The World's Most Reliable China Proxy IPs

Maximize Uptime and Minimize Bans with Rayobyte
Our Chinese proxies ensure you can always access the sites you need for your particular use case, and our 24/7 expert team will make sure you have the support you need to make your proxy project a success. These are IPs fit for the Fortune 500.

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Rotating Residential


The best solution for web scraping

-100% ethically sourced
-Powered by Proxy Pilot for maximum efficiency, uptime, and ban reduction
-World-class API access
-Over 100 countries

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Data Center Dedicated


A fast proxy with total control

-9 ASNs to mitigate the effects of bans
-Unlimited bandwidth
-Blazing fast 1 Gbps speed
-World-class API access
-27 Countries

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This Is Where To Buy Chinese Proxies

99% Uptime Guaranteed

We control all our infrastructure end to end and use a huge proprietary monitoring system to keep track of your proxies. That means we have more control over all factors that can affect uptime than any other provider. Learn more

Say Goodbye To Bans

We make sure your China proxies can always access the sites you need with superior subnet diversity over nine ASNs, two of which are self-owned. No other proxy seller has this kind of hardware and software solution. Learn more

Immediate Proxy Rotation

With Rayobyte, you’ll never lose all your proxies at once. Get free, automatic replacements every single month. And if we ever detect that a server is down, our system will rotate you to working IPs immediately.

A World-Class API

Replace IPs that aren’t working, download your current proxy list, and add and remove IP authorizations without ever signing into your dashboard. Try out our open-source proxy manager for even more control!

Chinese Proxies For Enterprise

We help small companies scrape millions of websites, government agencies aggregate data from across the web for analytics, and Fortune 500 companies scrape billions of products on eCommerce sites. We can help you too.

Better Than Any Free China Proxy

Free proxies look like an attractive proposition, until you realize that they’re slow and highly vulnerable to bad actors who can gain access to your private data. Why put your valuable information on the line or suffer slow scraping when Rayobyte’s proxies are secure, reliable, and guarantee 1 Gbps connection speeds?

China Web Proxy With Unlimited Bandwidth

Other providers lure you in with prices that seem cheap, then charge extra for bandwidth. That’s not the Rayobyte way – never has been, in fact. That’s why we over unmetered bandwidth and unlimited threads with every single one of our China proxy IPs. We’re not out to get you – we’re here to help your business succeed.

What Is A China Proxy Used For?

  • -Market research
  • -Email protection
  • -Travel fare aggregation
  • -Price monitoring
  • -Ad verification
  • -SEO monitoring
  • -Sales intelligence
  • -Brand protection
  • -And more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you limit bandwidth?

No – all of our China proxy IPs have unlimited bandwidth and threads.

Do you offer HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS premium proxies?

Yes – all of our Chinese proxies offer all three protocols. You can choose which you want during the authentication process.

What if my Chinese proxy gets banned?

We offer free automatic replacements, so there will be very little downtime between your ban and your new China proxy IP address! In fact, you can make the switch instantaneous by using Proxy Pilot.

How do these proxies work?

After signing up for a free China proxy trial and verifying your email address, you’ll receive a link to your dashboard. Once there, a guided tour will lead you through the setup process.

Where can I learn more about Colombia proxies?

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered on this page, or a specific need for your new proxy package, please contact our sales or support teams. You can also learn more about proxies from our blog, knowledge base, and YouTube channel.

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