Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Respond to trends, anticipate changing demand patterns, and avoid inventory shortages.

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Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Respond to trends, anticipate changing demand patterns, and avoid inventory shortages.

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What Is Inventory Tracking?

Tracking inventory helps companies identify which and how much stock to order at what time. It tracks inventory through the sales process as customers make purchases and new inventory is brought in. As a result, inventory tracking can help businesses avoid spending too much or too little on a specific stock and help them avoid running out of popular products. On the flip side, consumers can also inventory track for particular merchandise they might be looking for during product shortages.

How Can Proxies Help Me Track Inventory?

A proxy shields your IP address, so you can seamlessly access the inventory data you’re looking for without getting banned by a website. When using a proxy, the website you are requesting no longer sees your IP address but the IP address of the proxy, giving you the ability to scrape the web with higher security. Consumers can use proxies to web scrape many eCommerce sites, and businesses can use proxies to gather their stock information from many stores around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is tracking inventory important?

Tracking inventory can help identify and respond to trends to ensure there’s always enough stock to fulfill customer orders, anticipate changing demand patterns and provide real-time warnings of shortages. It’s also essential to track inventory so that your customers can find the right products and ensure that money won’t be wasted on any excess stock.

What is inventory tracking software?

Inventory tracking software is any application or tool that tracks, manages, or organizes product sales, purchases, and other production processes. Like proxies and web scrapers!

What are different types of inventory?

There are many different types of inventory, and which ones you’ll deal with depends on the kinds of goods you sell:

For-sale goods: The finished products you sell right to your customers! 

Raw materials: The inventory you use to make your finished goods. 

Unfinished goods: Inventory that is part way through the manufacturing process.

MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operating) goods: The inventory you use to support the manufacturing process.

Safety stock: Additional inventory to deal with supplier shortages or surges in demand.

How does your residential bandwidth model work?

The residential bandwidth you purchase doesn’t expire! We offer one-time purchases with no monthly commitment. Once you buy 50 GB, you have access to that 50 GB until you use it all up. With the option to always purchase more if you need it.

How will I get my proxies after I purchase them?

Our data center and ISP proxies are delivered immediately. Our residential proxies are delivered as soon as you complete our vetting process – usually not more than 1 or 2 days.

After purchasing your IPs and verifying your email, you’ll be sent a link to sign into your proxy dashboard. You’ll need to complete a brief authorization process, where you will also choose from HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 proxies. After that, you’re all set! You can download your proxies and start tracking your inventory.

What if I have another question?

If you can’t find the question you have above, give us a shout. We also have a large knowledge base, a blog on any and everything proxies, a Twitter account, and a YouTube channel. 😎

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