A Nintendo Switch Proxy Lets You Play Anywhere, Anytime

The Nintendo Switch is, hands down, one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market today – right up there with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Cleverly crafted to combine elements of traditional home consoles and handheld systems, it offers a versatility that has never been seen before in a gaming device.

The main goal of this innovative design is to allow you to carry your games with you wherever you go. You can start playing a game at home on your TV and continue right where you left off on your way to work! Sadly, obstacles like geoblocking can stand in the way of this goal, limiting the freedom a Nintendo Switch is supposed to grant you.  With a Nintendo Switch proxy, you can easily overcome this and several other obstacles. In this article, we tell you how and discuss everything you need to know about using a proxy for your Nintendo Switch.

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How to Use a Proxy on Nintendo Switch

How to Use a Proxy on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was released back in 2017 and has been a global sensation since then, loved by tens of millions of users around the globe.  Referred to as a hybrid console, its unique design makes it stand apart from other gaming systems in the market.

The device gives you access to a massive collection of games. They include some exclusive games like Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and  Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These were developed by Nintendo and can be accessed only on Nintendo gaming consoles. Back in the day, Nintendo devices were home mostly to this kind of games. But, with the explosive popularity of the Nintendo Switch, several third-party developers have ported their games to the device making many popular games compatible with it.

As with many other modern-day game consoles, the Nintendo Switch device depends on an internet connection for certain features. Connecting to the internet allows you to access even more games online from the Nintendo eShop. An internet connection is also necessary for online communication, accessing updates, getting game news, etc.

When you connect to the internet with your Nintendo Switch, it communicates with the websites it accesses via something called an IP address. This is a distinct set of numbers and letters that allows websites to identify the device and have a rough estimate of where it is located. While this might seem harmless, having your IP address out there can contribute to a lot of unwanted issues. This is where the use of proxies comes in. Below, we explore how using a proxy can enhance your gaming experience on Nintendo devices.

Why Use a Nintendo Switch Proxy?

Why Use a Nintendo Switch Proxy?

Nintendo has several other consoles that depend on an internet connection for certain functions. These include the Nintendo Switch Lite and the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a cheaper and more lightweight version of the Nintendo Switch console that was released two years after it. The Nintendo 3DS, on the other hand, is an older, hand-held game console.

Whether you are using the Nintendo Switch, the Switch lite, or the Nintendo 3DS device, a proxy can enhance your gaming experience in the following ways:

1.   Anonymity and stronger security

When you directly connect your Nintendo Switch to the internet, your IP address is left exposed and vulnerable to bad actors especially if you connect via an unsecured, public Wi-Fi. With a proxy, on the other hand, your device’s IP address hides behind another IP address. It sends commands to the website through that IP address. This keeps your IP address private and gives you an extra layer of protection against bad actors looking to use your moments of fun to gain access to your personal information through IP address hacking.

2.   Increased speed

This is arguably the biggest benefit of using a proxy for playing games. As a gamer, you know just how frustrating and devastating lag can be. There are two main reasons why proxies can help you fight this. Firstly, most proxy providers guarantee ultra-fast network speeds and some even give you access to unlimited bandwidth. Secondly, you get to choose the location of your proxy IP address. So, if you choose an IP address closer to the location of gaming servers you connect to, the requests made by your Nintendo Switch do not have to travel far to be carried out.

3.   Universal access

There are a few things as painful as not being able to play a game you really love because it is not available in your country of residence. The reason why websites can tell where a device is located is because of its IP address. This is what makes blocking games based on geographical location – geoblocking – possible. Sometimes, a game is not blocked or restricted in a country, it has simply not been made available there by the game developers. Whatever the case may be, using a proxy, you can say goodbye – with a smug smile on your face – to this nightmare.

The fact that proxies allow location switching means you can trick websites into thinking you are connecting from places where the game is available. There are many other perks to this. For instance, some features of a game like prizes and add-ons may only be available in certain countries. With proxies, you can access them without moving an inch from your couch at home.

4.   Avoid bans

Sometimes, your IP address can be banned from a website because someone else using the same address did something suspicious. Gaming websites are pretty quick to ban addresses associated with suspicious activity because they need to protect the information of their users and avoid data breaches. In a situation like this, using a proxy provides you with an alternate IP address that you can use to access the website and continue having fun.

Setting up a Proxy Nintendo Switch

Setting up a Proxy Nintendo Switch

Although the process differs with each proxy provider, it is generally straightforward and simple. Like most other devices, what you need to do first is find the “Settings” icon. Click on it then scroll downwards and select “proxy settings”. Next, click on “use proxy” and input the information given to you by your proxy provider. Once you are done, tap “confirm” to apply the changes. Finally, do a quick test to find out if your Nintendo Switch proxy settings are in place and you are ready to go.

Before setting up – when you reach out to a proxy provider – you will find that you have to choose between various types of proxies. There are three main types: dedicated, semi-dedicated and rotating.


A dedicated proxy, as the name so aptly conveys, is one that is yours and yours only for the period that you pay for it. Since no one else is sharing it with you, you are likely to experience faster network speeds. Also, you don’t have to worry about other people using the same address getting it banned from websites that you love.


A semi-dedicated proxy is typically shared by three to five users. The fact that others are using the same IP address means that they can potentially slow down network speeds and they might get the address blocked if they indulge in shady activity. A semi-dedicated proxy is a cost-effective option and the drawbacks stated are minimized with good service providers. Such providers ensure that all users enjoy the address to the maximum capacity.


Rotating proxies are proxy IP addresses that get switched out for others as often as you need. If you would like to attain the highest level of anonymity and become basically untraceable while you play, rotating proxies are the best option. They are also a great option if you are a high-level gamer that uses techniques like botting.

How to Pick the Best Nintendo Switch Proxy Providers

How to Pick the Best Nintendo Switch Proxy Providers

By now I’m sure you are convinced that a proxy should be your Nintendo Switch’s best friend. A quick Google search will show you that there are lots of free proxies out there. But, for a number of reasons, they are not a good idea. For example, instead of the faster network speeds you should be looking forward to, you are more likely to experience lagging with a free proxy. That’s because people love free stuff and, for that simple reason, a lot of people tend to use free proxy IP addresses at the same time.

It is best to go with a reputable paid proxy provider like Rayobyte. With us, you can be sure of getting all of the benefits listed above along with unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 customer service. We leave you spoiled for choice with thousands of proxy IP addresses in 27 Countries around the globe. What’s more, our proxies are very affordable with prices as low as $1.40 for a dedicated proxy IP address.

Final Words

Final Words

Imagine this: tapping away on your Nintendo Switch console, having your game character respond as soon as you click a button, your mind at ease knowing that you are entirely anonymous and well-secured as you have your fun, all this while in a country where the game you love is not supposed to be available. This is the kind of experience that a Nintendo Switch proxy can give you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you make this your everyday gaming experience.

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