Proxies For Network Security In The Business World

Network security is more important than ever. As technology evolves, so do the techniques that can be used to break into your networks and take over your computers or steal sensitive information. That’s why you should consider using a network security proxy to keep your devices and systems safer.

But what is a network security proxy? That’s a great question. Below you’ll learn what is a proxy in network security, how they work, and the benefits you’ll receive from setting up a network security proxy for your home or business.

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What Is a Network Proxy and Why Is It Used for Security?

What Is a Network Proxy and Why Is It Used for Security?

To understand network security proxies, you need to first understand what a proxy is.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is an extra server that sits between your devices and the internet at large. Any time you visit a website, your computer will first send its requests to the proxy server, which will then contact the website and send back the information on your behalf.

This process has several benefits, but one of the most important is anonymity. The websites you visit through a proxy won’t see your IP address or directly interact with your device. They only see the proxy server’s IP address, and anything that the site wants to send you has to go through the proxy first.

A network proxy is just a proxy that applies to your whole network. Instead of protecting the traffic of a specific computer, it covers all the devices on your local network. That means anything that connects to your internet connection is automatically protected by the proxy.

Why use a proxy in network security?

The next question you might have is, “What is the proxy meaning in network security?” A proxy adds an extra layer of complications for hackers, making your network a more complex and less appealing target. But why does that matter?

The problem is that network security gets harder every day. In the U.S. alone, the FBI received nearly 800,000 complaints regarding internet crime in 2020, including ransomware attacks and identity theft. This was an increase of 60% from 2019, and it appears that this trend continues to rise. These attacks led to losses of more than $4.2 billion nationwide. Security teams need to work hard to ensure that their organization isn’t the next to fall victim to these attacks.

So how can proxy servers help network security? Well, proxies aren’t just about anonymity. They also act as important filters that make it that much harder for hackers to get to your devices. With a network security proxy, you can quickly and easily apply multiple protective measures to every device on your network.

The Benefits of Using a Proxy in Network Security

The Benefits of Using a Proxy in Network Security

But how exactly does a proxy in network security protect you? They offer multiple benefits. Some of the most valuable features of a network security proxy include the ability to do the following.

Obscure devices

The most common use for any kind of proxy is to hide the IP address of the device you’re using to access the internet. Everyone from major businesses to casual internet users relies on proxies to keep their IP address private online.

IP addresses reveal a lot more information than you might think. Someone skilled enough can use your IP address to learn things like:

  • Your general location
  • How often you visit a specific site
  • What kind of device you’re using to access the internet

With that data, people can track your internet habits, track down your business, and figure out the biggest vulnerabilities in your system.

Proxies can prevent these things. The hacker won’t see any of the IP addresses of devices on your network. They’ll only see the proxy’s address. As a result, they won’t be able to take advantage of flaws in your devices or build profiles of your behavior, giving them fewer opportunities to attack your network.

Filter content

Proxies do more than just filter information you send to the internet. They also give you the chance to filter incoming information, too. You can set up proxy firewalls in network security to make your proxy server an additional layer of protection between your devices and malicious programs.

When you use a proxy server for tracking network security, the firewall will inspect the traffic attempting to reach your network before it gets there. As a result, if malware or unwanted traffic tries to reach your devices, it has to get through the proxy first. It will never touch your devices before getting blocked, ensuring that your network remains safe.

You can also set up your proxy server to filter out specific sites. If you know there are certain unsafe websites that your network users never need to visit, you can block them entirely through the network proxy. As the network administrator, you can use these proxies to protect your less security-savvy users from themselves.

Halt cyber attacks

If your system is attacked despite your other security measures, a network proxy can also help stop these attacks in their tracks. For instance, a common threat is a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. In these attacks, someone tries to flood your network with traffic to force your servers to fail and potentially create a vulnerability they can exploit.

However, network proxies can prevent this. Instead of directly flooding your network, the attacker sends traffic to the proxy. Even if the proxy crashes, it won’t let traffic through to your network. Your actual servers will remain safe. Getting everything running again is as simple as swapping the proxies you’re using.

Similarly, the proxy server can check incoming traffic, such as emails, for harmful links. If the proxy spots suspicious incoming links or programs, it can flag or block them entirely. This can help protect your network from phishing and other attacks that straddle the line between social engineering and hacking.

How a Rayobyte Network Security Proxy Can Help You

How a Rayobyte Network Security Proxy Can Help You

If you’re looking for the best possible network security proxy, Rayobyte is there for you. Rayobyte offers a variety of safe and secure proxy types that you can use in your network security to make sure you’re as secure as possible.

Rayobyte is an ethical proxy provider

When it comes to proxy server network security, you need to ensure your provider is ethical. The ethics of the proxies you use matter for two reasons. First, an unethical provider may not tell you the whole truth about the proxies you’re using. You may be unexpectedly sharing the proxy with someone else, potentially giving them access to your network or slowing down your traffic.

Second, using an ethical proxy provider is the right thing to do. You don’t have to worry about harming anyone else since the proxies are guaranteed to be sourced from a secure server farm or an otherwise consenting party.

Rayobyte provides nothing but the most ethically sourced proxies. When you use a Rayobyte network proxy, you can trust that you’re doing the right thing and not risking a security breach.

Choosing the right network security proxy from Rayobyte

When you work with Rayobyte, you have access to various proxy types. The difference is how these proxies are hosted. The three types are data center, ISP, and residential proxies. Rayobyte offers all three of these proxy types for your network security needs. You can choose the one that works best for your needs while trusting that you’re getting a high-quality, reliable network proxy to protect your devices. You can even work with Rayobyte’s partner, Scraping Robot, to use your network proxies to actively protect your network and brand identity by scraping websites for counterfeiters or signs your network has been hacked.

Data center proxy

A data center proxy is the simplest and most cost-effective variety. These proxies are hosted in data centers, making them more common than other proxies and easy to access. They are also some of the best at handling issues like DDoS attacks. However, they are also the easiest to detect since their IP addresses make it clear they aren’t a real person.

ISP proxy

The next alternative is an ISP proxy. These proxies are still hosted in data centers, but are from an Internet Service Provider, so their IP addresses appear more realistic. This makes it harder for other websites to detect that a proxy is being used, making them less likely to get blocked and interrupt your traffic. The authority of residential proxies and the speed of data center proxies, the best of both proxy worlds!

Residential proxy

The third type is a residential proxy. These proxies are connected to genuine residential addresses, so they are almost impossible to tell apart from human traffic without context. That makes them the most secure but also the biggest investment.

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Protect Your Network With Ethical Rayobyte Proxies

Protect Your Network With Ethical Rayobyte Proxies

Network security is more important than ever. You need to stay on top of your security efforts to make sure you don’t fall victim to the many ways hackers attempt to break into your system. Using a network security proxy from Rayobyte is a great way to make your system more secure. Get started with the best and most ethical proxies on the market today with Rayobyte.

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