The Ultimate Guide To Sneaker Beaters

The sneaker world is full of paradoxes. On one hand, sneakerheads treat rare sneakers as something that belongs in a museum. But on the other hand, some sneakers increase in value if they are worn out and beaten. That’s where sneaker beaters come in.

Some classic sneakers have outgrown the coveted rank to earn a rather unusual status in the sneaker world. Of course, since these sneakers are classics, the older they look, the better they are. And there’s even a small market for such sneakers in the sneaker reselling business.

Are you wondering, “What is a beater sneaker?” This article will explain what a beater sneaker is, list the best beater sneakers, and guide you on how to get them (or sell them).

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What Does ‘Beater Sneaker’ Mean?

What Does ‘Beater Sneaker’ Mean?

In sneaker lingo, beater sneakers are shoes that have been used, have been messed up, and are somewhat worn out. These shoes have clear signs of usage and aging, like scuffs, dirt, or even small tears.

They aren’t beaten down per se, as these sneakers are still wearable. However, they are far from what you would find in a box with a fresh pair of sneakers.

Typically, classic knockabout sneakers have carved this trend, as these sneakers are readily available but still enjoy a good reputation in the sneaker world. In other words, these are popular sneakers from major sneaker brands that become even more sought-after with use over time.

Now, beating a sneaker to look old and used takes time, as many of these sneakers are pretty sturdy. So many so-called sneaker beaters wear their sneakers frequently, getting them messy and dirty to achieve that “beater” look.

For some, the beater sneaker’s meaning is a little different. These sneakerheads refer to some shoes as beaters that they can wear anytime with any outfit because they don’t care what happens to them. In addition, they can always get a new pair because such sneakers aren’t a limited edition.

Why Do Sneakerheads Love Beater Sneakers?

Why Do Sneakerheads Love Beater Sneakers?

You may find the sneaker-beater trend a bit bizarre, but it has more to do with aesthetics than the value of the shoe. While those rare limited-edition or collab sneakers enjoy archaeology-level care and curation, beater sneakers don’t require as much maintenance.

That has become their value point, as sneakerheads appreciate the worn-out look. Think of them as leather boots that have been worn in. We all know that leather boots that look scuffed and worn appear to be more stylish than a pair out of the box.

More importantly, these boots get more comfortable with use. A fresh pair of leather boots may not even be comfortable to walk in.

That’s what sneakerheads love about beaters, as they have been broken in and seen the rough conditions. In addition, such sneakers go well with the overall aesthetic of many looks.

Since it takes time to beat the sneakers, many people go online to buy them.

Popular Beater Sneakers

Popular Beater Sneakers

There are specific sneakers that have earned the status of beaters. These are classic sneakers from some of the most popular sneaker brands. Think of them as the sneakers that have made the sneaker world what it is today.

Here is the ultimate top-10 beater-sneaker list.

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars are the only canvas sneaker pair you’ll need to rock every day. These high-top sneakers have earned a legendary status, especially as beaters. While you can find All-Stars in many colorways, the beaters often look best in all white or mostly white colorways.

Vans Old Skools

Vans Old Skool canvas lace-up sneakers are a favorite in the sneaker world, but more so in the skater world. And skaters love wearing beaten Vans to show off their use on the ramps and the sidewalks. These look even better when they’re all beaten up.

Vans Classic Slip-Ons

Similar to Old Skools, Vans Slip-Ons also enjoy a special place in our hearts. These incredibly comfortable and versatile slip-on shoes can stand the test of time and show that with their scuffed midsoles and fading uppers. These beaters are perfect for showing your love for Vans sneakers.

Nike Air Force 1s

Suppose there’s one pair of sneakers that still looks great when dirty; it’s the OG Nike Air Force 1. While Nike Air Force 1s also have that “rare” quality, owing to the countless collabs they have seen over the years, the original all-white high-top sneakers are sneaker beaters’ favorite. Some prefer the worn-out look, whereas some like them in tip-top shape.

