Sneaker Bots & Proxies: A Guide On How To Get Sneakers On Release Day

Sneaker collectors and fashion enthusiasts understand the excitement that builds when release day approaches. While you could once camp out in line at your favorite shop to find the latest and greatest sneaker launch, you must now navigate online competition from across the globe. Knowing how to cop ssneakers on release day with a sneaker bot will help you access launches from your favorite brands before anyone else in your circle.

You can greatly improve your chances of snagging your favorite new pair with a sneaker bot and a proxy. Read on to learn how to use these tools with other online resources to secure your spot in the virtual line. You can use the table of contents to skip sections if needed.

Step 1: Prepare for Sneaker Release Day

Step 1: Prepare for Sneaker Release Day

When discussing how to get sneakers on release day, the most important step is online research. You can’t buy new kicks online if you’re unsure of their release day. Follow your favorite brands on social media and sign up for email lists for alerts and notifications.

Join popular social media sites to follow other members of the sneaker community for updates. Follow sneaker-related hashtags, so all the latest news and releases show up in your timeline. Join different Discord sneaker groups to chat with fellow sneakerheads about upcoming releases, different product launches, and more.

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Step 2: Get a Sneaker Bot

Step 2: Get a Sneaker Bot

A reliable, trustworthy sneaker bot is one of the best resources at your disposal for navigating online sneaker releases. Don’t just pick the first sneaker bot you see. Do some research to find the best product for your needs.

What is a sneaker bot?

If you’ve been collecting sneakers for a while, you’re likely familiar with sneaker bots. For those who aren’t using a bot, it’s software that helps you buy limited-stock merchandise.

A sneaker bot looks through a website’s code to determine how many pairs of new sneakers are currently in stock. They automate the checkout process to complete purchases faster than humans.

How to choose a sneaker bot

Picking the right sneaker bot is critical to getting your new shoes on launch day. Look for a reputable provider, and be prepared to pay for the software. Clicking on a free program could expose you to viruses and malware, so make sure you research the software thoroughly before installing it on your computer.

You might be tempted to use the lowest-priced option, but a cheaper bot might not be as robust as a higher-priced option. Pick a sneaker bot that meets your needs. Read everything that comes along with the program, from updates to customer support. Find one compatible with your current operating system and with different sneaker websites.

Some bots tend to work better for different brands, so look for your brand of choice. Don’t wait until launch day to do your homework. Set up some time in advance to research different bots to get an idea of which will work best for you.

Twitter, Discord, and other social shoe forums are great resources for gathering information about sneaker bots. Examine chats and hashtags to see what fellow sneakerheads think of various bots. Ask people which bots they would recommend for different launches.

You might be more interested in limited edition Air Jordans, or you might be looking forward to the new Adidas collaboration. These websites operate differently, and one sneaker bot might be better for your specific interests. Search Discord and other social media groups for your preferred brand to see which bots are most compatible with the website.

What to look out for

When you’re buying a sneaker bot, know your desired budget. You’ll have to pay for the bot, your proxies, and your internet plan. You might want to up your speed for the launch, which could cost more. Know this upfront before spending all your money on the bot alone. Here are some other tips for choosing a quality bot:

  • Let other people test out the newest software.
  • Find one with a back-end platform you’re comfortable using.
  • Don’t use any product that guarantees a purchase (even with the best sneaker bot, you might not be able to snag a pair before other customers).
  • Frequent updates. Stores are savvy to sneaker bots and do their best to prevent them.

Step 3: Install Your Sneaker Bot

Step 3: Install Your Sneaker Bot

After buying your software, install it on your computer and test it out. If you wait until launch day, you risk a software meltdown when trying to land your new shoes.

Set it up and fill out the required fields beforehand. You’ll need to add your name, shipping address, and shoe size. When you’re researching sneaker bots, choose one that fills in CAPTCHAs so you don’t get stuck in the checkout line on release day.

Add a list of desired websites so your sneaker bot knows where to go on launch day. Once you’ve set up your preferred sites, try a couple of test queries. This way, you can confidently shop for new releases when the company’s servers are crowded with customers.

Step 4: Choose a Proxy for Your Sneaker Bot

Step 4: Choose a Proxy for Your Sneaker Bot

For best results, use a proxy when running your sneaker bot.

Why you should use proxies with a sneaker bot

A proxy helps you hide your sneaker bot, tricking the shoe website into thinking a real person is completing the transaction. A proxy server also lets you use multiple IP addresses, which you can use to get around the one pair per customer rules.

Different types of proxies

Depending on the website and what you want to buy, you can pair different proxies with your sneaker bot. Two common types are data center proxies and residential proxies.

