Use An Overwatch Proxy To Become An Invaluable Team Member

Racking in a revenue of over 1 billion USD a year after its release in 2016 and gaining over 50 million users three years later, Overwatch has been declared one of the greatest videogames of all time. But to millions of fans around the globe, Overwatch is more than just a videogame: it’s a way of life, a masterpiece, an exhilarating world of its own.

As an exclusively online and multiplayer game, a strong internet connection is a must if you don’t want to become a burden to other team members while playing this immersive game. Enter Overwatch proxies. With an Overwatch proxy, faster network speed is just one of the many benefits that you can look forward to.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of using a proxy to play Overwatch and tell you why this tactic might turn out to be your biggest competitive advantage. Want to get to playing as soon as possible? Use the table of contents to find whatever you are looking for quickly.

How to Play Overwatch Using a Proxy

How to Play Overwatch Using a Proxy

When you first step into the colorful world of Overwatch, you’ll be prompted to pick a hero to play with. Although every hero is unique, they are grouped into three broad categories: tank, damage, and support.

Tank heroes are the most resilient characters with a lot of health to spare and the ability to soak up a whole lot of damage. Damage heroes, as their name suggests, are built to inflict the maximum amount of damage with a wide range of tools and special abilities. But, they are very vulnerable to damage themselves and need heavy protection from other team members. Support heroes do just what their name implies, they provide various forms of support to their team members e.g. healing, shielding, and enhancing damage capacity.

The game is exclusively multi-player and involves forming groups of 6 to engage in epic combat across a futuristic version of the earth. The fact that it is set on the earth makes it hugely relatable for many players and the relaxed, positive atmosphere has proven to be a hit amongst players. Overwatch has been classified as a first-person shooter game but, with the vast array of weapons available to various game heroes, that is simply an understatement.

Using a proxy to play overwatch means communicating with the gaming site via a proxy IP address. This masks your device’s actual IP address, keeping it private. If you are wondering why in the world anyone would do this, read on to find out the many benefits of using proxies for gameplay.

4 Benefits of Using a Proxy for Overwatch Gameplay

4 Benefits of Using a Proxy for Overwatch Gameplay

An IP address is a unique code that any device connected to the internet possesses. Through your IP address, any website you connect to can identify your device and also pinpoint its general location. Here are a few ways using an Overwatch proxy to mask your IP address can enhance your gaming experience and make you an invaluable member of the 6-person team:

1.   Improved security and privacy

The problem with having your proxy IP address out there while you play is that not only the gaming website can gain access to it. Bad actors sometimes use gaming sites as platforms to find and hack IP addresses for malicious activities such as private data mining and identity theft. Using a proxy IP address gives you an extra layer of protection and can help you avoid such unfortunate situations.

2.   Faster network speeds and diminished lag

Your hero’s abilities and weapons may be spectacular, but lag can render them close to useless. Some proxies guarantee faster network speeds and can provide you with unlimited bandwidth. That, coupled with the fact that you can choose a proxy IP address closer to the location of Overwatch game servers, means the possibility of lagging can be eliminated.

With an IP address closer to the game server, the distance information has to travel to and from your device is shorter. So, with every tap on your game console or keyboard, your hero does exactly what you want right when you need it done.

3.   Freedom to play anywhere

Because your IP address is linked to your physical location, you might not be able to access a game in certain parts of the world where it has been blocked or simply not been made available by the developers.

By choosing a location where the game is available, a proxy IP address can help you navigate this problem – referred to as geoblocking – and allow you to access the game no matter where you are.

4.   Ability to regain access after being banned

To avoid bans, we advise that you always follow the rules of websites that you connect to. But sometimes, getting banned is not in any way your fault. It could be the result of other people using your IP address for sketchy activity. A proxy can help you remedy this sticky situation and allow you to get back into your beloved world of Overwatch.

Choosing the Right Types of Overwatch Proxies

Choosing the Right Types of Overwatch Proxies

Various kinds of proxies exist and, as a beginner, trying to understand what is what and decide on which is better for you can be quite overwhelming. Here are a few terms you should understand and a few tips on picking the right kind of proxy for Overwatch gameplay:

IPv4 vs IPv6 proxies

IPv4 is the short form of “Internet Protocol Version 4”. Released in 1983, IPv4 addresses were the first types of IP addresses that became commonly available. They are still being used today but, because no one could have imagined the massive amounts of data we would eventually produce and exchange back then, not many IP4 addresses were created and, unfortunately, we have run out of them.

The only problem with IPv6 addresses is that, since they are relatively new, not all websites are compatible with them – unlike IPv4 addresses which are basically the default for all websites on the internet. This is becoming a thing of the past, however, with the widespread adoption of IPv6 addresses.

The bottom line is this, for gaming, go with an IPv6 proxy address whenever possible. It is more affordable, less likely to have been banned and is especially great for the Xbox One version of Overwatch.

HTTP(S) vs SOCKS proxies

Both HTTP(S) and SOCKS proxies do basically the same thing. They are high-level protocols that work together with the internet protocol (IP) of devices for better functionality. The main difference between them is that HTTP(S) protocols can only work with websites that use the same protocol.

SOCKS protocols, on the other hand, can work with all sorts of websites. They provide more anonymity, versatility and are generally preferred for gaming. Check out this blog post to learn more.

Dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating proxies

A dedicated proxy IP address belongs to only you for the duration that you purchase it. Since no one else is using it with you, it is more likely to have faster network speeds. Also, you don’t have to worry about other people misusing the address and getting it banned.

Semi-dedicated proxy IP addresses are shared by a few users at the same time. Because of that, they are cheaper. But, there is a possibility of other users slowing down the network speeds and misusing the address. However, with a good service provider, the risk is minimized.

Rotating proxy IP addresses are switched out as often as you would like and, therefore, grant the highest level of anonymity and greatest ease when it comes to avoiding bans.

The bottom line on proxy types:

The right types of proxies depend on your unique situation and needs. If you are still not entirely clear on which ones are best for you, don’t worry! A good proxy provider should be able to explain all available options to you in simple terms and point you in the right direction.

The great thing about proxies is that they can be optimized for use on various platforms and devices. Overwatch is available on many devices including PlayStation 4 and Windows, and proxies work on both of these platforms. So, if you prefer the feel of a game console, you can use a PS4 proxy but if tapping away on a keyboard is more your style, try out an Overwatch web browser proxy.

How to Find the Best Overwatch Proxy

How to Find the Best Overwatch Proxy

While there are lots of free proxies available for you to use, only a paid service provider can guarantee the benefits of using a proxy for gameplay. So, if you really want to experience zero lag and increased security, it is best to invest in a paid service provider. And not just any proxy service provider, a very good one. Such a provider should be able to guarantee fast network speeds, offer numerous IP address locations, and have 24/7 customer service.

At Rayobyte, we do all of the above and more. To accompany our guarantee on ultra-fast internet, we offer unlimited bandwidth. Also, our focus on affordable pricing allows you to enjoy the wonders of gaming with a proxy without breaking the bank. For as little as $1.40, you can purchase a dedicated IP address. If you are hesitant about investing straight away, you can always use our risk-free, money-back guarantee trial for an entire month to test the waters and see how it works. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you level up your gaming experience.

Use an Overwatch Proxy for a Better Gaming Experience

Use an Overwatch Proxy for a Better Gaming Experience

Lagging is the bane of players everywhere and worrying about your privacy and safety can suck the fun out of any game. With an Overwatch proxy, you can eliminate lagging, push the fear of being hacked to the back of your mind, and just do what you logged into Overwatch to do: have fun and, of course, completely destroy the opposing team.

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