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The mega hype around most fresh drops can make it almost impossible to get into the sneaker game at all, much less land your grail. When Kim’s cousin can’t even cop a pair of Yeezys, what chance do you have? Fortunately, sneaker raffles were designed to level the playing field. Unfortunately, it can be just as hard to score a raffle ticket as it is to score a W on a drop. Learn here more about raffle bots.

Sneakerhead culture isn’t for the laid-back and faint of heart. The competition for raffles and, by extension, drops, is as fierce as the competition on the courts. Just like you couldn’t take on LeBron after a few neighborhood pickup games, you aren’t likely to cop a pair of kicks by entering Nike’s raffle. This is where raffle bots come in.

What’s a Sneaker Raffle?

What's a Sneaker Raffle?

If you’re new to the game, a sneaker raffle, also called a sneaker draw, basically reserves you a pair of sneakers. If you win a raffle ticket, you can go buy one pair of limited-edition kicks at the retail price. If you’re reselling, or if you’re an unabashed hypebeast looking for your latest pick up, raffles need to be part of your strategy. Every sneaker release isn’t raffled, so you’ll still need to cook, but winning raffles can guarantee you’ll cop a pair even if you aren’t using a sneaker bot.

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Where Can You Find Sneaker Raffles?

Where Can You Find Sneaker Raffles?

Sneaker raffles are offered in-store, online, via apps, and through social media. While you can enter in-store raffles online, you have to pick up the shoes in the store, but other types of raffles allow you to have the shoes shipped. Follow your fave brands and retailers on social media to stay up to date on raffles. There are also websites, Discord cook groups, and apps that will alert you to raffles. Some of the most popular are:

How Do Raffle Bots Work?

How Do Raffle Bots Work?

A sneaker raffle bot automates the process of entering raffles. It fills out the entry forms and confirms your entries automatically. With a sneaker raffle bot, you can effortlessly put thousands of entries into every raffle in less time than it would take you to fill out one manual entry. Computers are much faster than humans when it comes to repetitive tasks like typing and clicking, which is why winning a raffle or copping the drop without a bot is about as likely as winning the power ball lottery.

To enter a sneaker raffle you need to:

  • Find a sneaker raffle
  • Identify what type of raffle it is and what the rules are
  • Verify your eligibility
  • Fill out your personal information and enter

Can You Use a Sneaker Bot as a Raffle Bot?

Can You Use a Sneaker Bot as a Raffle Bot?

Although sneaker bots and raffle bots both up your copping chances, they work differently and aren’t interchangeable. You’ll need both if you’re serious about your sneaker game. You can’t even use just one sneaker bot. The most hyped drops are over before you even get to your cart, so milliseconds count. If you’re using a sneaker bot that’s not optimized for the drop or is sluggish because it’s too far from the server, you don’t stand a chance.

Raffle bots are not as specialized as sneaker bots, so you may be able to get away with using just one. However, make sure you check out the bot’s specs, since some only work with a specific operating system.

What to Look for in a Raffle Bot

What to Look for in a Raffle Bot

Your copping style will determine exactly what you need in a raffle bot. If you’re copping solely from your phone, a raffle bot that’s available as an app will probably be best for you. Some bots only work on Windows OS, so keep that in mind if you’re using a Mac. Beyond compatibility, here are some features that will help you go toe-to-toe against full-time resellers and cop the heat:

Simple UI

The whole point of using a raffle bot is to save time, so you don’t want to get bogged down in a complicated user interface. Look for a raffle bot that’s intuitive and easy for you to understand. Some raffle bots use a command-line interface (CLI), which is not hard to learn. However, if you’re not comfortable with CLI and don’t want to learn it, there are plenty of bots that use a standard graphical interface.

Unlimited entries

Even with a bot, the odds are stacked against you when it comes to winning a sneaker raffle. If your bot is only good for a few entries, you’re handicapping yourself.

Proxy support

One reason retailers started using sneaker raffles was to give regular Joes a chance against sneaker bots. While this obviously hasn’t worked out, most sites have measures in place to at least attempt to block bots. Your raffle bot won’t work if you aren’t using some other tools to get around anti-bot technology. Instead, your bot will get blocked very quickly and you’ll be frozen out.

Proxies are the first line of defense against anti-bot traps. Proxies aren’t the only tools you’ll need, but we’ll go into more detail below. For now, it’s enough to know that a raffle bot without proxies is basically useless.


Unfortunately, it can be as hard to get some of the most popular raffle bots as it is to cop a fresh drop. Like kicks, they’re available from resellers at a much higher price. Of course, you can enter a raffle to win a raffle bot, but that’s a little meta.

The Best Raffle Bots

The Best Raffle Bots

A lot of the best raffle bots are frequently sold out. Your best bet is to follow them on social media or do a groupbuy with a cook group on Discord.

Hyper Raffle Bot

Hyper Raffle Bot has a simple graphical interface that makes getting started a breeze. It supports an extensive site list and gives you unlimited entries. This bot runs on a website and can be added as a Chrome extension.

Osiris Raffle Bot

Osiris is another popular raffle bot that’s hard to get your hands on. It comes equipped with tools to help defeat anti-bot tech. If you do get one, it’ll cost $100 up front for the license, then $39.95 a month for the subscription.

Sole Retriever app

Unlike other raffle bots, the Sole Retriever App doesn’t give you unlimited entries, but it’s readily available on the app store. It’s a good place to start while you’re waiting on a groupbuy.


This bot works with Mac and Windows OS. KageAIO gives you great customer service and frequent updates. It supports proxies and automatically solves CAPTCHAs so you won’t get slowed down.

What Else Do You Need to Get Started?

What Else Do You Need to Get Started?

Raffles were started to thwart sneaker bots, so you’ll need some additional tools to get up and running with your raffle bot. You’re usually only allowed one entry to each raffle. The secret to raffle bot success is to make it look like each of your entries is coming from a real person, not a bot. Here’s what you’ll need to make that happen:

IP address email accounts

One of the ways raffles track entries is via email. You’ll need a separate email account for each entry.

Virtual credit cards

As with email accounts, you’re going to need separate credit cards for each entry. You can get around this by using virtual credit cards, which let you set up a single funding source with multiple different credit card numbers.


Finally, you’ll need proxies to use your raffle bot. A proxy IP address hides your real IP address from the websites you’re visiting. With a raffle bot, you’ll need a pool of proxies. Your bot will use a different proxy for each raffle entry, which will make the raffle site think 100 different people are entering the raffle once instead of one person entering 100 times.

There are three main types of proxies you can buy: data center proxies, residential proxies and ISP proxies.

Data center proxies. These proxies originate in a data center, so they’re cheap and plentiful. Data center proxies can be located anywhere in the world, so they can give you a faster connection if you’re entering a raffle in another country. Rayobyte offers data center proxies in 26 countries. Unfortunately, they’re easily identified as data center proxies, so they’re more likely to get banned than residential proxies.

Residential proxies. Unlike data center proxies, residential proxies come from an internet service provider (ISP), just like your IP address at home. These proxies are the most effective, authoritative proxies you can buy. They are less likely to get banned, so you’re more likely to score a W.

If you want the best of both worlds, ISP proxies are the way to go. Rayobyte ISP proxies boast 1gbps speed, letting you enter raffles without falling behind other buyers.

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Copping Success With Shoe Raffle Bots

Copping Success With Shoe Raffle Bots

Raffle bots are a must-have if you want to take your sneaker game to the next level. They’re one part of a comprehensive strategy to achieve copping success on a large scale. Winning raffles takes hard work and dedication, but raffle bots can give you an edge over other sneakerheads when it comes to scoring that instacop.

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