Data center proxies

One of the most common proxy types, a data center proxy serves as a liaison between you, or in this case, your shoe bot, and the shoe retailer’s website. The data center receives your request, assigns an IP address, and sends you to the other website.

Since these proxies come from a data center, they aren’t connected with your internet service provider. Data center proxies are usually faster than residential proxies, which buys you valuable time to get your hands on shoes with a very limited inventory. Other pros of using a data center proxy include:

  • Better anonymity
  • Affordability
  • A higher volume of IP addresses

On the other hand, data center proxies are usually easier for websites to identify and block. But if time is of the essence, or if you’re interested in unlimited data, try pairing a data center proxy with your sneaker bot.

Residential proxies

A residential proxy is associated with an internet service provider and a physical address. Since a website can’t distinguish between a residential proxy and a human internet user, they aren’t usually blocked as quickly. Rayobyte offers rotating residential proxies, which come in handy if one of your IP addresses is flagged by the shoe retailer because you’re using a sneaker bot.

Since residential proxies are tied to a physical address, they are useful for sneaker launches confined to a specific geographical area. Your favorite collaboration might be available only in select cities or another country. With a residential proxy, you specify which location you want your IP address to come from, and the sneaker retailer will think you’re in the right area.

When using a sneaker bot, it’s important to pair it with reputable proxies. Sneaker bots store confidential information, including credit card numbers, addresses, and other credentials used in identity theft. Choosing proxies from an unreliable company puts your data at risk.

Step 5: Set Up Your Sneaker Bot for Your Specific Shoe

Step 5: Set Up Your Sneaker Bot for Your Specific Shoe

Once you’ve installed and tested your bot, and you know it will work with your chosen proxy, it’s time to configure it. Know which sites you want your sneaker bot to peruse and set up different tasks. You will use one task per transaction, so you need to set up various tasks if you want sneakers from multiple sites or multiple pairs. Multiple tasks also improve your chances of getting limited edition shoes.

When using a sneaker bot, you will create different profiles the bot can enter into the checkout screen for billing. You might be tempted to use one card with a single shipping address, but this is a good way to get flagged and have your transaction canceled. Set up billing profiles with different spellings of your street address. In some, spell out all words, and in others, use abbreviations. You don’t have to include multiple addresses, just variations that will still allow you to receive your package.

Creating a task is different depending on which sneaker bot you choose. Adding the specific URL of the sneakers you want makes the process faster and more efficient. If you can, get the data from your sneaker groups on social media. If you don’t have the exact URL, you can add keywords to let the bot know where to look and what to buy. Some limited releases might be available through multiple stores. For example, you might be able to purchase limited-edition Nikes directly through Nike and a retailer like Foot Locker. Set up tasks for each of these online retailers.

Once you’ve shown the bot where to look, add your shoe size and some keywords to ensure you get the right pair of shoes. Good keywords include the brand name, sneakers, limited edition, your preferred color, the name of the retailer, and spelling variations.

Step 6: Set Up Your Sneaker Bot to Find Restocks

Step 6: Set Up Your Sneaker Bot to Find Restocks

Since there are plenty of other sneaker bots available, the retailer will likely cancel some limited release purchases. Part of knowing how to get sneakers on release day online is adding a task so your sneaker bot can catch these restocks.

Whether someone got sticker shock and decided to cancel, or the order was thrown out because the site suspected a bot, these cancellations can bump available inventory later on release day. Configure your bot to look for restocks so you can take advantage of canceled sales.

You can also look for returns, restocks, and other upticks in inventory. Although these won’t come on release day, they are good ways to help you get your hands on a limited-edition shoe.

How Rayobyte Can Help

How Rayobyte Can Help

Rayobyte offers a variety of data center proxies and rotating residential proxies. We have a plan available for every budget, from starters interested in a few IP addresses to the enterprise user. We offer subscriptions ranging from one month to a year, with the option to save money by subscribing long-term.

Our proxies are reliable and trustworthy, and they won’t leave you hanging on release day with a banned IP address. They are ethically sourced, and you’ll never have to worry about exposing your confidential data just to get your hands on the newest limited-edition sneakers.

Use our data center proxies for maximum speed and efficiency or our residential proxies to bypass geographical restrictions. This tool is better for any sneakerhead who is worried about getting banned from their website of choice. Whichever your preference, we have a proxy plan you can easily use with your sneaker bot to buy new sneakers on release day. If you’re not sure which is right for you, contact us. We offer risk-free trials and customizable plans.

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Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re interested in flipping shoes or just want to compete with all the other bot users on release day, having a sneaker bot with a proxy is essential when it comes to how you get sneakers on release day.

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