Scraping Robot

Making Scraping Even Easier

We know that scraping can be complicated, especially if the necessary resources (like proxies) aren’t avaiable to you and your team. That’s why our talented team at Scraping Robot decided to build API and custom scraping solutions for all users, no matter how big or small your budget.

At the end of the day, we are a data company. Whether that means providing the highest-quality proxies through Rayobyte, or doing the scraping for you with Scraping Robot, we have you covered. Check out Scraping Robot’s website or contact [email protected] to learn more.

Scraping Robot Features

Simple Pricing

No hidden fees, monthly costs, or complicated pricing tiers. Not sure how many scrapes you need? Just let us know the size of your data-collection project, and we’ll help you find the most affordable option for your use case.

Built For Developers

All Scraping Robot APIs provide structured JSON output of a parsed website’s metadata. Plus: no more blocks, captchas, proxy management, or browser scaling. That means hassle-free scraping!

New Modules Added Frequently

We are constantly adding new scraping modules for all types of use cases. Check out all our options on our Modules Page, or contact [email protected] to make a custom request!

Custom Solutions

Not sure what data solution is right for you? Our dedicated customer success team is available 24/7 to help you find the perfect option. We’ll even build one for your exact needs!

Simple Pricing. No Monthly Commitments.


Get 5,000 free scrapes/month

Includes access to all Scraping Robot features

Business (0-500k Scrapes)


Includes access to all Scraping Robot features

Enterprise (500k+ Scrapes)

As low as $0.00045/scrape

Includes access to all Scraping Robot features AND custom API requests

Frequently Asked Questions

Are proxies required for scraping with Scraping Robot?

Nope! Scraping Robot handles all proxy management for you.

What other features does Scraping Robot offer?

Not only does Scraping Robot take the hassle out of scraping, but it also features: Javascript rendering, parsed metadata, usage and stats, and more. Successful results guaranteed!

How do Scraping Robot credits work?

After you sign up for an account (it’s free!), you can pick the pricing plan that fits your budget. You can use the scraping credits in your plan whenever you want, and you won’t be charged for failed results or timeouts. These credits can be used with Scraping Robot’s custom API, or on any pre-built modules.

What is the response time for results?

Scraping Robot’s offers a 2-minute default timeout. But if you need guaranteed faster results, you can reach out to the team to find a custom pool of scraping proxies that better fits your needs.

Can I try Scraping Robot for free?

Yes! Every user who signs up gets 5,000 free scrapes per month. If you need more scraping credits, you can just pick the plan that works for you and your budget.

What if I already have a scraping bot and just need a better way to manage my proxies?

Rayobyte’s Proxy Pilot is just the solution. The all-in-one proxy management application handles retries and cooldown logic, detects bans, supports geo-targeting, and even provides advanced statistics.

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