Proxies, Profits, and Powers: How To Make Money With Proxies

Let’s talk about proxies and their relationship to cold, hard cash. Depending on your industry and ambitions, you can use proxies to net yourself a nice sideline or even a full payday.

Here, we’ll review a number of case uses so you can learn how to make money with proxies for your business, or just for yourself.

Read the full list for a complete overview, or use the table of contents to jump to the topic that interests you most.

How to Offer Private Proxies for Sale

How to Offer Private Proxies for Sale

The most direct way to turn proxies into dollars is by reselling them, using a provider that supports resale and supplies ethically sourced, high-quality proxies that are built to last.

There are a large number of individuals and companies who need proxies but don’t have either the time or background knowledge required to find the best provider. They trust you to do the research for them.

By buying reasonably priced proxies in bulk, you can shave money off the per-IP price and then sell at a mark-up.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to put in the initial investment, you can become an affiliate. Your provider and partner will give you an affiliate link. As you promote their product, you earn a commission on every purchase made through that link. Rayobyte’s own affiliate marketing program offers 15% commission for every person you get to sign up for our products and services through your unique affiliate link.


Take Advantage of Proxy Selling with Social Media and Ad Marketing

Take Advantage of Proxy Selling with Social Media and Ad Marketing

Proxies enable you to monitor your advertisements and social media accounts beyond what a single person could otherwise do.

Improve social media engagement

While social media can connect you with old customers and new leads at unprecedented rates, a single IP address limits the use you can get out of your accounts. Harness the full power of social media with proxies that will enable you to:

  • Watch as many conversations as you wish at a time
  • Manage several accounts
  • Message potential customers in large quantities
  • Reach a global audience with international IP addresses

If you’re wondering how to make money with a server, pair proxies with software that maximizes their effectiveness. Get the most out of all your proxies and accounts with a complementary tool, such as FollowLiker.

FollowLiker and similar applications allow you to automate your social media tasks. Save yourself some time and speed up the rate at which you can:

  • Post
  • Follow or unfollow
  • Respond
  • Comment
  • Pin
  • Blog
  • Share

You can even automate web crawls and searches for users or content. While it will take some time to get your accounts set up, you can reap the rewards thereafter.

Monitor ads

Protect your brand by verifying your ads. Don’t let unscrupulous individuals manipulate or hide your ads in order to benefit themselves or damage you.

When your ads end up on harmful websites, your reputation takes a hit. Moreover, malicious internet users can interfere with marketing campaigns in a number of ways.

Ad fraud includes:

  • Automated clicks
  • Hidden ads
  • Faked traffic numbers
  • Laundered ad impressions

Make sure that you have accurate information about marketing initiatives and that ads are going to their intended recipients. Disguising your identity with proxies prevents customer websites from flagging you. You can then collect reliable ad compliance data.

How to Make Money with a Server and Web Scraping Programs

How to Make Money with a Server and Web Scraping Programs

One of the most common and lucrative uses for proxies is to combine them with web scraping programs. By using them together, you can mine data that will help you improve your marketing efforts in a number of ways.

Find better markets

Social media can give you insights as well as opportunities to connect. Web scraping helps you to generate the best leads and find your target market.

Web scraping software combines a web crawler with a web scraper. The crawler browses and indexes content, and the scraper locates a particular kind of information, copies it, and stores it elsewhere.

Web scraping programs allow you to find the best prospects. They also help you appeal to those prospects since you can use them to find out information about engagement, likes, and comments.

The problem is that most browsers limit the number of information requests that can come from any single IP address. They even ban ones that they suspect of data mining activity. With proxies, you can get around these restrictions, spreading your requests across multiple servers.

Take control of SEO

Web scraping also comes in handy for those who want to track their performance on search engine results pages and engage in SEO. You can monitor your SERP rankings for various organic keyword searches or scrape web pages — either your own or competitors’ — in order to analyze keywords.

