The Foolproof Guide to Copping Sneakers on Footsites

If you’re at all into sneaker collecting or reselling, you’ve probably stumbled upon Footsites. Many exclusive sneaker drops happen on sneaker brand websites, but retailers like those represented by Footsites also carry some of the classics and the latest shoes — with excellent resale value.

Copping sneakers is an art, and to master it, you have to know everything there is to getting sneakers from a particular website or store. Each website is different, and you need to know how each site operates to get your hands on those coveted sneakers that resell for double their price — if not more!

This guide will tell you everything about Footsites, how you can cop sneakers off them, and maneuvering the buying rules they have in place so you can up your resell game.

What Are Footsites?

What Are Footsites?

Footsites are a group of retail websites owned by the parent company, Foot Locker.

Foot Locker is a shoe retailer officially founded in 1988 but had its roots in companies that date back to the 19th century. The company has over 3,000 brick-and-mortar stores across the world, in addition to the retail website, Thanks to Machine Gun Kelly, the company’s famous logo of a football coach in a black and white striped shirt even became a meme recently.

While is its primary site, the company also has several subsidiaries. Foot Locker and its sister websites are all pretty similar and sell shoes and sports goods. This is why these sites are collectively called Footsites, especially in the sneaker world.

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List of Footsites:

List of Footsites:
  • (U.S.)
  • Footlocker CA
  • Lady Foot Locker
  • Foot Locker Kids
  • Footaction
  • Champ Sports
  • Eastbay

While remains the most popular, the other websites also carry major sneaker and sports brand shoes. With a common inventory, they are all interlinked. You can often even find the same shoes on all the sites.

This is very important for those who cop sneakers — but more about this shortly.

While they have physical stores in almost every major city, they have a solid online presence. With all these sites under one company, you can imagine the leveraging power they have. This is why many in-demand sneakers end up on Footsites.

Why Go To Footsites for Sneakers?

Why Go To Footsites for Sneakers?

You may be wondering: “Why bother copping sneakers from Footsites when you can get them directly from Nike, Adidas, or Yeezy Supply?” The answer lies in their popularity.

Footsites are industry leaders

Foot Locker is one of the leading retailers of shoes in the whole country, so many brands supply most of their lines to the company and its sister websites. In 2021, profits jumped by a whopping 295%. That goes to show how popular the websites still are with the general public and sneakerheads.

More importantly, as Footsites are multiple websites, that increases the chances of copping sneakers for anyone targeting these websites to get those hot sneakers.

The selection can sometimes be limited, but it’s also one of your best bets to buy in bulk because the same person can buy the same shoes from different Footsites. You cannot do that with a brand like Nike, for example, because there’s only one Nike website.

Different footsite sites run similarly

Footsites also work very similarly, so what may work on one site would most likely also work on another. Also, if you compare the restrictions brand websites have on buying certain limited-edition sneakers, Footsites do not have nearly as strict restrictions.

And it’s not just sneakers that they sell — you can also find other limited edition sports stuff like jerseys and merchandise.

Foot Locker is a big-box retailer of shoes, so you can even get a bargain on specific sneakers.

How to Cop Sneakers on Footsites

How to Cop Sneakers on Footsites

Now that you know what footsites are and how important they can be for any sneakerhead, here’s how you can cop sneakers from these sites.

Like many other retailers and sneaker brands, Footsites also have specific rules and protocols in place when it comes to high-demand sneakers. Similarly, hot sneaker drops often sell out quickly on these websites because they are mainstream, and they promote such drops heavily.

This means that you cannot successfully cop sneakers taking the usual approach. Sometimes the sneakers may sell out before you’ve even entered your payment details. Other times, you may only be able to buy one pair, as per the one pair one customer practice widely applied in the sneaker world.

That obviously does not bode well if you’re running a business reselling sneakers. You can only make profits if you have ample sneakers, especially those in-demand collab sneakers that everyone wants, no matter the price.

Your best bet at copping sneakers from Footsites, any of them, is using a Footsite bot.

Footsite bots

Footsite bots are sneaker bots designed for Footsites. These sneaker bots are programs that do the work for you — like finding and buying sneakers for you just in time and circumventing the restrictions the websites have in place.

If you want to learn more about sneaker bots, you can read all about them here.

Sneaker bots also come in handy when you want to buy more than one pair of sneakers from Footsites. That may be difficult to achieve without a bot, as these sites share databases and inventory. Keep in mind that there are many different kinds of sneaker bots, and not all may work on Footsites. This is because most sneaker bots are designed for specific websites only.

Knowing how to get the right sneaker bot is crucial before investing in any of the bots. You can learn all about it in the ultimate guide to getting a sneaker bot.

However, a bot is not the only thing you need to cop sneakers off any of the Footsites — you need proxies, too!

Footsite proxies

Footsite proxies can work alongside your Footsite bot to help mask your identity. Even the most reliable sneaker bot would not last very long without proxies. But to understand that better, you should know what proxies are and what they do.

What are proxies?

A proxy is a server that reroutes the request from a device, helping hide its actual IP address. It’s essentially a server with its own unique IP address and location. A request goes through this server to the server where the website is sitting. However, the website server sees a different IP address than the one from the device where the request originated from (your device).

While that’s the basic explanation of a proxy, its uses go above and beyond.

You can easily buy proxies online (each proxy represents one IP address) to use for your sneaker copping operation. You can then set it up with the bot to route the requests through the proxies.

Types of proxies

There are several types of proxies you can choose from to cop sneakers off Footsites.

