Using A Fortnite Proxy To Battle Every Challenge Thrown At You

Fortnite continues to take over the world. The game has become a totally global sensation, with players of all ages joining competitions. Fortnite players are always looking to level up and have the best possible computer setup so you don’t have an interruption in gameplay. Fortnite isn’t just a game—it’s a lifestyle. In order to have a truly amazing Fortnite experience, players should look into getting a Fortnite proxy. You need the best possible tools for battle and Fortnite proxies are a great way to get prepared. If you’re just getting into Fortnite, the prospect of getting a proxy might seem a little intimidating. In reality, they’re incredibly simple to install and are extremely likely to make your playing experience better. In this article, we’ll explore how to use Fortnite with a proxy, the question of a proxy vs Fortnite VPN, or what is a proxy in Fortnite. There are so many different ways to play Fortnite, and you can click around the table of contents to figure out what works best for you.

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Why Would Fortnite Need a Proxy?

The many facets of Fortnite

For the beginners, there are three main versions of Fortnite: Battle Royale, Save the World, and Creative. Although they’re all generally similar in terms of game play, the Battle Royale hosts up to 100 players and the last player standing is the winner. Save the World asks players to do exactly what the game is called and prevent the collapse of society. Finally, Creative lets you flex your design skills and build your own island. Fortnite keeps winning awards and also hosts a Pro-Am event where the game is streamed live. The game has also inspired real-life dance crazes. Fortnite is definitely not going anywhere—the game has its own world and you can spend days finding new things.

Fortnite Proxies

In order to get the best experience with Fortnite, players who want to be top-level should look into proxies. Fortnite is a massive, world-spanning game and not all personal devices and local connections are up to the challenge of running the game without interruption. Your personal device’s IP address can limit the number of games you have access to, but a proxy IP address is an easy way around that by hiding your IP address behind the proxy IP, you get access to more games around the world and therefore do not have to limit your exploration. Accessing worldwide games should be as expansive as the world of Fortnite and its global success. Proxies are useful for a variety of reasons, from getting around geoblocking to faster network speeds. In addition to better speed and global access, proxy IP addresses from reliable sellers provide much better security measures. By hiding your personal IP address with the proxy, your online behavior can’t be tracked by companies that are using Fortnite to study consumer behavior. While they can see all of the little requests and game moves you make, these tendencies can’t be applied to your personal IP address and then you’re less likely to get hyper-targeted, creepily accurate advertising that feels like spyware. There are so many people using Fortnite that it is likely there will be cyber criminals trying to collect IP addresses to get to sensitive information. The proxy IP address provides that extra line of defense for your personal device. For a truly safe and comfortable gaming experience, players should look into proxies for Fortnite.

Fortnite Unblocked

Fortnite Unblocked

Outside of security, Fortnite proxies help gameplay work as quickly as possible and have fewer interruptions. If you’re looking to have the best Fortnite experience, you want to get rid of all possible barriers to gameplay.

Avoiding Regional Blocks

Games are blocked in different regions for a variety of reasons, from micro-transactions to the content of the game being deemed inappropriate. Instead of worrying about location-based blocks, you can take Fortnite with you wherever you go. The proxy IP hides your personal device’s IP address and lets you log on from whichever location suits your Fortnite gaming needs. This is an important answer to the question of why would Fortnite need a proxy—locations of gaming proxies can make your experience a lot better. Looking into proxy providers will let you browse which countries they have available, and the best ones should have a lot available. If you’re ever traveling to a country that doesn’t have Fortnite, your proxy IP address will be in a location that allows you to keep playing and jump into any Battle Royale. You need global access to Fortnite, and the best solution is to use a Fortnite proxy.

Better Speeds

Although Fortnite has a ton of locations for their data centers so people around the world can play, it’s always better to have an IP address closer to the server hosting the game. The game data won’t have to travel as far, and therefore gets to you more quickly. This is especially important for Fortnite because there are so many people playing at once, especially for the Battle Royale. It would be devastating to lose at the last second because of an accidental blip in the connection or an unanticipated slowdown. Instead of experiencing delays, proxies for Fortnite ensure that you’ll be operating at top capacity without any lag time.

Blocked IPs

If you’re looking to get around a Fortnite ban, proxies can help. Whether it’s an unfair ban of your IP address, or you’re playing from a location that’s banned, proxies provide other IP addresses to help get around those bans. You might also be working form a network that bans you from certain websites—schools, work networks, public Wi-Fi. In order to bypass these restrictions, you’d need a proxy to provide you a different IP address.

What Proxy to Use With Fortnite

What Proxy to Use With Fortnite

Proxy vs Fortnite VPN

Before jumping into proxies for Fortnite, we should go over VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) as well, as they are a popular option for gamers looking to avoid geoblocking and protect their IP addresses. VPNs connect you through a different server on the internet and shield your location from malicious hackers. You can also unblock content restricted by location, so VPNs can offer the same freedom and protection as proxies. There are a few key differences between them if you’re interested in them for general usage as opposed to game usage, which you can read about here. However, Fortnite does not allow the use of a Fortnite VPN. Even though they are commonly used on the Internet, they are a tool for hackers as well. VPNs are often used by people who are trying to steal identities, go unnoticed while hacking into servers, or for accessing illegal websites. In order to avoid an interruption of Fortnite playing through a block, you should avoid using a VPN and stick to proxies.

Types of Proxies

If you’re wondering what proxy to use with Fortnite, there are three main types: dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating. A dedicated proxy is exactly what it sounds like: one proxy IP address for one user that masks their personal device’s IP address. You never have to worry about possible crowding on your proxy IP address because you’re the only one with access. A semi-dedicated proxy is shared between a few users. This is a good money saving option, but you want to make sure the seller is working hard to keep the proxy up and running. A reliable proxy provider will make a semi-dedicated proxy work for everyone. Rotating proxies are the most high-level: they rotate between proxy IP addresses. These are best for using web scrapers (for businesses and market research) or botting. Bots can look suspicious to websites because they make a lot of requests and move quickly, so they can get your IP address banned. Using a bot through a rotating proxy is important so you don’t experience bans and don’t have any gaming delays trying to deal with the ban.

Finding Good Proxies for Fortnite

Finding Good Proxies for Fortnite

Becoming a world-class Fortnite player means you have to find a good Fortnite proxy. There are other things you can use, but a proxy will give you an overall better experience with regard to speed, security, and gameplay availability. Fortnite is a global sensation and you should be able to access it globally. Reliable proxy providers should have all of these kinds available. In addition, you should look for providers that have end-to-end control of their hardware so they can address any problems that may come up. The best providers also offer a lot of locations so you can browse the web and play games in a totally unrestricted fashion. Since proxies are targeted towards global users, you also want to find a provider that offers 24/7 customer support so you can be anywhere in the world and get help from your provider.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

For gamers who have gotten super passionate about Fortnite, a Fortnite proxy is the best way to ensure your avatars are working as quick as you’re thinking without interruption. Proxies allow you to surf the web faster and have greater security, which is a great argument for using them for Fortnite.  Fortnite gets bigger and better every day, and you want to be able to explore all of it.

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