Shield Your Phone’s IP: Our Guide To Using An iPhone Proxy

It seems an age since I first caught sight of an iPhone. I can still remember the television commercial. Black screen. A sleek device in the foreground. Touch screen. The technology did not feel feasible. This was magic. This was trickery. An episode of The Jetsons come to life. Ten years later and society is used to the latest iPhone update. I would put my faith in another ice age before I bet on Apple quitting the phone game. Not that I am complaining, my phone and my hand are practically a single unit at this point. But as we buy newer and newer devices, we must change the way we use those devices. The more advanced a device, the more use we are able to get out of it. Thus, permanently fusing our phones to our fingertips. Now you might be wondering, what more is there to learn about iPhones? And once you learn this information, what do you do about it? That is where the iPhone proxy comes in to play.

Whether you are familiar with proxies or are totally new to the concept, this blog will define what an iPhone proxy is, how to set up an iPhone proxy and make you wise to what makes a good proxy for iPhone. If I were a betting woman, I would say this is the one time you will be encouraged to glue yourself to your device. Time to dig in.

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What Is an iPhone Proxy?

What Is an iPhone Proxy?

A proxy is a new kind of entryway into the internet. Every device has a unique IP address. Without a proxy, that IP address is the direct link to a website. In short, any website you browse will be able to see that you, or more specifically, your IP address, have visited that site. But you would like to remain anonymous, use your phone without the world knowing what you are searching for and where you are searching from. Now we get to the point of an iPhone proxy. Proxies for iPhone shield your original IP address, thus acting as the link between your device and websites. It is a kind of protection, a layer in which to wrap your identity.

While free proxies float around the internet in droves, it is important to note that free does not necessarily translate into reliable. Your best bet is to stick with a paid proxy from an established proxy provider. Best of all, when you purchase your iPhone proxy, you have the option to buy a dedicated proxy. Dedicated proxies, also known as private proxies, are a version of iPhone proxies that allow you the freedom of total anonymity. A private proxy is just that, private. Unlike shared proxies, which can be used by anyone with the IP address, a dedicated proxy is yours and only yours. Using a dedicated proxy gets you one step closer to total safety and privacy while using your device.

How to Set up a Proxy for My iPhone

How to Set up a Proxy for My iPhone

Now that we have the definition of an iPhone proxy down, let us take a deeper dive into how to set up quality proxies for iPhone. After all, if we do not have the set up down, how are we supposed to use the tool properly? Lucky for you and your sanity, setting up an iPhone proxy requires a few simple steps which I will describe in full below.

  1. First, you will want to go “Settings” in your phone.
  2. After you get there, click on “Wi-Fi.”
  3. Next, click on the info icon that is to the right of whatever Wi-Fi network you are currently using.
  4. After that, scroll all the way down to the “HTTP PROXY” section.
  5. Go ahead and click on it, the screen will then give you three options: “Off,” “Manual,” and “Automatic.”
  6. You will want to tap the “Manual” option and then enter your “Server” and “Port.” The server and port will be given to you upon purchase of your proxy.
  7. If your network IP is not whitelisted on the dashboard, then go ahead and turn on “Authentication” and enter your username and password. Once again, your proxy provider will tell you whether or not they provide a Username:Password authentication.
  8. To save your work, simply go back to the “Wi-Fi” window.

Remaining on the topic of authentication, it is important to define what protocols are. Protocols are a set of rules that allow devices to communicate with one another. In relation to iPhone proxies, the two main protocols to have on your radar are HTTP and SOCKS. As of now, iOS supports HTTP over SOCKS. While inconvenient, there are nifty ways to utilize a US SOCKS proxy for iPhone over an HTTP proxy on iPhone 5 and newer. For more tips on the subject, check out this article here.

