How To Use A Proxy For Dragon Nest (Dragon Nest Proxies)

Between fighting fearsome dragons and traversing the land using brawn and wit, you’re a little busy right now. Not to mention the goddess you have yet to wake up from her sleeping curse. Here I was under the impression that writing was a stressful profession. But you? You battle evil on a daily basis. That’s the turn your life has taken and that is the power of the hit game Dragon Nest.

The more you explore the land of Alteria, the more enraptured you become with the world. Never have you seen such mysticism. Never have you been able to wield a bow like a professional archer or serve the goodness like the holy cleric you are. Whether you play as a studious academic or tough assassin, you never back down from a fight. But here’s the catch: your love of Dragon Nest has grown to such a height that you want to play the game no matter where you are. Now, plane tickets are expensive and applying for an international visa feels excessive. This is where a proxy for Dragon Nest becomes an invaluable tool.

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Being the computer wizard you are, you might have heard of proxies in the past. If not, don’t fret, you’re about to learn all you need to know about how to use a proxy for gaming. In this blog, I’ll take you through what proxies for Dragon Nest are, how to use a bot while gaming, and other Dragon Nest hacks. Get your fight face on, because we’re about to look at Dragon Nest in a whole new way.

What Are Proxies for Dragon Nest?

What Are Proxies for Dragon Nest?

I like to define proxies using one word: proximity. When you’re in close proximity to something, a cell tower or wireless router, there’s a greater chance that the connection between the internet and your device is going to be stronger. The same goes for a proxy. If you’re trying to access a website that’s not allowed by your current IP address, a proxy puts you in closer proximity to the content you’re attempting to access. For example, if you want to visit a foreign web address, a proxy will make the website think you are in that particular country.

Proxies are the gateway between your device and the internet. Every single computer in the world has a unique IP address. When you purchase a proxy, your essential replacing your original IP with a new one. Since most proxy providers give you the choice of where you’d like your new IP address to be located, it’s easy to make the online world think you’re in close proximity to that city than you are in reality. The reality of proxies opens up an entirely new world, not yet explored on account of location restrictions.

What does this mean for Dragon Nest? Well, since there are two different versions of Dragon Nest available right now – Dragon Nest NA and Dragon Nest SEA – players are limited to the form that’s available in their country of origin. That is until they download a proxy for Dragon Nest. Let’s say you live in Portland but want to see what features DNsea has to offer. A proxy located in Southeast Asia would allow you to purchase the alternate style of the game. The same can be said for players using DNsea that are interested in playing naDA, the North American version of the game. Best of all, using a proxy to change the location of your IP address is just one way to use the technology.

How to Use a Proxy for Dragon Nest


How to Use a Proxy for Dragon Nest

Now that we’ve established how to play Korean Dragon Nest even if you’re not in Korea, I want us to look at best practices for using a proxy for Dragon Nest. After all, if we don’t know how to download a proxy, how are we expected to get the most out of one? There are a couple of things to keep in mind before purchasing a proxy. First, make sure you are in fact, purchasing the proxy. While there are free proxies floating around the digital landscape, they are foes pretending to be allies. Free proxies are unreliable and leave your device less protected. The bottom line is, purchase your proxy from a reputable site.

Next, be sure to keep in mind where your new IP address will be located. The last thing you want is to purchase a proxy that isn’t in the country you need to access. Don’t get too click-happy with your typing fingers. Take note of where you need the IP address to originate and go from there. Many proxy providers offer a wide variety of countries to choose from, so you’ll never be limited to one or two countries. This prevents you from having to buy proxies from multiple sites. In addition to where you’re IP address will be located; consider how many proxies you need and how long you’d like access to those proxies. Perhaps you’re a casual gamer and only want a proxy for a month or maybe you’re in the majority and gaming is your one true passion. In this case, you’ll want the proxy for a bit longer (your entire life, we get it).

