Sneaker Cook Groups: Everything You Need To Know

People who plan to resell sneakers and partake in sneaker copping must make sure they are part of sneaker groups. Think of sneaker groups as communities of sneakerheads where you can find a ton of helpful information, such as release dates, early links, and guides.

But that’s not the only reason to join sneaker cook groups — your peers in the group can make sneaker copping much easier for you while helping you increase sales. This guide explains everything you need to know about sneaker cook groups, especially how to find good sneaker groups.

What Are Sneaker Cook Groups?

What Are Sneaker Cook Groups?

A sneaker cook group is a community of sneakerheads with a common aim: sneaker copping. The community is made of buyers, resellers, and general enthusiasts.

The members of a sneaker cook group receive and share information about early links, reselling estimates, and sneaker drop dates. They may also offer one-to-one personal support and hold regular giveaways.

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How to find sneaker groups

Most sneaker cook groups are on Discord — you’ll find many fellow sneakerheads forming communities where they share insider information. However, you can also join certain websites for a fee.

The simplest way to find good sneaker groups is to search for them online. Go to your preferred search engine and type ‘’best sneaker groups’’ or ‘’paid sneaker groups.’’ You’ll find multiple options.

Joining paid or premium sneaker groups isn’t exactly easy since they don’t want to be accessible to just everyone. Sometimes, these groups have opening slots, so keep an eye out for that. Other times, they may want you to fulfill some requirements to become a member.

Free or paid?

When you’re looking for sneaker cook groups, you’ll come across both paid and free versions. Free sneaker groups are great for beginners who’ve just gotten into sneaker flipping and reselling. You’ll find everything from release dates to valuable guides in free groups.

But if you want to get more specialized information, such as partnerships and joint purchases, you’re better off with a paid sneaker group. Since these groups offer premium services, they charge an entry fee.

Plus, you’ll get customer support from paid sneaker groups, too.

Most of these groups have a subscription-based payment model where you have to pay anywhere from $20 to $60 a month. If you consider your gains, that’s a reasonable price to pay.

Why Join a Sneaker Group?

Why Join a Sneaker Group?


Whether you’re new to sneaker copping or have been doing it for a while, there are some compelling reasons to join a sneaker cook group:

Find release guides

One of the benefits of joining sneaker cook groups is that you’ll be well-informed about release guides, especially for limited-edition kicks. These guides are typically both bot-friendly and manual, allowing you to take the approach of your choice.

Most sneaker groups also share early links where you can get your hands on sought-out sneakers before they run out of stock. Some groups may also have ‘’add to cart’’ links for specific sneakers, making the checkout process quick and efficient.

Enter giveaways and get discounts

Sneaker groups are not just for sharing information — their main aim is to make your life easy while sneaker copping. For instance, some groups may give you exclusive access to sneaker bots and proxies.

You can also enter giveaways and win discounted proxies or actual sneakers.

Access copping guides

When you’re new to copping, you’d want to learn how to buy sneakers in bulk. Sneaker copping guides are extremely helpful in this regard. Who better to get advice from than people who’ve been copping sneakers for years?

Discord groups, in particular, have many extensive and insightful sneaker copping guides that are only available to group members. You can find some basic information online — but if you really want the insider’s scoop, you must be a part of a sneaker group.

Access sneaker monitors

If you don’t want to miss good sneaker deals, you’ll constantly have to keep your eyes on the retailers’ websites, social media pages, and other sites that announce release dates. However, it’s not always possible.

That’s where sneaker monitors come in. Sneaker cook groups typically have bots and human group members whose job is to monitor release dates, restocks, and market trends. Whenever there’s any new information, group members are notified about it.

This way, you don’t miss any important information even if you’re not actively looking for it.

The best part is, some sneaker monitors send you alerts with ‘’add to cart’’ links, allowing you to instantly add the sneakers to your cart with a single click. It helps you save valuable time and ensures that you don’t lose your chance to buy a sought-out or limited-edition pair of sneakers.

Special offers

Sneaker groups with dedicated sneakerheads will also introduce you to special offers such as partnerships and exclusive discounts. You may even be able to partner with another group member to make a joint purchase.

Suppose you want to get a limited-edition pair of sneakers, but it’s quite expensive. You can make a joint purchase with one of the group members and split the profits later on. Since sneaker groups are a highly trusted community of sneaker coppers, you’re likely to find good partners.

Some members also pool their resources to buy sneakers in bulk in a sneaker drop to maximize their profits. Note that such sneaker groups often have an entry fee.

Auto checkout service

Some sneaker drops are almost impossible to access due to their high demand. Some examples include Yeezy Reflectives and Supreme BOGOs. Everything will likely be sold out by the time you go to the website.

However, if you’re a part of a premium sneaker cook group, you won’t have this problem, thanks to their auto-checkout features. Most paid sneaker groups offer this service to their members.