Adidas UltraBOOSTs

The Adidas UltraBOOST is a new entrant in the sneaker-beater world. The foam tech was revolutionary, designed to be stomped in without a care in the world. Hence, the status the sneakers have achieved. A pair of UltraBOOST beaters is a sign of putting in the hours in the gym. The yellowed soles are becoming more popular than the fresh white ones.

Air Jordan 1s

Believe it or not, Air Jordan 1s were perhaps the original beater sneakers. Back in the day, everyone wore these, and the more worn-out they looked, the better. These sneakers have attained a cult like status with rare collaborations, but the OG sneakers in a beaten-down aesthetic remain popular.

Adidas Stan Smiths

Adidas Stan Smiths mostly come in white colorways, making them the perfect candidate for some beating. As an evergreen Adidas creation with tennis star Stan Smith, these sneakers may look rough when used but still carry the same vibe. These are tough ones to beat down to get those signature beater marks.

Nike Air Max BWs

If you’re looking for a pair of beater sneakers that are also rare, go for Nike Air Max BWs. These Air Max sneakers are highly sought-after, even in the most beaten conditions. The Persian violet colorway is a sneaker-world favorite.

New Balance Classic 574s

New Balance Classic 574s are instantly recognizable casual sneakers that multiple generations have worn. These beaters look like they have been passed down by your dad, which is what some sneakerheads love. The classic look paired with a worn-out condition says these shoes have seen the world.

Reebok Club C 85s

Reebok Club C 85s are another all-white pair of sneakers that sneaker beaters love. These can easily attain that beat-up look if you wear them constantly. But again, these are tough sneakers, so even when they look worn out, they have some good years left in them.

How To Keep Those Beater Sneakers Beaten

How To Keep Those Beater Sneakers Beaten

There’s a fine line between beater sneakers and sneakers that are simply unwearable. However, whether you own a beater pair yourself or are in the business of selling them, they do require some care and maintenance.

You don’t want them to get too dirty, so wipe them with a damp microfiber cloth from time to time. If they have any major issues, like a broken outsole or a torn or frayed upper, you should fix them.

Beaters are supposed to look beaten, but not like something that cannot be worn comfortably.

How To Cop Beater Sneakers

How To Cop Beater Sneakers

If you want to get your hands on beater sneakers, you can find what is called a beater box. Sneaker beaters often combine different pairs of beaters in one box to sell. Most beaters don’t sell for much, so you can cop them without spending a fortune.

Remember that you’ll get only the sneakers, no box or accessories. You can also find individual sneakers in marketplaces. However, finding them can be challenging because this is not such a big market.

You can use a sneaker bot to help you cop beaters, but you’ll also need proxies to get the job done.

Use Proxies

Rayobyte offers some of the best proxies for sneaker buyers and resellers alike. Whether you’re copping sneakers for yourself or reselling them for a profit, these proxies can help you get what you want, even in bulk, without setting off the alarm on retail websites and marketplaces.

If you’re in for reselling beaters, you can try buying them in bulk from other sellers using premium-quality proxies for sneaker reselling. The proxies are all ethically sourced and improve the performance of your sneaker bot and general browsing speed.

Sneaker proxies from Rayobyte bypass the restrictions that retail websites have in place, such as geographic restrictions. Found a rare beater pair of Air Jordan 1s in the U.K. but can’t buy it with a U.S. IP address? Use a United Kingdom based proxy to buy the sneakers you want so badly.

You can choose from residential proxies or ISP proxies. While residential proxies are the most reliable, ISP proxies offer the anonymity and speed needed to cop sneakers off different websites, especially when used in conjunction with a bot.

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Beaters have become a trend that many sneakerheads love. These old, worn-out sneakers have made a place for themselves in an ever-hyped world of limited-edition sneakers.

Not many of us have the lifestyle or the time to beat in our sneakers, though. Instead, it’s easier to get them off the internet. With the help of proxies, you could even establish a niche  reselling business dedicated just to beater sneakers.

The information contained within this article, including information posted by official staff, guest-submitted material, message board postings, or other third-party material is presented solely for the purposes of education and furtherance of the knowledge of the reader. All trademarks used in this publication are hereby acknowledged as the property of their respective owners.

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