How An Android Proxy Makes Your Phone A Global Sensation

No matter what field you work in or where you live these days, you need a mobile phone to get things done. The explosion of mobile phones have made all of us more connected, and as the technology inside these mini supercomputers has advanced, we can find more and more uses for our phones. Aside from just making phone calls and sending text messages, phones allow us to play games, surf the web, and locate basically anything we need in the world. Android is one of the most advanced mobile operating systems, which powers millions of mobile users around the world. Lets explore about android proxy.

Androids have a ton of capabilities, but you can unlock even more of them with an Android proxy. Whether you are new to proxies or have been using them for years, it is important to recognize the differences between regular proxies and an Android proxies. If you’re wondering how to use a proxy on Android, look no further. In this blog, we will define what an Android proxy is, explore how to set up and use proxies on Android, and discuss what a high-quality, reliable proxy provider looks like.

If you thought the world was at your fingertips before, just wait till you start using a proxy on your Android phone. Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

1. What is an Android Proxy

2. What Are Proxy Settings for Android?

3. Reasons to Use a Proxy for Android

4. The Best Proxy on Android

What is an Android Proxy?

What is an Android Proxy?

Before we can dive into reasons you should use proxies for Android phones, we first need to define what a proxy is and how it works in relation to your phone. Every single device you own comes with a unique IP address. This address is used to identify and locate your device, not only that, but its movements can be traced and tracked by websites. For example, a lot of companies use website traffic to assesses their conversion numbers or devise new marketing tactics. While not a huge red flag at first, your IP address can be quite limiting because it relies solely on the restrictions and limitations that come from its geographic location. If your IP address comes from a server in the United States, then you may only see the content available in that area. This is why so many users turn to proxies to unblock global content. Whether you’re at home or traveling around the world, an Android proxy can help you get more access and keep up with all of your favorite games and apps.

A proxy is a way to bridge the gap between your device and the internet. Proxies shield your original IP address, making websites believe that you are in a different location and hiding your identity in the process. However, a proxy for the Android phone is different. When it comes to using a proxy for Android, it’s as simple as using one for a computer. Figuring out how to configure a proxy on Android is as basic as accessing the mobile network settings. As soon as you set up your proxy with your Android, you’ll be able to browse the internet globally and with an extra assurance of security.

One tip to remember when researching proxies is the different kinds of proxies that are available to you. For your safety, I would recommend buying a dedicated proxy and advise you to steer clear of free proxy “deals” that float around the internet, as they are often unsafe and unreliable. Dedicated proxies are for your use and your use only. They give you total control over the proxy network you are using, ensuring a strong connection.

What Are Proxy Settings for Android?

What Are Proxy Settings for Android?At first glance, figuring out how to adjust proxy settings on Android can seem confusing and like something only computer experts can do. However, more and more devices have made it easier to set up proxies because manufacturers have realized how important they are to today’s internet users. There are some basic distinctions between proxy types to be aware of.

Many proxies have HTTP/HTTP(S) protocols, which is common for computers and how websites connect through them. You want to keep in mind which port you’re connecting through and how to adjust proxy settings on Android based on that port. A port is a kind of communication endpoint within a device, configuring how information is identified and forwarded through the channels of the internet. A proxy that uses a SOCKS protocol is highly recommended when using Android proxies, as they are very versatile and have the ability to access any website using any protocol. HTTP proxies can work with browsers, but SOCKS proxies work with many applications that might not communicate with HTTP proxies for Android.

For an even closer look at SOCKS proxies, take a look at our blog here. Following these simple steps is the way to set a proxy on Android. Every time you connect to a new Wi-Fi network, you have to redo this process, so it will become second nature in no time.

  1. Go to your Android settings and click on “Wi-Fi.”
  2. Connect to your chosen Wi-Fi network, click on the name and hold it.
  3. When a box with information about the Wi-Fi network pops up, select “Modify Network” and select “Advanced Options”.
  4. Tap “Manual.”
  5. If your Android is a later model it might have “Proxy Auto-Config” as an option. You can pick this and then enter a proxy auto-configuration script, which is a .PAC file.
  6. If you selected “Manual,” enter the proxy IP address and port number given by your proxy provider.
  7. Click “Save.”