Reasons to Use a Proxy for iPhone

Reasons to Use a Proxy for iPhone

Since your iPhone is fitted with your newly purchased proxy, I think it is best to discuss using the proxy a bit more. Why should we use proxies in the first place? What do you get out of them? All of these questions will be answered below. Shifting our focus from setting up proxies to the reasoning behind them, I want to walk you through how to some of the tops reasons to use an iPhone proxy.

Hidden IP address

When researching proxies, you will come across this topic a whole lot. One of the main reasons to set up proxies for an iPhone is because they help to hide your IP address. There is no possible way I can count the number of places I have used my iPhone; let alone the number of Wi-Fi networks I have connected to while online. By hiding my real IP address, my personal information is more secure and my phone less exposed to hackers and other nefarious activities happening on the web.

Bypass location restrictions

Another major selling point of a paid proxy for my iPhone is the way proxies can bypass geographical restrictions placed on content. Trusted providers offer you proxies from a large number of locations from across the globe. This means that, while you might be living in Australia, you can hop onto a proxy server that is located in the United States, therefore making it appear as if you live somewhere you do not. This is particularly useful for streaming videos and accessing websites with different country codes from your own. Frequent travelers will also benefit from this aspect of proxies, as their iPhones are constantly on new networks and in places with varied restrictions.

Getting around IP bans

A proxy is a great resource for getting around IP bans. Some websites are diligent about tracking what IP addresses are going to and from their site. If you find your original IP address has been flagged and then blocked, a proxy can shield your address and gain you entrance to the particular website once again. Many proxy providers have you purchase proxies in sets, a set of five, for example. This helps to ensure your proxy will work and give you the option to switch to a new IP address if needed. I will, however, caution you from switching back and forth a whole lot between IP addresses. Doing so can look suspicious to a website and has the potential to get your IP address banned, which defeats the purpose of the proxy. Be aware of your online surroundings and make smart choices where websites are concerned.

What Are the Best Proxies for iPhone?

What Are the Best Proxies for iPhone?

Okay, so, we have a good idea about setting up and the reasoning behind iPhone proxies but what does a good proxy for iPhone look like? And how do you know if you have purchased the right one for your device?

First of all, I want to reiterate a statement I made earlier, buying your proxy is key. The last thing you want is for your proxy to not work properly or to share the proxy with a whole lot of people you do not know. That kind of defeats the notion of using a proxy for safety purposes. The good news is, here at Rayobyte we offer the very best iPhone proxies around.  We pride ourselves on selling high-quality products at affordable prices.

Our extensive list of proxy locations means you have more variety when it comes to choosing your proxy.  Think back to why you want to use the iPhone proxy in the first place, and this will help you decide where you would like the IP addresses to be housed. Also, consider the duration of time in which you would like to use the proxy. Perhaps you need to proxy to work on a specific project from your phone or because you are traveling for the next six months. The duration of our proxies begins at one month and goes all the way up to a year! So you are covered no matter what.

Best of all, our customer service team is available 24/7. Time differences do not matter when it comes to using your iPhone proxy properly. No matter where you are or the current time in that particular location, all your burning questions and concerns will be answered swiftly.  Buying new proxies can seem like a scary prospect, in the end, there really is nothing to it. If you house all of the above information in the back of your mind, you will be sure to buy a proxy that works for you and your device.

Dying to know even more about Rayobyte proxies and what they do? Take a look at our comprehensive blog right here!

Wrapping Up on iPhone Proxies

I have dropped my iPhone in a pool, lost it in a shopping mall, and forgotten it on an airplane. Yes, despite how I have treated the poor device, it still stands. It still stands as the easiest point of entry into the center of the internet. No matter where I am, I can look up the weather, pull up a map, and watch shows on different streaming services. The world has never felt smaller. But without an iPhone proxy, I am limited to my location and the original IP address that is given to me in that location. Free yourself of the restrictions placed on you because of your location, all while protecting yourself against harmful sites and prying eyes. iPhones are here to stay, so why not make your experience with your favorite portable device less restricted and full of freedom. Purchase a good proxy for iPhone and open yourself to all the possibilities the online world has to offer.

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