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Monetize your active app and software users through Rayobyte SDK program.

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App Monetization SDK

Looking for a better way to monetize your user base? Want to offer a premium experience without charging users a premium price? Rayobyte will work with you to grow your revenue stream today!

Rayobyte’s SDK will allow you to earn recurring revenue by monetizing inactive app users. This allows you to provide a premium product without the need for intrusive ads or premium pricing.

Integrate our SDK

Once you have signed up with us, you will receive our SDK to implement within your app.

Users Opt-in

Users will be given the option to opt-in to our network in exchange for an additional service you will provide them (such as an ad-free experience.)

Start To Earn

As we begin to use your customers’ network, you will earn revenue based on our overall network usage.


For App Developers

App developers can offer a premium experience for users without the need to implement barriers such as ads or premium pricing. Leverage our SDK to grow your user base by offering free features to your customers.

For App Users

App users are provided with additional features for no cost. This improves your app’s user experience and turns customers into recurring users. Users can opt-out of the SDK at any point if they no longer wish to participate in the program.

For Rayobyte

Rayobyte is able to provide ethically sourced connections to our users that have been extensively vetted for only legal and ethical data use-cases.

Protecting the User

Ethical protections are our number one priority for app users. See how we ensure that customers know what they are participating in with the SDK.


App users are required to opt-in to the program before their connection is used. At any time the user can opt-out and any connections are immediately cut off. Customers will be emailed monthly to remind them of their opt-in to the program.

Usage Criteria

App users have to meet the following criteria with their device before we will consider their device for a connection:

  • Device connected to WiFi
  • Device is idle
  • Device has >50% battery or is plugged in

Protecting User’s Network

To ensure we do not negatively impact an app user’s network connection, we set a strict limit of 50 mb per day with up to 500 mb used per month. This ensures a user’s network is not impacted by our usage.

Customer Screening

Rayobyte customers are extensively vetted before they are granted access to the device network connections. This includes use-case confirmation and a customer interview process, as well as other “Know Your Customer” processes.

Why We Need You

  • We are in the final stages of finalizing our SDK and looking for some app developers that would be interested in participating in our beta rollout.
  • We are looking to provide additional incentives to our beta testers for their participation in the early stages of our launch that can provide valuable feedback for improvements to our process.
  • If you are interested in participating or have any questions about our program, please fill out the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as we can!


Interested in our SDK?

Provide us with some basic information and we’ll contact you about participating in our beta program.