Using GTFO Proxy IPs (Don’t Break Your Immersion)

When it comes to survival horror, atmospheric gameplay matters. When you’re wading through the depths of a decaying mansion or evading acid-blooded aliens aboard a derelict spaceship, you should feel like you’re on a razor’s edge. However, all of the hard work a game does can be easily undone if your immersion is broken. No matter how horrifyingly detailed the monster, no matter how much the dark, creaking environments suck you in, a glitch or crash can take you right back out. Fortunately, most of these games are single-player, which takes away the worry of online connection interruptions. When it comes to cooperative horror, however, it’s an entirely different story.

Cooperative horror games are making quite a comeback, mostly by way of independent studios. One such high-profile release in recent years is GTFO from Sweden-based studio 10 Chambers. Since its appearance at the game awards, GTFO has gained praise and popularity, especially among hardcore crowds it’s marketed towards.

But indie games come with their own set of caveats too, even ones with tons of money and support behind them. Not the least of these concerns is online connectivity. If you want the best possible experience in an online survival horror use proxies for your game. Other than maintaining your immersion, proxies can improve your game experience in several ways. Proxies allow for increased connection speeds, connection switching for international gaming, and an overall more secure gaming experience. Click through the table of contents to jump between each section and see the benefits of using proxies for GTFO.

Table of Contents

 Proxy IP for GTFO to Connect Around the World

 Proxy IP for GTFO to Connect Around the World

When it comes to international online games, proxies are the ideal way to play.

As mentioned, GTFO’s development studio is based in Sweden. Despite Scandinavia’s notoriously cutting-edge internet systems, worldwide players should still keep internet connection in mind when playing any foreign game. Playing the game with proxies outside of the US, for instance, can make for better connection speeds with users in other countries. These speeds can be further improved by using a dedicated or rotating proxy IP. We’ll cover that more later.

In addition, GTFO does not actually have dedicated servers for players to connect to. Nowadays, servers for countries and regions are pretty standard for online games. However, GTFO still uses peer-to-peer connections. That means that, instead of connecting to region-based servers, you connect directly to other players, with one player selected as the host. This might seem like it alleviates concerns in regards to regional differences, but it’s quite the opposite. If you aren’t playing with other players in an optimal region, you can connect to anyone around the globe, no matter your connection strength. However, by using proxies, you can ensure that you have an optimal connection to any player around the world.

GTFO Proxies Give You an In-Game Edge

GTFO Proxies Give You an In-Game Edge

While GTFO is not competitive per se, you still want to perform at your very best.

GTFO is a cooperative horror experience that pits players against monsters. While these types of cooperative experiences are usually more casual, GTFO is specifically geared to a hardcore crowd. So, even though you won’t have to compete against other players directly, you still have to worry about performance and lag. This is especially important if you are the host player. You don’t want to give other players a bad experience with a bad connection on your end. Plus, when you aren’t hosting, you don’t want to let your teammates down by losing to a monster because of internet lag or outages. Skill, on the other hand, is something that you’ll have to develop yourself. Proxies can’t help you there, unfortunately.

But proving yourself as a pro survivor isn’t the only concern you might have when playing online games. Now more than ever, some players might have worse plans than just grief-ing your perfect run.

Keep Your Data Safe While Playing GTFO the Game

Keep Your Data Safe While Playing GTFO the Game

A good proxy can also ensure that your gaming experience is safe and secure.

When you’re playing an online game, you have enough pressure on you without worrying about real-life threats from hackers. You’ve got enough to worry about when an eldritch monstrosity is breathing down your neck or when your teammate gets too ambitious and needs a revive down some dark, monster-infested hallway. By using a proxy IP, your location and data are masked. This adds an extra layer of protection between you and anyone trying to access your data. That layer of protection has another security function as well: anonymity. A proxy both provides a buffer between your data and hackers and masks where the data is originally from. Other than security concerns, one may simply prefer an anonymous connection for other personal and practical reasons.

While we all like to think of the gaming world as an escape, you never know what kind of monsters you could run into online. The worst kinds of players aren’t the ones who insult your survival tactics, but the ones who use games as a back-door to do real damage. Finding a great proxy IP provider means you don’t have to worry about security threats when you’re trying to relax with a nice, laid-back psychological horror game. Luckily, there are plenty of great options out there. You can also learn more about how proxies help secure your data and other steps you can take at our blog post on data breach prevention.

Finding the Best Proxies for GTFO

Finding the Best Proxies for GTFO

When it comes to international gaming, there’s a lot you should consider when searching for proxy IPs.

IPv4 vs IPv6 for gaming

In previous gaming generations, NAT connectivity issues were always the bane of online players. This was especially the case in peer-to-peer hosting situations. Now, with the more widespread adoption of IPv6, these issues are becoming a thing of the past. Plus, since there are more IPv6 addresses out there, they tend to be a lot cheaper. So getting an IPv6 proxy will let you stretch your money elsewhere, such as getting a dedicated version of your desired proxy. However, should you ever need to switch to an IPv4 proxy, Rayobyte makes it super easy to do so.

Dedicated vs semi-dedicated proxies

In almost any scenario, dedicated proxies are your best option. Using a semi-dedicated proxy means that you have to share your proxy IP with other users. This means that anything that they do on the proxy could affect your usage, including any bans they might receive. In addition, using a semi-dedicated proxy for gaming poses another issue entirely. Since games have to send a lot of data over your connection, another person using your same proxy can clutter up the connection and make it much less reliable. Both of these issues are unlikely or minor, so semi-dedicated proxies are still a great compromise for users on a budget. However, if you do have a more flexible budget, a dedicated proxy is a much higher-end service.

Rotating proxies

For gamers with top priority needs, you can also invest in rotating proxies. If you are already considering buying a proxy IP for a hobby and a good amount of money to do so, a rotating proxy would be the top-shelf service. A rotating proxy means that every connection will be made automatically through a different IP address. This ensures that you can get the best connection to other players, no matter where they are in the world. Unlike a dedicated proxy, you aren’t tied to one single IP and, thus, one single location for your connections.

If money is still an object to you, however, a dedicated proxy is still a great option. In addition, semi-dedicated proxies are ideal for gamers on a budget. Just be sure you get one in a location that allows for the easiest connection to the majority of players you plan to game with. Whatever the case may be, trust Rayobyte to provide a great proxy IP for your needs. You can choose from any of the options mentioned above, from semi-dedicated to rotating, and between IPv4 and IPv6 for whatever fits your needs. Plus, all of these top-quality services come at a great price. Check out the Rayobyte pricing page to compare plans and options.

To Sum Up

Whether you use games as an escape, or to test your skills, you want the best experience possible. You don’t want to worry about lag interrupting an online session or breaking your immersion in an atmospheric survival game. You don’t want to be concerned about a connection if one of your friends lives on the other side of the ocean. And you almost certainly don’t want to worry about your data being compromised while you’re just trying to relax and have fun. In all of these areas, using a proxy IP will ease your mind. So consider getting a proxy from Rayobyte so that your biggest fear is just that horrifying, formless monster on the game’s cover.

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