Residential Proxies: These proxies have residential IP addresses provided by internet service providers (ISPs), so these are static IP addresses. These are the most reliable because websites think the request comes from a regular user. You can also select residential proxies from different locations to make the request route from a specific geographical location.

Data Center Proxies: These proxies live in a data center and are basically servers that reroute requests. These have IP addresses but no physical address linked with individual devices from real users as residential IPs do. Another benefit is that these proxies are more economical than residential ones, so you can buy these in bulk to use on different Footsites.

Why Use Proxies for Copping Sneakers on Footsites?

Why Use Proxies for Copping Sneakers on Footsites?

As you know, it’s already hard enough getting the sneakers without using a bot. There are multiple important reasons why you need to use proxies for this purpose:

Avoid getting blocked by footsites

This is the primary reason you need to use proxies when copping sneakers. Footsites, like many other retailers, often have buying limitations in place. Normally, that means one customer can buy one pair of a particular model of sneakers — it doesn’t matter if the color or size is different.

In some cases, you may not be able to increase the number of sneakers at a time. In other cases, even if you somehow manage to place multiple orders, all other orders except one might get canceled.

Even if you’re not trying to buy in bulk, limited-edition sneakers sell out extremely fast. You can use a bot to buy those, as bots are all set with the payment details to check out just in time before stock runs out. However, doing so without a proxy runs the risk of getting banned, particularly in the case of your IP address.

Navigating around blocks with IPs

How can you navigate around Footsite blocks?

Websites are not very keen on bots sniffing around the web pages. Many sites have bot-catching protocols in place, like CAPTCHA. They also have request limits, which limit the number of times an IP address can send a request to a website.

If the website catches the bot, the IP address associated with it can get permanently blocked. You even risk getting banned as a customer as they can identify your name, address, email, and so forth from the order details.

This can be avoided by using proxies, which help mask your actual IP address. You can also visit different Footsites without appearing as the same person by using multiple proxies.

Here’s the real deal, though — if you get banned from one Footsite, you get banned from them all. That would be quite a setback if you’re in the sneaker reselling business.

Change location

Proxies also come in handy for changing locations. For instance, if you want to access Foot Locker Canada or Europe, you can use a proxy located in Canada or Europe, respectively.

Proxies are very popular for this purpose, allowing you to access region-specific websites. This is beneficial for those copping sneakers from outside the U.S. It can also be useful if a particular pair of sneakers are only available on a regional Footsite.

Beat the competition

The sneaker resale market value was $6 billion globally in 2019, of which $2 billion was only the U.S. market. Those numbers have only gone up in recent years — so the sneaker resale industry is not without challenging competition.

Using proxies can give you an advantage over other competitors who are not using them at all or using unreliable ones that don’t deliver. It’s a race of time and strategy, both of which can be mastered with the help of reliable and fast proxies to go with a tried and tested sneaker bot.

Footsites provide many opportunities for sneakerheads because there are multiple of them that you can access to get the sneakers you want. Your odds are better with Footsites than many traditional retailers, so you definitely don’t want to get banned by them.

Best Proxies for Footsites

Best Proxies for Footsites

Not only do you need proxies to cop sneakers from footsites, you need reliable proxies — not public, free ones that serve as an open invitation to malware.

Rayobyte uses proprietary, never-before-seen technology to provide the best proxies for Footsite shoes. These Footsite proxies can help you get those sneakers you’ve been eyeing right when they drop. They can also help you buy in bulk.

Rayobyte: the best proxies for footsites

Rayobyte residential proxies are downright the best — simply because they are virtually impossible to detect if used the right way. These are ethically sourced, covering all important geographical locations. You can even find residential proxies from different U.S. regions to cop multiple sneakers. These can bypass any anti-scraping protocols the Footsites have, allowing your bot to do its job.

Similarly, Rayobyte data center proxies make a viable choice for those looking to buy proxies in bulk. These are reliable and dynamic, allowing versatile use for any task related to sneaker copping. With 9 ASNs, even if an entire ASN is compromised, another takes its place to ensure the sneaker bot does not find any roadblocks in the way. More importantly, these servers can handle a lot of throughputs, which helps enhance speed.

If you like both residential and data center proxies options, you can also go for ISP proxies that combine some features of both. ISPs provide the IPs, but these are not based in residences. With 5 Real IP ASNs, these proxies provide ample redundancy to keep the work going. Plus, there are no limits on bandwidth or connections.


Which proxies are best for Footsites?

The best proxies for any Footsites are residential proxies because these are the safest to use. With an authentic ISP IP address, residential proxies can easily avoid getting banned.

ISP proxies are the next best thing, as these also have an ISP-provided IP address, which is much safer than traditional free, public options.

Can you buy sneakers in bulk on Footsites?

Depending on the sneaker model, you may not be able to buy more than one pair with one customer profile. This is because the website may have restrictions in place to limit order quantity. As a result, it becomes difficult to buy in bulk.

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Footsites are great websites for buying the latest sneakers, with brands offering some of their most sought-after sneakers on these websites. These six or seven websites collectively provide many sneaker options, so they can even be used for bulk buying.

But for all that, you’ll need Footsite bots with Footsite proxies. While you can hunt for a great sneaker bot online, Rayobyte can take care of your proxy needs. With multiple options to choose from, you can get proxies within your range that also meet your needs.

If you’re a sneakerhead and want to know more about using proxies for sneaker copping, join our Discord group or find us on Twitter.

Ask questions, explore new content and connect with the proxy and sneaker community through our Discord channel! Join here.

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