New York City Proxies

The best proxies right from the Big Apple!

New York City Proxies

The best proxies right from the Big Apple!

NYC Proxy Features

99% Uptime

We control our entire proxy infrastructure, so we have a lot more control over the factors that can affect uptime, unlike other proxy providers. If our system detects even a second of downtime, it will simply rotate you to new IPs immediately!

Fewer Bans

We make sure you can always access the sites that you need to access. Our residential proxies maximize the authority you need to avoid getting banned by a website, while our data center IPs utilize a wide number of diverse subnets and ASNs.

Secure Authorization

We offer secure proxy authentication in whatever way works the best for you: IP Authorization or User:Pass. Our data Center and ISP proxies can also support SOCKS5 with IP Authorization.

Intuitive Dashboard

You can use your proxy dashboard to manage your list of proxies, upgrade or downgrade to different IPs, adjust account settings, authorize your device(s), switch country/city locations, and more. Right from your preferred web browser!

NYC Proxy Pricing


Ultimate speed and ban reduction 🌟

Limitless Bandwidth


We give you the extra throughput you might need for those much larger data collection jobs at no additional cost to you.

8 Real IP ASNs


Our partnerships with 8 of the top companies from around the globe provide maximum redundancy and diversity. Most sites with anti-proxy protections will only ban one IP at a time. But what if they ban an entire ASN? While other proxy providers simply scramble for another solution, we’ll just instantly rotate your proxies to one of our other ASNs so your work can continue without a hitch.

Fast 1 Gbps speed


Because ISP proxies are still based in a data center, you really get the “best of both worlds”: residential-level authority and ban prevention against websites, combined with top-tier data center speeds and availability.

24/7 365 Expert Support


We go above and beyond other proxy providers to make sure you have a great experience with all of our products. Our support and tech teams are always standing by for any questions or issues you may run into.


Best solution for web scraping 🔥

Always Ethically Sourced


Other proxy providers are simply not as committed to ethics as we are, in fact it's something we pride ourselves on. When it comes to both our end users, and the proxy sources that trust us with their IP address. Read more about how how we ethically obtain our proxies.

Super Powerful API


Our world-class API is developer-friendly and integrates into your already existing software. You can manage your proxies without ever having to visit the Blazing dashboard.

Large IP Pool


Our top-notch quality pool of residential proxies is made in-house and can handle jobs of any scale you have.

24/7 365 Expert Support


We go above and beyond other proxy providers to make sure you have a great experience with all of our products. Our support and tech teams are always standing by for any questions or issues you may run into.

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Endless Use Cases

Our wide range of products can be used for almost any use case out there. Including ecommerce web scraping, SEO monitoring, advertising verification, market research, travel data aggregation, price tracking, review monitoring, social media scraping, non-profit data collection, cybersecurity, brand protection and more. You can check out our entire proxy use case page here. If you don’t see your specific use case above don’t worry! Reach out to our team and we’ll help you with whatever project you’re working on.

Why Rayobyte?

The answer is simple. No one else in the proxy industry is willing to go as far as we do. We are hands-on when it comes to helping you find your perfect proxy solution, because we know that everyone has different uses and needs for their proxies. That’s why our expert team can create custom packages so you have the right IPs for whatever project you’re working hard on. We are also very proud of our unmatched commitment to ethics. We strive to be the industry standard for ethical usage and acquisition of residential IPs, you can read more about our residential vetting process here. Experience the Rayobyte difference for yourself today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does city location selection matter?

Your proxy and server location matter because of latency, the time it takes a site visitor to connect to a webserver. If your proxy is hosted in one city or region but your server is hosted in another, you might have lag that will affect the speed and efficiency of your bot. That’s why we offer some of the highest need US city locations like New York City, Chicago and Ashburn.

How do you ensure 99% uptime?

Our monitoring system has been trained on thousands of different proxies over our years in operation. Meaning we know what to look for and so does our team of talented engineers, who are always standing by to fix any potential issues that might come up. Our proxy infrastructure is also located in almost a dozen different data centers and our machines handle a lot of throughput – around 3.5 petabytes per month. Wow!

Can my proxies be replaced?

Yes. We can replace them instantly and free of charge. To do this just go to your proxy dashboard. Our dashboard allows for you to request for a new individual proxy, or you can request to replace your whole entire proxy list.

When will I receive the proxies I purchase?

It depends on the proxies you purchase. Our ISP and data center proxies are delivered immediately. Our residential proxies will be delivered as soon as you complete our residential proxy vetting process – usually not more than a day or two. You can read more about our ethical residential vetting process here.

Where can I learn more?

If you don’t see your specific question answered above or anywhere else on our site, please reach out to us. We also have a comprehensive knowledge base, a world-class blog on everything proxies, a Twitter account, and a YouTube channel.

We Are Excited To Now Offer Semi-Dedicated US ISP Proxies!