The Pros and Cons of Backconnect Proxies

If you’re looking to scrape the web, you’re probably considering what proxy is best. With public, residential, backconnect proxies, and more, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which is the best for your data-gathering needs.

What are backconnect proxies? The point of backconnect proxies is to make it harder for websites to detect and block your server’s data scraping activity. Instead of using only one assigned IP address as a standard proxy server would, backconnect proxies are equipped with a very large database of potential IP addresses that assign a new address to each individual request a user sends. This allows specific IP addresses to browse the desired website more securely without being blocked — which, if it happens, can cause your company quite a lot of unnecessary downtime and expenditure.

Even so, backconnect proxies have their pros and cons. They won’t work for everyone in every situation.

Advantages of a Private Backconnect Proxies Service

Advantages of a Private Backconnect Proxies Service

Rotation Features

Backconnect proxies typically change, or rotate, your assigned IP address at predetermined intervals, whether it’s every minute or every 10 minutes. Some will assign a new IP address for each individual request that you make on a website, making it a good deal harder (but not impossible) for your digital entry point to be identified and blocked.

Strong Anonymity and Security‌

Backconnect proxies come with a large pool of different locations for your IP addresses. This alone greatly expands the number of available proxies that can be assigned at any one time, which in turn elevates your anonymity whenever you’re on the internet.

Disadvantages of Backconnect Proxies‌

Disadvantages of Backconnect Proxies‌

With all that said, there are some potential problems to be aware of with backconnect proxies. These include:

Inconsistent Proxy Quality

The large pool of IP addresses that come with backconnect proxies often varies widely from one to the other. You might be assigned an extremely fast proxy one minute and an extremely slow on the next. There’s no actual way to tell in advance which is which.


Backconnect IP proxies can be a more expensive solution than others. That’s because their benefits in terms of anonymity and security naturally raise their cost. While it’s true that you get what you pay for, backconnect proxies might not be right for everybody — and their higher cost can be superfluous when other options are cheaper and provide the same benefits.

Overloading and Slowdown

Switching so often between so many different IP addresses is a resource-intensive task. It’s possible for this to overload your server and slow down the time to make and receive requests — especially if the target server is far away from your backconnect proxy server. Although this won’t always happen, reduced inefficiency like this can certainly affect your bottom line.

Choosing the Right Proxy for Your Web Scraping Needs‌

Choosing the Right Proxy for Your Web Scraping Needs‌

These disadvantages can be quite serious if you need to make millions of scrapes each day and every minor delay creates a new bottleneck in the pipeline. However, if the rotating IP addresses of backconnect proxies appeal to you, you should know that rotating residential proxies have the same feature — with the additional benefit of making you appear as an ordinary “residential” internet user.

Where can you find a rotating residential proxy? You need a reputable proxy provider that can guarantee you the fast speed and efficiency you need to crawl the web and avoid bans and unwanted downtime. Rayobyte offers a full suite rotating residential proxy package to help your business scrape data quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our products and get started scraping.

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