The Sneaker Resale Market Data You Need To Resell Sneakers

It’s no secret that insights from big data drive almost every industry. Data analysis is one of the fastest-growing career fields, and large companies employ teams of data analysts to help them make strategic business decisions. But you don’t have to be a huge company or hire a team of data analysts to benefit from what you can learn from exploring data. Even as a one-person sneaker reseller, you can use big data to your advantage.

With web scraping, you can collect and analyze data yourself. Web scrapers are automated programs that allow you to extract and export publicly available data into a usable format. You can use this data to research which sneakers have the highest profit margins, what sizes sell best, which are worth splurging on, and more. There’s almost no end to the sneaker resale market data you can get through web scraping.


How Big Is the Sneaker Resale Market?

How Big Is the Sneaker Resale Market?

The global sneaker resale market is estimated to be worth about $6 billion and shows no sign of slowing down. Its explosive growth is expected to reach $30 billion by 2030. The hottest limited-edition sneakers sell for many times their original listing price.

Sneakers have become an asset class and even have their own stock market. StockX is a sneaker reselling platform that tracks the value of sneakers and displays a Wall Street-like ticker that lets you see the change in value over the past year. Many resellers are making a full-time living off sneakers.

How To Get Into the Sneaker Resale Market

How To Get Into the Sneaker Resale Market

If you’re considering getting into the sneaker resell market, you should know it’s highly competitive. Limited edition sneakers often sell out within minutes of being posted. It can be incredibly frustrating to see a big-time sneaker reseller posting pictures of multiple pairs of sneakers when you couldn’t even cop one pair. In addition to a love of sneakers and some disposable income, you’ll need a few tools to succeed as a sneaker reseller.

Sneaker bots

The reseller was able to cop multiple pairs of sneakers that you missed out on because they were using a sneaker bot. A sneaker bot is a web scraper, but it’s programmed to buy sneakers for you as soon as they hit the market. While you repeatedly hit refresh and fill out the information in your cart, the sneaker bot has already bought several pairs of shoes before you can even click the check out button.

Sneaker proxies 

To make your sneaker bot work, you’ll need sneaker proxies. Most websites try to block bot activity with anti-bot software. This software automatically blocks any IP address if it detects bot-like activity. The most obvious sign of bot-like activity is too many requests sent too quickly. Bots can work much faster than humans, so multiple simultaneous requests from the same device are a red flag.

Proxies disguise your true IP address and make it look like each request your bot sends comes from a different device. Using sneaker proxies allows you to avoid detection when copping multiple pairs of kicks.

Web scraper

With a web scraper, you can gather data to help you establish a profitable business model. You can find out which shoes resell at the highest price, which sizes are the most in-demand, which colors are most popular, and the ideal price point for various sneakers. You can also research your competition and determine their price points and what brands and colorways are selling best for them.

Scraping Robot takes the hassle out of scraping. Web scraping can be complicated, but our API and custom scraping solutions work for all users no matter how big or small your budget. We have existing modules for many use cases, or we can build you a custom module. Talk to the Scraping Robot team to find the best solution for you.

Virtual credit cards

Most retailers limit the number of shoes you can buy during a drop by selling only one pair to a particular IP address. Sneaker proxies will help you avoid that. Another way they limit you is by selling one pair of sneakers per credit card number. A virtual credit card lets you use many different credit card numbers attached to one account and use a different card number for each purchase.

Address jigging

Address jigging isn’t a tool, but it’s another technique you’ll need to get around retailers’ and manufacturers’ limits. In addition to only selling one pair of shoes to each IP address and credit card number, they only sell one pair to each address. Address jigging involves changing your address slightly with each purchase. You’ll have to be careful not to change it so much that your shoes get delivered to the wrong place.

Secondary Sneaker Market Data

Secondary Sneaker Market Data

There’s a reason big corporations invest so much money in data analysis. Understanding trends can help you make profitable decisions. Tracking trends will tell you what people are interested in and buying right now. You can use search engine trends to find out what people are searching for. Social media trends reveal what people are talking about and their language.

Trends are especially relevant to the sneaker reselling industry because sneakers are so trend-dependent. A movie, video, or song may go viral and generate a ton of interest in a particular pair of sneakers. If you wait until everyone knows about this trend, you’ll be lost in the crowd of resellers trying to sell the same sneakers. If you find out about the trend before it peaks, you can get in early and clean up before the rest of the resellers even know about it.

Types of Sneaker Proxies for Reselling

Types of Sneaker Proxies for Reselling

Proxies will help you level up your sneaker game. There are several types of proxies you can use in sneaker reselling, including:

Data center proxies

Data center proxies originate from a data center. They’re cheap and fast, but they have some disadvantages. They’re easily identifiable as data center proxies. This isn’t how most people access the internet, so they can trigger anti-bot software and cause you to get blocked. Many websites ban data center proxies completely.

Residential proxies

Residential proxies are IP addresses issued by internet service providers (ISPs) directly to end-users. These proxies have the most authority because they’re real IP addresses used by real people. They’re virtually undetectable by anti-bot software as long as you rotate through a pool of them and avoid using the same one repeatedly.

Although residential proxies are a great option for sneaker bots and web scraping, they also have some downsides. They’re more expensive than data center proxies and not as fast as ISP proxies.

ISP proxies

ISP proxies combine features of both data center and residential proxies. ISP proxies are issued from Internet Service Providers, but they’re housed in a data center. They combine the authority of residential proxies with the speed and performance of data center proxies. Our ISP proxies are the best available, and can provide you with unmatched customization and control over your proxies.

Regardless of what type of proxy you’re interested in, Rayobyte can provide you with the best proxies on the planet. Partnering with us can help you build your sneaker reselling empire.


Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Most sneakerheads love shoes and have fond memories of their favorite kicks from childhood. Sneakers may seem about as low-tech as marbles and yo-yos. But big data has become as central to sneaker reselling as it is to every other industry. It’s practically impossible to cop one pair of the hottest new shoes at a hyped drop without a sneaker bot, much less multiple pairs for reselling.

In addition to copping shoes, web scraping plays a significant role in collecting data regarding the sneaker reselling market and your customers. Understanding what people are buying and what sneakers are most popular can help you make strategic decisions about your business.

At Rayobyte, we make the best sneaker proxies to give you a competitive edge in the crowded market of sneaker resellers. Our sneaker proxies let you more effectively collect the sneaker resale market data you need to succeed. Reach out today to find out how we can help you achieve your sneaker goals.

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