source only publicly sourced, reliable data to ensure moral obligation and integrity are upheld.

As such, ethical web scraping is of the utmost importance. The Cambridge Analytica scandal should suffice as evidence of the repercussions that come along with the mishandling of data. Rest assured, Rayobyte products go through a thorough vetting process to ensure compliance with legal standards is adhered to, as well as the responsible management of data and proxies. Rayobyte also continues to monitor proxy usage after they’re purchased. By factoring in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and economic social and governance (ESG) goals, businesses and political campaigns can conduct strategic decision-making without having to worry about any repercussions.


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Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Press coverage, debates, social media, canvassing, and interviews are all important, but without big data, your message could fall on deaf ears. The real trick is leveraging all of the vital details about your audience and how you can sway people in your favor when it really counts. Fundraising for campaigns is no easy feat, so once you’ve secured the capital, having a defined plan ready to act upon is of the utmost importance.

From start to finish, sentiment analysis needs to be incorporated to understand what prompts positive and negative responses from customers or voters. This means drafting solutions, making continued revisions, and constant analysis for political success. In order to really supercharge campaigns, political data is a must for these reasons now and going forward. Those that fail to take advantage of its use case could face decreased relevance, lower approval rating, and face falling behind in the polls. Big data politics is here to stay, reach out to Rayobyte today!

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