The Ultimate Guide To Web Scraping Reddit (With The Help of Proxies)

Reddit is one of the most popular websites globally, with an active userbase of more than 430 million people. It’s a huge online discussion forum that allows people worldwide to share content and talk about their favorite subjects. If you’ve thought about a topic before, there’s definitely a subreddit (an individual Reddit forum) dedicated to it. There are even subreddits about web scraping!

That means that Reddit is one of the best online sources of social data — period. It’s a gold mine for businesses that want to do research. If you have the tools to extract data from Reddit in a useful format, you could see incredible results. That’s where Reddit web scrapers come in.

This article is the ultimate guide to web scraping Reddit, how it can help your business, and why you need proxies to make the most of the site. Ready to learn? Let’s dive in.

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How Web Scraping Reddit Can Boost Your Business

How Web Scraping Reddit Can Boost Your Business

A Reddit web scraper, or a Reddit scraper, is a tool that scans the site for you and collects the information you care about. There’s so much information on Reddit that it’s basically impossible to get helpful details manually. If you want to make use of the data Reddit offers, you need a web scraper.

Reddit can be a powerful source of information — which you can utilize to make money. Here’s how to make money web scraping Reddit.

1. Brand and competitor research

‌Reddit facilitates conversations in a way that few social media platforms accomplish. Reddit users can discuss your brand and your competitors without filters or monitoring. That means that scraping comments from Reddit lets you get pure, unfiltered feedback from current and potential customers.

You can learn things like challenges your customers face, problem points with your product, and things people love and hate about your competition. By scraping Reddit, you can collect all the relevant comments in one place, making practical analysis easy.

2. Trend monitoring

‌If you want to start or expand a business, you need to understand trends. You can scrape Reddit to spot trends before they’ve become popular. You can also scrape subreddits related to your niche to collect and analyze data. You can learn about fashion, tech trends, and more before anyone else. That lets you create new products and services that are on the cutting edge.

3. App building

‌If you have an idea for an app but need data to fill it with, Reddit scraping can give you the information you need. With the right scraping program, you can collect helpful information, like recipes, jokes, video game tips and tricks, and more.

4. Lead generation

‌One of the best ways to use Reddit web scraping is to search for leads for your existing business. You can scrape subreddits related to your company for people who need your help. Then you can reach out to those people and make sales and money.

You can find even more recommendations for how to make money web scraping Reddit on the site itself. Other suggestions from Redditors include:

  • ‌Scrape book swapping subreddits to help people find textbooks
  • ‌Scrape job-finding subreddits to find simple jobs
  • ‌Scrape sales and thrift subreddits for reselling
  • ‌Offer scraping services to people on Reddit

How to Start Reddit Web Scraping

How to Start Reddit Web Scraping

For web scraping beginners, Reddit is one of the best sites to target. That’s because there are a variety of ways you can get started.‌‌

First, you can always try the official Reddit API. This free tool lets you collect publicly available information from the site. The problem with this API is that it has some significant limitations when it comes to scope. If you want to collect a lot of data all at once, the API isn’t the best choice.

The next option is to write your own web scraping program. This is a great solution if you’re confident in your coding skills. You can customize the program however you want. However, it’s also time-consuming, and it’s not beginner-friendly.

Last, you can choose to use a web scraper that’s already been written. There are some free web scraping tools, but like Reddit’s API, they have limits. The best solution is to work with a paid Reddit crawler and scraper. Paid web scraping programs include customer support to help beginners get started. They also don’t have the security risks of free options. You can learn about the web scrapers that Reddit users love in this Reddit thread.

The Simplest Solution for Web Scraping on Reddit

The Simplest Solution for Web Scraping on Reddit

Every Reddit scraper works a little differently. If you’re just getting started scraping Reddit, you can use the Python Reddit API Wrapper (PRAW). This is a program that lets you work with Reddit’s API using Python programs. It’s the most effective way to use Reddit’s API directly.

You can get started with PRAW in just a few steps:

  1. Create a Reddit account for scraping if you don’t already have one.
  2. ‌Install PRAW through your command line by typing “pip install praw”.
  3. ‌Create an application through this link.
  4. ‌Enter your name, the URI “https://localhost:8080”, and the description of the application you’re creating, then click “update app”.
  5. ‌Open your preferred Python IDE or code editor (Visual Studio Code and PyDev work great).
  6. ‌Start an instance of PRAW by typing in:

reddit = praw.Reddit(client_id =’my client id’,

‌client_secret =’my client secret’,

‌user_agent =’my user agent’)

‌‌This is a read-only instance, which is all you need to scrape the website. You can search the RedditDev subreddit itself for specific Python scripts you can use in PRAW, or you can write your own. To make sure your instance of PRAW works, read through PRAW’s documentation.

How to Avoid IP Blocks While Web Scraping Reddit

How to Avoid IP Blocks While Web Scraping Reddit

Reddit web scraping is a great tool to collect the data Reddit provides. Still, no tool is perfect. Web scraping on Reddit can be the ideal solution for your data collection needs — but only if you use the right tools alongside it.

The problem is that Reddit, like many sites, doesn’t approve of web scraping. Web scrapers are legal, and large sites like Reddit can easily handle the traffic they create. However, Reddit scrapers act a lot like something much more dangerous: malware bots.

Hackers use malware bots to try to bring down websites or steal private information. For that reason, sites like Reddit are very cautious about malware and bots in general. It’s challenging to tell malware bots apart from perfectly safe bots like web scrapers, so most sites don’t bother. Instead, Reddit bans any bot it detects — just to be safe.

That’s why you need to work with Reddit proxies. You can learn more about Reddit proxies and how to use them in this article. Proxies protect you from getting your computer banned from visiting a site entirely.

However, there are several different types of proxies, and some are better suited to web scraping than others:

Dedicated, semi-dedicated, and rotating proxies

‌There are three types of proxies: dedicated, semi-dedicated, and public. Any of these types of proxies can be rotating or static, as well as residential or data center-based.

A public proxy is a proxy anyone can use as long as they know the address. They’re slow and insecure because of that. On the other hand, dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies are private. They can only be used by the people paying for them. Dedicated proxies are only used by one person, while semi-dedicated proxies are shared by a few users.

Residential and data center proxies

‌Proxies can also be divided into residential and data center offerings. Residential proxies use IP addresses that are assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). That means that these IPs have a physical location. As a result, residential proxies are comparatively expensive but also harder to block.

In contrast, a data center proxy is hosted in, you guessed it, a data center. Datacenter proxies don’t have a physical location attached, which means sites can detect that they’re proxies. You may spend more time fighting bans, but it won’t affect your budget as heavily.

Finally, all proxies can be rotating or static. With a static proxy, you just use one proxy address at a time. Meanwhile, rotating proxies are automatically swapped out regularly to prevent bans. That makes rotating proxies perfect for web scraping Reddit or other sites.

You can find proxies that combine all of these designations in many different ways. For example, a proxy can be static, residential, and dedicated, or it can be rotating, data center, and semi-dedicated.

When it comes to scraping Reddit data for money, rotating residential proxies are the best. The combination of the security of residential proxies and the protection of rotation lowers the difficulty of web scraping Reddit significantly.

Choose the Best Proxy Provider for Web Scraping

Choose the Best Proxy Provider for Web Scraping

If you’re scraping Reddit data for money, it’s worth investing in your proxies. You should work with a provider that offers high-quality  rotating residential proxies to make sure you have maximum uptime and minimum bans. Some signs of a great proxy provider include 24/7 customer support, a broad range of IP address locations, and guaranteed speed.

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