You are now ready to browse safely with an Android proxy. You’ll never need to wonder how to change proxy settings in Chrome on Android because you start at the source—the Wi-Fi network. You’ll have to go through this process every time you connect to a new Wi-Fi network because they all default to not using a proxy server. However, after you set this up with a new network, the network will remember. It’s a simple process and it’s always the right thing to do if you have a good proxy that keeps you browsing safely and globally.

(You can also find instructions for a Samsung phone here.)

Reasons to Use a Proxy for Android

Reasons to Use a Proxy for Android

Now that we’ve set up how to adjust proxy settings on Android, we can go over the reasons why using a proxy is such a great idea for your internet safety and experience in general. If setting up an Android proxy feels like a chore, there are a few major reasons why having a proxy for Android can reduce headaches and make your experience of using the internet and apps on your phone better overall.

Protect your identity

Your identity and the data you produce online is something you should protect as much as possible. However, an Android proxy makes it easier to avoid cyber criminals and companies phishing for data. Instead of being able to tie everything to your personal mobile device’s IP address, there is the barrier of a proxy IP address.

With so much personal information stored online, there is no shortage of spots for people to take advantage and grab hold of credit card data or banking information. Android proxies ensure that your identity is safe from thieves and gives you peace of mind while accessing banking info on apps or entering your shipping information into an eCommerce site. When you are using a dedicated proxy, you are surfing the internet entirely incognito.

Avoid geoblocking

As I mentioned earlier, where your IP address is physically located is where a website is going to think you are located. Although the Internet can travel globally, there are a lot of websites that have geographic barriers and only allow certain content in certain countries. Streaming sites are the biggest perpetrator of these barriers—getting a license for streaming rights depends on various contract negotiations. While location restrictions can feel frustrating, a good proxy will bypass those limitations.

The best proxy providers give you a wealth of locations from which to choose so you can make sure you’re able to connect to whatever. In addition, some countries have random blocks on certain apps, games, and websites. You can get around these with an Android proxy. If you’re traveling to a country with one of these blocks, you’ll just update your Android proxy settings and keep access to all your websites and apps without concern.

Get around website blocks

While website blocking normally happens to bots and nefarious actors, it can randomly happen to your IP address. Sometimes games or websites mass block a bunch of IP addresses that look like a suspicious one, which can cause problems for users. You can get around that with a proxy IP address that won’t appear to be the one that was banned. There are so many good reasons to use an Android proxy, and the best proxy providers can give you all of these benefits. Again, a paid proxy is the best option to get all of the benefits because public or free proxies don’t tend to make any guarantees, especially on the issue of security.

The Best Proxy on Android

The Best Proxy on Android

Reliable proxy providers are also able to give you an Android proxy that has faster network speeds, in addition to all of the good reasons to get one. Rayobyte offers all of these proxy amenities and more for your Android proxy. Rayobyte is able to offer a ton of server locations, and has end-to-end control of the hardware so we can address any possible issues that may come up. In addition to the variety of location choice, we have 24/7 customer service to help with any problems that might come up around the world. If you ever need help with Android proxy settings, Rayobyte will be there for you.

You can also get proxies for different lengths of time—you don’t have to be locked into a contract that won’t give you any wiggle room. Even if you just need an Android proxy for a month, that’s available to you. Rayobyte also gives automatic replacements if you need them because of a ban or a security issue. With a good proxy provider, you’ll be able to get a major return on investment for a dedicated proxy because it will be pretty inexpensive for all of the headaches it will save you.  Rayobyte has a ton of options for dedicated proxies, and even if you only use it for a short time, you’ll have a great experience.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Our phones are the ultimate weapon against getting lost somewhere or answering history questions we can scarcely remember from school. It protects us and it draws us in with games and information. For all the good that it does, all users should be sure they’re getting the most out of a device that could be taken for granted because of the frequency of use. With the help of an Android proxy, you no longer need to be limited by your physical location nor worried about nefarious activity happening with your personal information. Find and purchase a proxy from a trusted proxy provider and your world will open even wider than it was before. That is the power of an Android user.

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