Last point to consider, educate yourself on types of authorization. The two most popular types of authorization are HTTP and SOCKS. I won’t get too in the weeds here, all you want to do is play Dragon Nest, not get a computer science lecture, but, HTTP and SOCKS are internet protocols. Protocols establish how data will be formatted and exchanged across the internet. In other words, how the internet communicates site to site. Knowing which protocol, you’re using will inform you about setting up the proxy. Don’t worry, the proxy provider you purchase from will be a huge help in this matter but having high-level knowledge about protocols might stop you from setting up a Proxy for Dragon Nest incorrectly. Hungry for even more info on HTTP and SOCKS? Take a look at your blog here.

What Is a Dragon Nest Bot?

What Is a Dragon Nest Bot?

Staring down enemies and conjuring up inventive spells is all well and good, but what you need, can’t be found in the world of Dragon Nest. You’re a master in that world, but in this world, botting while using a proxy is a conundrum. Your proxy is set up and you have a handle on how to Korean Dragon Nest from the United States. The next task to tackle is the ultimate Dragon Nest hack. How does one use a proxy for botting on Dragon Nest? Let’s investigate.

In short, an internet bot is a web robot that can perform repetitive tasks, like scraping websites for data. These smart bots are popular because they can perform mundane digital tasks much faster than any human being. You’re a skilled gamer but even you can’t make your brain operate at the speed of a robot.

Botting offers an automated way to play the game you love. It might sound like a funny prospect, automating gameplay. Your busy and, sad as it might be, can’t spend every waking moment slaying dragons and improving your character’s mobility. Bots allow you to move farther through the game without lifting a finger. This makes it easier for your character to evolve and brings you closer to conquering the ultimate goal of the game. Since bots are at your disposal, they can be programmed to do just about anything you need to accomplish within the game. That minimizes the number of times it takes to win battles or improve overall gameplay. Combining a proxy with a bot makes it harder for websites to track the bot’s movement and cloaks your IP address in anonymity. Remaining anonymous while playing Dragon Nest helps protect your identity and gives you a greater chance of success while using both a bot and a proxy to play.

A Quick Note on Dragon Nest International

A Quick Note on Dragon Nest International

While a proxy for Dragon Nest and botting sound like otherworldly dreams, you do want to keep a vigilant eye on how you’re using both products. You’re an avid gamer that just wants to know how to play Dragon Nest NA with a proxy, but not all online gamers are so innocent. There are a handful of people out there that use proxies for Dragon Nest for nefarious purposes. Don’t go deleting your account and giving up on Dragon Nest at the mere thought of danger. Understanding the myriad of ways proxies are used online, is the first step to staying out of harm’s way and having success while using a proxy for NA Dragon Nest.

For one, botting can transform the everyday gamer into a Dragon Nest gold buyer. Some gamers have figured out a way to make money off of the game itself. Farming gold fast is a tricky way to capitalizing on what the game already has to offer its players. This kind of behavior is not supported by Nexon, the company that makes the game. Even automating gameplay can be risky. Plus, proxies, if used improperly, can get your IP address banned from online play.  All this to say, use a bot or a proxy with care, and only buy the technology from sites you trust. You keep a close eye on your personal items while out and about, why should the information provided by your online presence be any different? Taking these steps will not only ensure your personal information stays safe but will also ensure you are able to keep on playing Dragon Nest international and killing beasts at your own pace.

Wrapping Up on a Dragon Nest SEA Proxy

Magic, madness, and bravery are alive and well within the confines of Dragon Nest. You’ve never been short on courage, yet your fearlessness is tenfold while playing the game you so love. There’s something about the graphics, the characters, and the world that makes your valiant heart soar to untapped places. But you know as well as anybody that bravery will only take you so far. You need tap into all Dragon Nest has to offer, otherwise, that bravery feels hollow. With the assistance of a proxy for Dragon Nest, gameplay will be as exciting as ever. Remember all the tips we went through above. Purchase your proxy from a reputable site, use your best judgment when using the technology, and keep your identity safe from prying eyes.

True gamers should never limit themselves, so why not jump at the chance to play the Korean version of Dragon Nest while in Chicago or the NA version while in Seoul. From now on, you are never limited to your current location.  Gaming is about expanding horizons and changing the way you look at the world, what better way to do that than with a proxy.

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