Proxies also grant the ability to location switch. That means that you can check out the translations and appearances for your sites when they’re accessed from different regions.

Since IP locations go into search engine algorithms, the use of different addresses improves local SEO as well. This way, you show up in people’s searches for nearby businesses.

Keep tabs on the competition

Yet another use for web scraping? Continuous eCommerce data extraction. Stay ahead of your competitors with constant updates on their activity.

Real-time price analytics make it possible for you to respond quickly to promotions, sales, and other fluctuations. You can also keep an eye on their marketing strategies and keyword shifts.

Make Money with Proxies as a Career

Make Money with Proxies as a Career

Intrigued by all the potential uses of proxies? Don’t worry — we geek out over them, too. You don’t have to sell proxies or use them to benefit your own business in order to make money with them.

Sell your services and insights

You’ve worked hard to master the art of proxy use. Sell the information you collect, your analysis, or your social-media savvy.

Companies pay a lot of money to hire SEO experts and web monitors. Connect with potential customers through Upwork or other freelance platforms, and help them improve their web performance.

Become a proxy professional

Or, you can specialize in the proxies themselves, rather than the information you can access through them. Jobs in proxies are in high demand. Find the right job for you with a job aggregator such as Jooble.

Make Money With Proxies Rotating, Static, Datacenter and Residential

Make Money With Proxies Rotating, Static, Datacenter and Residential

There are several things to consider when researching proxy providers and packages. Knowing your needs will help you see that they’re met.

Semi-dedicated, dedicated, and rotating

Do you need to buy private dedicated proxies for sale? Will semi-dedicated and shared proxies cover your money-making purposes? Or, do you need to rotate through different proxies to use with your web scraping program?

It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, and what your money-making strategy is.

The difference between semi-dedicated and dedicated proxies is simple and really all in the name. A dedicated proxy has only one user — you. A semi-dedicated proxy has three to five.

Unlike public proxies, which are a dangerous gamble, both dedicated (or private) and semi-dedicated (or shared) proxies offer you a secure solution to your internet needs. Both can also serve the needs of individuals or small businesses.

Exclusive ownership of your proxies will give you the utmost security, speed, and sellability. Semi-dedicated, on the other hand, will reduce your outlay per proxy.

For example, if you need to use several proxies in order to bypass different geographic restrictions, you might prefer a handful of semi-dedicated. A small-scale manufacturing business with a global clientele might prefer to rotate between a few proxies located in different countries.

Larger businesses and data professionals that do a lot of web scraping need a different kind of rotation. With rotating proxies, you move between dedicated servers, automatically switching them after each performed action.

As a result, you’re constantly changing your IP address, making it harder for browsers to detect potential bot-like activity.

Datacenter vs. residential

The other main decision you need to make is between datacenter and residential proxies.

Datacenter proxies — proxies housed in large datacenters — are the most common type of proxy. You can purchase datacenter proxies in all of the above options: semi-dedicated, dedicated, and rotating. They’re also substantially less expensive than residential proxies.

Datacenter proxies have two main drawbacks. The first is that they aren’t tied to an internet service provider. If someone inspects the proxy, it will lead back to you. That can become a problem if you share a subnet with someone abusing a proxy.

The other drawback is that certain sites ban datacenter traffic. You simply cannot access them through this type of proxy.

A residential proxy, in contrast, offers you a fully legitimate IP address that belongs to an internet service provider. You can use them anywhere, and they offer you fuller anonymity.

You can subscribe for either static or dynamic/rotating residential proxies as well.


Ethical and Reliable Providers

Ethical and Reliable Providers

Residential proxies are the most reliable and efficient proxies to help you make money. But it’s vital to work with providers that ethically source their proxies. Many companies take IP addresses from resident users who aren’t compensated for their resource and/or don’t even know that it’s been hijacked.

Whether you choose to employ datacenter or residential proxies, you need transparency, reliability, and partnership. Work with an ethical provider that you can trust.

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