The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Proxy Company or Business in a Few Easy Steps

If you know how to start a proxy company or business, you can add a revenue stream without putting in a lot of effort. By reselling proxies, you can generate passive income for yourself. However, it does take some planning and work initially.

Reselling proxies has less investment than selling proxies from scratch. However, creating your infrastructure for proxies can be quite expensive. Therefore, a relatively economical and more straightforward solution is just reselling proxies from a large-scale proxy provider.

This guide will help you understand the steps you need to start a proxy business.

Why Start a Proxy Business

Why Start a Proxy Business

There are many reselling business opportunities out there, but selling proxies can be easy and profitable at the same time. For one, it’s relatively unsaturated, unlike web hosting reselling. Secondly, there’s a growing demand for proxies all over the world.

Many businesses need proxies to safeguard their digital identities and protect their assets from cyber attacks. Proxies can add that additional layer of security and anonymity that is central for many small businesses and even enterprises.

Moreover, large-scale proxy companies sell proxies/IPs at bulk prices. Therefore, it’s easier to make a good profit by reselling them at a slight markup.


How to Start Your Own Proxy Business

How to Start Your Own Proxy Business

Here’s a step-by-step guide to starting a proxy reselling business:

Identify your target audience

First of all, you need a solid business plan to succeed in reselling proxies. You need to identify your audience. Finding the right niche for your business is key to success.

Targeting a specific niche within the proxy industry would streamline your marketing efforts and allow you to cater to their particular needs.

To determine your target audience, you should know the different use cases of proxies. We have a list of a few examples here:

  • Ecommerce web scraping: Many ecommerce and retail companies use web scraping bots to compare prices and stay competitive. These bots can work better with proxies.
  • SEO: Companies, particularly marketing companies, use web scraping to research keywords. They also need proxies to protect their scraping operation.
  • Sneaker resellers: Sneaker resellers need proxies to cop sneakers in bulk or from other countries.
  • Streaming restricted content: Many users want to stream and access content that’s blocked in their countries, and for that, they can use proxies.

These are just a few examples of targeted proxy business ideas. You can search for more and choose the one you think would work best for you.

Set your goals

Once you have identified your niche, it’s time to set some business goals. Having business goals can initially put you on the right path and make your success measurable. It also gives you a precise aim to work for rather than working aimlessly.

In the context of proxy reselling business, you can set your goals in terms of:

  • Overall revenue
  • Number of proxies sold
  • Number of clients

You can set these goals for the first year. However, keep in mind to be realistic with these numbers, as setting them too high from the very start would be simply unachievable.

Decide on an initial investment

You have to allocate funds for this new venture based on your goals. Now, the main advantage of going with reselling proxies is that you can start small. Of course, starting small is relatively safer, but you can also invest more if you have the budget.

Find a reliable partner

This is the most critical step of starting a proxy business. First, you need to partner with a reliable proxy provider that provides ethically-sourced proxies to resell proxies. The second part is essential because the internet is filled with proxy sellers with poor quality proxies.

You need to find a company that works with resellers and provides all the necessary tools and features to run their business. You cannot just buy proxies from a provider and sell them to others without the required technical support.

You should try out the proxies first and vet the company to ensure you’re getting the right partners. Also, ensure there’s reliable customer service.

Create a website and social media

Your whole proxy business needs some sort of marketing. You can build a website for your business and social media accounts to go with that. Come up with a business name and check if a domain is available.

Create a website using any website builder tool of your choice, keeping in mind the niche you’re targeting. Similarly, create social media accounts to run advertisements for your proxies.

Best Proxies for Resellers

Best Proxies for Resellers

Rayobyte is a US-based proxy provider that also sells proxies to resellers. With a large pool of residential proxies and proxies such as datacenter proxies and ISP proxies, it has all the proxy solutions resellers can leverage to target a wide range of customers. Most importantly, it has a dedicated, developer-friendly API that works effortlessly with any kind of software, making it easier for resellers to offer proxies to their clients.

All the clients and proxies can be managed on the portal provided by Rayobyte. So you can effectively run your business from a single access point. The prices are affordable, especially when buying in bulk. They have a proxy server cost small businesses can easily bear.


Final Thoughts on Starting a Proxy Business

Final Thoughts on Starting a Proxy Business

Now that you know how to start a proxy company or business, you can work with Rayobyte to create a steady revenue stream for yourself without spending too much money.

However, don’t assume that there’s no work once you have established the business. You will constantly need to market your proxy business and work with your proxy provider and clients. Quality customer service goes a long way, so you should make sure you give your clients great service.

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