Here’s how it works:

  • You fill out a form, providing your billing information and card details.
  • Experienced members of the sneaker group will use bots on the release date to purchase on your behalf.
  • If they manage to do it, the purchase will be charged to your card, and the sneaker will be shipped to you.
  • Once you get the shoes, you have to pay a service fee to the sneaker group. Since these are Pay After Success fees, you don’t have to pay anything if the purchase is unsuccessful.

Depending on the price and popularity of the sneaker, the service fee may be anywhere from $5 to $50.

How to Choose the Right Cook Group

How to Choose the Right Cook Group

If it’s your first time selecting a sneaker group, the process can be intimidating. However, a few factors will make it easier to make the right choice.

  • Purpose: Why do you need a sneaker group? Do you want to get alerts and updates about the sneaker market? In that case, you should join a paid sneaker group since they provide these additional services. Do you simply want to access sneaker copping guides? Free groups will suffice for you since they often have insightful guides on copping.
  • Platform: You also need to determine which platform you want the sneaker group to be on. For instance, Discord is the ideal platform for sneaker cook groups, but not everyone enjoys Discord’s interface. You might want to join individual websites that run paid sneaker groups. Or you could find groups on different social media sites.
  • Size: The bigger a sneaker group is, the more information you can get. However, that also means there will be a lack of a hands-on approach. On the other hand, if you want to communicate with others or collaborate on joint purchases, you should look for smaller cook groups. 
  • Pricing: Paid cook groups typically have a monthly subscription fee. Some can be as expensive as $100 a month, while others may be just $30. You can select a group based on your budget and the type of offerings you’re looking for.
  • Support: Some sneaker cook groups provide extensive support for members. On the contrary, others have limited support, and you’re basically on your own. It’s up to you to decide what works for you.

What it Looks Like to Cop Sneakers with a Cook Group

What it Looks Like to Cop Sneakers with a Cook Group

When you’re a part of good sneaker groups, you get access to the information you otherwise won’t have. Suppose you’re a member of a paid sneaker cook group that provides information about release dates.

For example, maybe you get an alert that Nike is dropping a new sneaker style. What do you do with this information? How do you cop sneakers? Bots and proxies are your allies in this regard.

Sneaker bots

Some sneaker groups offer discounted rates for bots exclusively to their members. A sneaker bot helps you cop sneakers in two main ways:

  1. It lets you check out faster than you would manually.
  2. It allows you to bag multiple sneaker pairs from a drop.

Keep in mind that many retailers don’t allow one buyer to purchase multiple pairs during a drop. Many retailers now use a raffle system where you have to enter a queue, and the website decides who gets to make the purchase.

If you cop sneakers manually, you’ll only be able to enter the raffle once or twice. Maybe, you’ll use multiple devices to send five or ten entries. But a bot can enter a hundred times for you, thereby increasing your chance of winning the raffle.

You can use different types of bots depending on the retailer you want to cop, such as Supreme bots, Nike bots, and Mesh bots.

Sneaker proxies

Although sneaker bots are helpful, they could get blocked. On the other hand, sneaker proxies — especially residential ones are extremely helpful for sneaker copping since they are less likely to get banned or blocked.

A proxy is like a middleman between you and the webserver of the retailer’s website. It gives you multiple online identities or IP addresses to make the retailer’s website think you are different people.

In this way, you’ll be able to make multiple purchases from the same website without having to change your computer or billing information. If you just want to buy one pair, you typically don’t need proxies.

But if you plan to resell sneakers for a profit, proxies are your go-to. Here are the types of proxies you can use to cop sneakers when you learn about new drops.

  • Residential Proxies: These proxy servers give you IP addresses from residential users. For instance, if you use residential proxies to buy sneakers from a retailer’s website, the web server will think you’re sending the request from different residential areas. These proxies are less likely to be blocked since retailers don’t want to lose customers. Rayobyte residential proxies allow you to use millions of IP addresses from all over the globe to buy sneakers in any country you want.
  • Data Center Proxies: These IPs are provided by data centers. Although they are more likely to be blocked than residential proxies, they are extremely fast. If you suspect that a particular sneaker will sell out fast, you should use data center proxies to cop them before anyone else can even get a chance to check out. Rayobyte data center proxies give you access to multiple ASNs and more than 300,000 IPS, allowing you to buy sneakers from over 26 countries.
  • ISP Proxies: ISP proxies are a mix between a data center and a residential proxy, giving you the speed of data center proxies and the reliability of residential ones. Rayobyte ISP proxies are super fast and let you cop sneakers from any geographical region without constraints.

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Final Words

Final Words

Sneaker copping can be quite complicated, especially if you’re still new to it. Even if you’re just a few minutes late, you risk the chance of missing out on sneakers that can make lucrative resales. Fortunately, sneaker cook groups keep you updated with any new drops, release dates, or restocks. Plus, you can benefit from additional services, like joint purchases and auto-checkout features in paid sneaker groups.

When looking for good sneaker groups, make sure to check their size, support features, payment models, and pricing.

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