How Proxies Can Help Lazada Top Sellers

International markets are complicated. While the internet has made it easy for the entire world to interact, language barriers persist. Because of these language barriers, a number of similar services have developed in parallel to serve different customer bases worldwide.

Of course, it’s inefficient to create entirely new services in smaller countries or for smaller languages. For example, in Southeast Asia, dozens of languages are spoken. If you want to become a top seller in those countries, it’s best if you find a way to serve more than one country at a time.

The world of e-commerce is one place where that’s particularly true. Unless you’re located in Southeast Asia, you may not have heard about Lazada. However, in several countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam – Lazada is the leading e-commerce platform. If you’re interested in selling your products online in these countries, Lazada is the place to go.

If you want to become a top seller in any market in Southeast Asia, you need to understand Lazada. Here’s what aspiring Lazada top sellers need to know about the platform, its users, and the ways you can collect valuable information from it to improve your business.

What Is Lazada?

What Is Lazada?

Lazada is an e-commerce platform that has two primary business models. It first opened in 2012 with a model similar to the one that Amazon now has: It built its own warehouses, stored Lazada stock in those warehouses, and sold it directly to users. However, it quickly added a marketplace option that functioned more like BigCommerce or Shopify. In less than two years, that marketplace solution made up more than two-thirds of total Lazada sales.

Today, Lazada offers Southeast Asian entrepreneurs a way to support their online businesses in their native language. More importantly, it provides a unique logistics solution in a market known for complex legal and physical landscapes. That makes it incredibly popular in the region. Any business considering opening its doors in Thailand or Singapore can learn from Lazada’s success and the stores Lazada hosts.

Why Are Lazada Sales So High?

Why Are Lazada Sales So High?

Lazada is used because it offers a unique service to underserved countries. It prioritizes easy shopping in countries where English-language shopping isn’t so easy. Lazada has created six individual sites, one for each country in which it operates. Every one offers specialized services and languages that Amazon simply hasn’t matched.

This, in combination with its warehouses, makes Lazada a clear winner within its market. Customers use it because they can buy products without risking their financial information and get them shipped quickly and easily. Meanwhile, sellers use it because it’s an established platform that operates in their native languages. The Lazada Marketplace is simply the easiest way for people in Southeast Asia to buy and sell things online.

What Are the Benefits of Collecting Lazada Reviews and Data?

What Are the Benefits of Collecting Lazada Reviews and Data?

So that’s why Lazada is important. But why is it so useful to scrape data from the site if you want to become a Lazada top seller? There are four primary reasons why you should start researching Lazada’s marketplace:

1. Learn about new markets

If you’re not already familiar with the Southeast Asian market, you’ll need to do your research before you dive in. The things you take for granted about your current market may not carry through to these entirely different countries. Whether you want your company to succeed in your new market or just to boost your existing business to make it a Lazada top seller, you need to learn what customers like.

The easiest way to do that is to collect information from other Lazada businesses in the area. With a Lazada scraper, you can collect information about what its customers like and dislike. For example, you can check Lazada reviews to see what people rate highly and what they complain about. That can help you understand what a high or low rating means to the customer base.

Similarly, you can scrape to understand more about hot selling products in Lazada and potentially develop your own new ideas. You can even learn where to buy products for Lazada if you scrape the sources listed on different products.

2. Collecting product information

More specifically, you can use Lazada scrapers to gather all the details of products to study what other companies have chosen to do. You can scrape product descriptions, images, reviews, and ratings. Each of these details gives you more information you can use to advertise your products successfully.

For example, if every single product like yours on Lazada includes a picture of the item from a specific angle, you should probably have a similar picture. And if the product descriptions seem to emphasize a particular pain point, you should probably do the same for your own product. That’s a great way to launch your product among Lazada top sellers.

You can even use Lazada product reviews to learn about what customers prefer. If you notice a trend in negative reviews, you can use that information to avoid the same pitfalls.

3. Learning about pricing conventions

Lazada covers several countries, each with its own currencies and economies. That means each of these countries will set prices differently. If you want to set prices that are fair for both you and the customer, you need to do your research. To research Lazada top sellers, Lazada scraping is a great way to learn everything you need to know about pricing conventions in your new market.

Using web scrapers, you can find the best price for a specific product and learn how your competition makes pricing decisions. You can spot trends like holiday sales and the features that make a product sell for more money. Scraping is the best way to check Lazada, search products, and determine why products are priced the way they are. ‌

4. Discovering potential suppliers or customers

Scraping Lazada not only helps you to learn about the market but also helps you to find and target specific customers. For example, if you sell supplies, you can scrape Lazada to learn about the kinds of businesses that rely on your products. That’s an excellent foundation for building your new customer base as soon as you’re open for business.

Meanwhile, you can search the site to learn where to buy products. It’s as simple as collecting the names of companies that sell supplies you need for your own business.

How Do Proxies Help With Lazada Stock Data Collection?

How Do Proxies Help With Lazada Stock Data Collection?

Web scraping Lazada is a great strategy, but you can run into problems. Many e-commerce sites can misinterpret your scraping as a malicious DDoS attack, which can completely break a website or server. If that happens, they can ban your IP entirely, preventing you from studying the site or even visiting it yourself.

If you want to collect data<but don’t want to risk your IP getting banned, proxies are the way to go. A proxy works as a cloak for your IP address. Instead of your actual IP address being available such that sites can block it, your address is protected by a proxy. If you have multiple proxies, even better! You can cycle through proxies if one gets banned, which helps you get all the data you need.

That’s not all proxies can do, either. If you’re not currently in Southeast Asia, you can run into geographic website barriers and restrictions. If you’re still trying to study markets abroad, you can use web scraping in combination with proxies to avoid those barriers. Proxies can make your web scraper look like it’s coming from a different location. Instead of missing out on data because you’re searching from your home country, proxies let you collect all the information you want.‌

If you do decide to use proxies in your web scraping, you should choose an ethical provider. Some proxies leave your business open to hacking by other people using the same service. Others can hurt the sites they scrape by going too quickly. Free public proxies are particularly likely to have these problems with security and ethics.

Instead, look into ethical options like residential and data center proxies. Residential proxies are great for collecting lots of data without being detected. When they come from a trustworthy source, they’re effective and probably won’t be be subject to interruptions. You can also use data center proxies to collect the same amount of information. However, these are a little more obvious, and you’ll get more interruptions. You can find ethical, reliable proxy providers for both types of services. ‌

Join the Ranks of Lazada Top Sellers Today

Join the Ranks of Lazada Top Sellers Today


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to sell products in Thailand or moving to Singapore. If you’re going to buy or sell things online in Southeast Asia, you need to learn about how the market works. That means learning about Lazada.

If you’re ready to learn, web scraping with an ethical set of proxies is the best way to go. You can do your homework from anywhere in the world and collect all the data about Lazada stock and reviews you want from the comfort of your desk. If you’re ready to join the ranks of Lazada top sellers, there’s no better time than today to get your own proxies and make a start.


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